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    Space Quest was not my first computer game but it was the first game I fell in love with. The last two weeks with all of the interviews and commentaries I revisited that part of my youth a little bit. I watched one of the play throughs on youtube with my 7 year old son watching over my shoulder. I was amazed at how excited he was about it considering the pretty awful graphics compared to what he is used to. So I got a copy of the game and installed it on a spare XP laptop we had (installing that game on modern machines is quite an adventure in its own right, thank you whoever built those modern installers...). I soon realized that this wasn't just entertainment for him but also education. The only games he has ever played only involve a Wii motion controller or maybe a PS3 or 360 gamepad where everything is more or less intuitive. Now all of a sudden all of that is stripped away. Moving the character is still fairly intuitive but now everything the character has to do requires thought, spelling and typing from him, skills he doesn't really have mastered yet. On top of that, the early part of SQ1 is timed, so he needs to learn to do those things quickly. I'm so thrilled that not only do I get to share a part of my childhood with my son but that he also gets to learn valuable skills that he needs for life in the process.
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    Andromeda Invasion

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    Andromeda Invasion

    HOLYSHIT!!! .. They put this on the front page of their Kickstarter page right underneath their pitch video.. words cannot describe how honored this self taught artist from small town WI feels at this moment.. SO COOL!! Now it needs to happen .. just so I can say .. in the smallest way possible I helped out and was involved.
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    Anyone just the tiniest bit restless?

    Hey Jared! Can't blame you for being restless, I include myself in that category. All I can say is there is quite a few really cool new features being added. This is indeed to help garner help in our stretch goals. While the programming is being done, Scott and Mark have been discussing lots of things along the way. We've had to make decisions on expanding the team members and all the other things you can imagine that is involved here. But most importantly, this will be the last of the Living Concept Arts of the two guys on the Island, so we're trying to make it extra special. And in saying that, hopefully gain more excitement from the adventure gaming press Uhg, I hate sounding to vague and I hope that wasn't too bad. Thanks so much for taking the time for posting though, we appreciate all the feedback.
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    I hate that Replay is suffering for this. One person should not speak for a talented team of artists and programmers, yet it seems his employees are cutting ties with people just to keep their jobs (Banning? Unfriending? I though the soap opera days of the adventure game community were over.) Let's just keep supporting SpaceVenture where it stands. If one in 10,809 backers isn't making with the support, the rest can pick up the slack.
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    Demo issues, bugs and what not.

    I think the complaints about the graphics are a bit too harsh. Everyone's entitled to their opinions, of course, but I'm personally tired of nearly every new adventure game out there being a throwback to the 1990's. It's become a huge thorn in my back to see people gushing over game developers like Wadjet Eye, xii games, etc., for basically doing stuff Mark Crowe could do with his eyes closed back in 1991. The genre is still dead in the water because of this constant thirst for nothing but nostalgia. The somewhat ill-thought move into 3D in the late 1990's arguably remains the last quantum leap taken by the adventure game genre, and that's a shameful end for the genre's evolution, if you ask me. Also, keep in mind that Sierra didn't use VGA because they wanted to. They used it because they had to. Ken knew that, in order to stay relevant, Sierra had to keep moving forward. He would've used 1080p and 3D, had he had those possibilities back then. I'm personally tired of everyone else looking backward, and I'm grateful the Two Guys are trying to bring something new to the table. Yes, hand-drawn backgrounds, a parser and EGA mode would be cool, but... really? Do we wish them long-term success, or are we merely in this for instant nostalgic gratification? I, for one, would like to see a series of games that takes Scott and Mark's talents and puts them to use here in 20-friggin'-13. Making something that sits so comfortably alongside their old games is just too damn easy. They've been there, and they should have the luxury of not having to go back to appease someone who doesn't want to let go. Let them make the game they want to make.
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    Hey all, It's been a while since I visited these forums. Years actually: back when I was coding a virtual sierra-related chatroom in 2003 or 2004. Didn't even remember my login credentials so the sign-in-with-twitter was a nice welcoming Just for the fun of sharing, I was wondering if any of you SQ fans saw the EGA pics we made for laughs during the kickstarter? We thought they'd make a good sq4-ish joke where the KS 2012 dome was in fact a remake of an old 1986 Sierra game - with time and space all getting mixed up and such. Fun fact: Mark loved them but was afraid it would scare away new potential backers as it could make them think this was the new game they were backing ;-) We posted these in the KS comments back when they were in high-rotation mode during the final days of the campaign (10 updates a second? What was it? ) so it probably got lost forever in the gap between everyone's page-refreshes. So I thought reposting them here would hopefully be apprecated. Cheers from a true sq-fan, - Martin
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    List of Space Quest Fan Games

