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    I just finally got around to playing Vohaul Strikes Back, and wanted to say how great the game was! It had been a while since I played such a great adventure game. It was funny, the puzzles were fun, and the people who made it were obviously huge fans of the source material. For me, VSB was a solid 9.5 brooms out of ten, and should proudly stand in the Space Quest Canon. I started Space Quest Incinerations yesterday. It's definitely very interesting already. I'm a bit confused as to what happened to Beatrice's pregnancy from the beginning of VSB. Is that ever addressed?
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    This was a common complaint from back when it was released. I was going to go back into the script and fix it up, but I feel there would be a double standard in doing that. Because when I went through the dialogue, it was pretty clear that Roger's selfish entitlement to his "future wife" was the problem, and Beatrice's defensive attitude was a delayed, but appropriate reaction to staying in a relationship with him. This is a case where voice acting probably would have helped, because hearing the confliction and fear in her voice would have added a lot of subtext to her character. And seriously, I think Roger is the real monster in SQInc. He trashes weddings, steals from the homeless, sabotages a military operation and drugs and his best friend just to reclaim some former glory. He's kind of at the breaking point where an adventure game hero becomes the villain. Not anymore, but this was just posted today if you're interested.
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    I worked on VSB, but was making Incinerations separately. The choice to plug it in VSB's renegade ending was a lightbulb moment of mine that seemed cool at the time, but I regretfully didn't consider certain story aspects until much later. As MI said, consider it a story in a separate universe, but with a similar shared history where not all the details will line up. There's not too many references to VSB in it anyway. Both should be enjoyed independently. Frede is a huge fan of COMI, and I think most of the writing and art style was influenced by LucasArts. I think there was also the idea that we wanted to make something that looked more "late 90's" than "early 90's".