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    This was a common complaint from back when it was released. I was going to go back into the script and fix it up, but I feel there would be a double standard in doing that. Because when I went through the dialogue, it was pretty clear that Roger's selfish entitlement to his "future wife" was the problem, and Beatrice's defensive attitude was a delayed, but appropriate reaction to staying in a relationship with him. This is a case where voice acting probably would have helped, because hearing the confliction and fear in her voice would have added a lot of subtext to her character. And seriously, I think Roger is the real monster in SQInc. He trashes weddings, steals from the homeless, sabotages a military operation and drugs and his best friend just to reclaim some former glory. He's kind of at the breaking point where an adventure game hero becomes the villain. Not anymore, but this was just posted today if you're interested.
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    Good point. Playing as Roger (especially at the end-point of the series), it's pretty easy to just accept his actions when they come with a Eureka moment. His shredding of that poor dog's cellphone was pretty harsh too I just finished replaying the entire series, which has left me even more impressed at the 2 fan games. The voice acting in VSB was actually pretty decent. I played the remake of SQ2 and was put off by Roger's voice in that one, to be frank (he sounded too much like Larry Laffer).