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  2. That Roger Wilco voice guy is a bloke. Still can't pronounce Vohaul, that guy... like after sixty different times... ;-) I never finished VSB (add that to about the other 60 PC games I have on GoG, and the 30 XBox One games, that remain unplayed/unfinished) - and if I were to do this all over again - I'd actually play the game - and voice the line as I am playing it so I get all the right influxes. I intentionally played Roger as a "monotone" voice so when the elements of surprise happened, he sounded genuinely surprised - but I thought the monotone brought the less than intelligent vibe that I always imagined Roger had. I definitely made a ton of mistakes, and regret I was a (big) part of the reason this probably never saw the light of day. I dragged my poor wife to do Beatrice's voice - and she's never even played VSB - or even a Space Quest game for that matter. 😜 She's not big on typically wanting to do these things, but I think she indulges me (after 20 years of marriage and putting up with me, I think she just nods and agrees). I dragged her to do my own web series called Neverending Nights and a Star Wars Radio Play I wrote up - neither of which she was thrilled about (and it shows). 😜
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  4. I haven't lost hope - but I'd love even small, trivial updates every now and then. Last one was in April. :-(
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  6. MusicallyInspired

    Finally played Vohaul Strikes Back... awesomeness!

    Isaac's original Roger voice for SQ2 was far better and I really liked it. It was a little more straight and closer to SQ6's Roger. Then someone (I don't remember who) wanted it to sound closer to what it eventually became. I and others disagreed. I never thought Roger should SOUND particularly dumb (I also dislike Roger's voice in SQ4), but that his intelligence should be an ironic contrast to his otherwise normal speaking voice. The only problem with SQ6's Roger I think was that he was a little TOO eloquent with his speech. But regardless, what he went ahead with the more goofy voice anyway (I don't remember why) and he had already recorded tons of lines that he obviously and understandably didn't want to re-do by the time discussion grew about it. It's a bit of a shame. But of course, Isaac did a great job with the direction he took regardless. It just wasn't the best choice for the game.
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  8. Thanks, my opinion of the casting pretty much lines up with Troels' impressions. We were faced with having to re-cast some major roles and/or re-record a bunch of lines and at that point we all had other things on our plate.
  9. Good point. Playing as Roger (especially at the end-point of the series), it's pretty easy to just accept his actions when they come with a Eureka moment. His shredding of that poor dog's cellphone was pretty harsh too I just finished replaying the entire series, which has left me even more impressed at the 2 fan games. The voice acting in VSB was actually pretty decent. I played the remake of SQ2 and was put off by Roger's voice in that one, to be frank (he sounded too much like Larry Laffer).
  10. Owl

    SQ1/SQ2 logo wallpaper recreations (4k/1440p/1080p)

    Nice... very nice!
  11. This was a common complaint from back when it was released. I was going to go back into the script and fix it up, but I feel there would be a double standard in doing that. Because when I went through the dialogue, it was pretty clear that Roger's selfish entitlement to his "future wife" was the problem, and Beatrice's defensive attitude was a delayed, but appropriate reaction to staying in a relationship with him. This is a case where voice acting probably would have helped, because hearing the confliction and fear in her voice would have added a lot of subtext to her character. And seriously, I think Roger is the real monster in SQInc. He trashes weddings, steals from the homeless, sabotages a military operation and drugs and his best friend just to reclaim some former glory. He's kind of at the breaking point where an adventure game hero becomes the villain. Not anymore, but this was just posted today if you're interested.
  12. I just finished Incinerations today. Another really great game, congrats to the makers! I have to admit I was a bit lukewarm about it at first, with ***spoilers**** Beatrice acting like a psycho-jerkbag and the lack of continuity from VSB's renegade ending (as I was initially expecting), but it sure goes in full-blown epic mode when you get to the Forager, and then cranks it up to 11 at the end. I think I might have a slight preference for VSB as a Space Quest sequel, but both games were top-class, and the best adventure games i`ve played recently (and that includes Thimbleweed Park). Next stop, SQ2-remake!
  13. Interesting, thanks for the clarification! Most of what I've seen of Incinerations (I'm currently on Havok's spaceship) would fit with the renegade ending of VSB, minus a few things here and there. Are there still plans for a special edition, as I remember reading about? I'm having a lot of fun playing Incinerations too, the darker yet funny mood is a nice change of pace. It felt like a very nice hybrid of the Sierra and LucasArts styles, with Sierra's cool settings and death scenes, and LucasArts's dialogue and comedy. I might be a bit biased as the humor style was very much along the lines of what I typically like.
  14. I worked on VSB, but was making Incinerations separately. The choice to plug it in VSB's renegade ending was a lightbulb moment of mine that seemed cool at the time, but I regretfully didn't consider certain story aspects until much later. As MI said, consider it a story in a separate universe, but with a similar shared history where not all the details will line up. There's not too many references to VSB in it anyway. Both should be enjoyed independently. Frede is a huge fan of COMI, and I think most of the writing and art style was influenced by LucasArts. I think there was also the idea that we wanted to make something that looked more "late 90's" than "early 90's".
  15. MusicallyInspired