    Well, after seeing all the cool work from my fellow team members that went into VSB, I've been totally unable to respect the idea of someone wanting to "make a game" by using a resourcer viewer to steal stuff from existing games and stitching them together again with a bunch of possibly half-assed puzzles. I must admit, I don't really mind the legal issues. I'm mainly offended by the whole concept because it is incredibly lazy, and because it's completely screwed-up to design an adventure game by going "Well, this SQ6 screen has this hot spot..." Annoyingly, some fans don't seem to mind this; a while ago, Datadog told me that a fan complained about "Incinerations" ignoring SQ4.5 canon. Canon?! What canon? All this artwork and this music were made to be used in a different context. To claim that such a game has a spot in the canon is completely ridiculous. Truth be told, I've never played any of these games, and I honestly don't intend to. The above reasoning keeps me from ever wanting to try them out.
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    I'll quote something I just read on AdventureGamers, as it pertains to this topic:
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    What a completely disappointing series of events. I still have a full on raging nerd boner over Space Quest it's going to be awesome. Serena I'm glad to have gotten to work with ya but I'm sure you've noticed I stopped volunteering my time with replay months ago without Josh Mandel there it wasn't the same.
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    Sigh.. this is wrong on so many levels.. Why not offer suggestions on helping fix things? Isn't it in everyones best interest that adventure games will make a great comeback? *sigh*
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    Paypal Pledges

    Last night, during the wrap party, they mentioned that they're keeping the Paypal option open for a while longer. They listed some stretch goals for the additional funds: 550k - Translations (German, French, and I think Spanish, with Portuguese a possibility) 600k - Cluck Y'egger mini game (launched from the game menu) 625k - Cluck Y'egger animated graphic novel drawn by Mark Crowe. 650k - An additional level in the game featuring a playable female protagonist. 700k - EGA graphics mode They didn't mention a specific deadline for paypal pledges or the stretch goals. Hoewver, a number of these can be added pretty late into the development, so I wouldn't expect them to cut Paypal funding until they need to lock down the game and finish it for release. For Paypal pledges, now that the Kickstarter is over, those pledging will not receive any Kickstarter exclusive items like the Buckazoids. I think those paypal pledges that came in before the Kickstarter ended should get them though. In addition, they're planning to open up a store for selling SpaceVenture merchandise. They previewed a Cluck Y'egger pilot wings pin that will be available. They also talked about the possibility of another Buckazoid coin with a different design from the Kickstarter exclusive. Purchases from the store will go towards the stretch goals. Keep in mind that this is mostly from memory of what was said, and the Two Guys were pretty blitzed last night as well. So all this is subject to corrections or changes when they post the official announcements.
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    Sir Procestuous


    Today should be officially named SpaceVenture Day in honor of all our hard work and enthusiasm paying off! We did it everyone!!! The Two Guys are back, and we helped make it possible!!! WE KICK ASS!!
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    hi all