    Space Quest IV Logo 4k Wallpaper

    Next up is Space Quest IV. I stuck with the VGA version logo. Obviously a wallpaper can't have cycling palette colours but man wouldn't that be amazing in 4k? I also have a variation with the classic Space Quest font. Available in 4k/1440p/1080p as usual. Space Quest IV Logo Wallpaper (DeviantArt)
  16. MusicallyInspired

    Space Quest III Box Logo Wallpaper

    This one is based on the box cover just without the spaceships and Monolith Burger. I had fun with this one. The subtitle especially was fun to get looking like a classic 80's poster with "shiny bloom" letters. Let me know what you think. Space Quest III Box Logo Wallpaper (DeviantArt) (Updated!) EDIT: Someone requested a variation without the subtitle that looked more like the manual, so here it is. https://musicallyinspired.deviantart.com/gallery/66495717/Space-Quest-III-Manual-Logo-Wallpaper
  17. Space Quest 3 wallpaper. In-game logo version with 18 variations (3 fonts with and without starfield backdrop in 4k, 1440p, and 1080p). Box cover version (without spaceships or Monolith Burger) coming next....at some point. Space Quest III Wallpaper (DeviantArt)
  18. For those who don't know, I made a recreation of the SQ1 logo in Photoshop a while back in the aforementioned 3 resolutions. This time I tackled SQ2's logo in Blender and touched it up in Photoshop. 10 variations in 3 resolutions for a total of 30 possibilities. Whew! Enjoy. Space Quest I Wallpaper Space Quest II Wallpaper
  19. MusicallyInspired

    Finally played Vohaul Strikes Back... awesomeness!

    Yes. I believe the style and approach was inspired heavily by Curse of Monkey Island. But don't quote me on that. Perhaps someone on the team could chime in to confirm...
  20. Gotcha. I assumed that Incinerations was consciously written to be a direct sequel to the Renegade ending of VSB, but I guess it's a bit more complex than that VSB felt to me like a Sierra-Lucasarts hybrid (and I mean that in the best possible way).
  21. MusicallyInspired

    Finally played Vohaul Strikes Back... awesomeness!

    Incinerations and Vohaul Strikes Back were made independently of each other and don't take into account eachother's stories. Consider them taking place in separate universes.
  22. I just finally got around to playing Vohaul Strikes Back, and wanted to say how great the game was! It had been a while since I played such a great adventure game. It was funny, the puzzles were fun, and the people who made it were obviously huge fans of the source material. For me, VSB was a solid 9.5 brooms out of ten, and should proudly stand in the Space Quest Canon. I started Space Quest Incinerations yesterday. It's definitely very interesting already. I'm a bit confused as to what happened to Beatrice's pregnancy from the beginning of VSB. Is that ever addressed?
  23. RT @SQHistorian: Roger dons his most brilliant disguise yet: A cardboard box! #SQHPlays #SpaceQuest https://t.co/EF4a9FWImO

  24. RT @SQHistorian: Roger dons his most brilliant disguise yet: A cardboard box! #SQHPlays #SpaceQuest https://t.co/EF4a9FWImO

  25. MusicallyInspired

    Does anyone have a copy of the FAQ?

    It's linked right on the website in Misc>Other Downloads at the bottom section under "Other Stuff". https://spacequest.net/downloads/
  26. I know that the content was mostly copied into sq.net, but it occurred to me the other day that I’d enjoy re-reading Troels’ old FAQ textfile. Does anyone know where I can find a copy of it?
  27. RT @maximum_bird: I'm watching game 7 of Toronto vs Boston and hubby if watching Game Center CX on Twitch TV https://t.co/kRhHUWtPZq

  28. RT @TheMJAP: "Ban Muslims" he said. And Kanye is out here with this... https://t.co/kqc5iHZDyl

  29. @nachosarah He said put the right emoji next to it. . . ➡️

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