    I haven't seen that much Comic Sans since I tried 3D Movie Maker back in the day. It now feels like my eyes are melting.
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    I'm not sure whether it was wise for Mojo to publish that article. It's fine for forum debate, but the claims are too speculative and unsubstantiated to warrant an article on the subject. I find it quite hard to maintain objectivity on this issue, because of my personal dislike for Paul Trowe that has grown after watching his behaviour over the past few weeks. I backed Leisure Suit Larry, and I don't regret that, nor do I want my money back, but he's making it hard for me to remain as excited about the project as I once was. I find myself almost wanting to believe the worst about him when claims like this surface. If we look at Gamespygeek the evidence is rather damning. The Myspace page had a photo of Trowe on it. The name "Jiminy Drambuie" is clearly a pseudonym. The style of writing is the same as Trowe's. He seems to have the same beef with people as Trowe does, namely the Two Guys / Chris Pope, and Wisecrack. The whole Myspace page mysteriously vanished as soon as the story broke. Now people have said "why would he publicly support the Two Guys and secretly undermine them at the same time?" Well I think it's quite plausible that he's merely being two-faced to protect his public image. He was almost forced into apologising here for his behaviour in a thread about the Two Guys, because people were turning against him. The sincerity of that apology is questionable, he could still be pissed off at them, and we know from Twitter/Facebook that he's an angry man, so the only outlet for his true feelings is via an anonymous account, and people are always at their most honest when they're anonymous. While that's going on he can publicly play the nice guy urging people to support them, and hope that no one is any the wiser. Of course, none of this evidence amounts to solid proof, it wouldn't hold up in a court and could be argued either way, so it comes down to our personal feelings to dictate which conclusion we believe. Personally I can't escape the feeling that Paul Trowe would be more than capable of this, just judging by his past actions and comments as an indicator. With the issue that Irishmile raised on the Replay forums, having two people posting from the same IP address is always suspicious. The people did have a plausible excuse though, that they work together. People naturally befriend their work colleagues, discuss their interests and opinions. It's foreseeable to me that two people who formed a friendship via work would back the same project and share a similar opinion on events. I know that I told all my friends about the campaigns I was supporting, in order to get them to pledge too, and typically when I discuss how I feel about something with a friend it's because I know they will agree with me. The fact that they come from Chicago, as does Ken from Wisecrack could also be seen as a little suspect, but Chicago is a big city, so it's hard to draw much from that other than co-incidence without something more substantive. Again, it's a lot of speculation, but I feel the argument of sabotage is much more of a stretch to make here, and I'm more willing to extend the benefit of the doubt towards everyone in this instance. I think it's a shame that everything got so blown out of proportion here. Wisecrack were misleading in their original approach, but had someone just politely messaged them and asked them to change the wording of their campaign then things could probably have been cleared up easily. The fact is that all the media involvement, threats of lawsuits, and mudslinging across social networks, all done by Paul Trowe, merely made Wisecrack look like the victims, and tarnished Paul's own image. Had Wisecrack refused a reasonable request, then I wouldn't be inclined to support them at this stage, but it's in fact Paul's unreasonable behaviour throughout that has really turned many people, including myself, against him, and made me more inclined to support Wisecrack. At the end of the day I want to see a positive, inclusive, adventure game community, where as many projects get funded and games get made as possible. There needs to be camaraderie and mutual support amongst small developers, and not in fighting and sabotage. In my eyes I feel that Paul Trowe is going to have to go a long way to redeem himself. Whether some of the claims about him are true or not, he's already done a lot of damage to himself without the help of anyone else. This annoys me a little. All the campaigns seem to support the idea of "Kick it Forward", yet because they all decided to launch in such a small period of time, it means they can't take advantage of this. I can understand the eagerness to capitalise on what they see as a shimmering new opportunity, but had they waited a year then they could have received a helpful cash injection from one of their former colleagues who had already produced a successful finished product.
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    Lego Roger Wilco

    And here they are.
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    Alright, so... I had $100 worth of advertising credits that came with my website account and which I had never used. I decided to go ahead and plug in a campaign for the SpaceVenture Kickstarter on the google search engine. These ads, according to google, should begin almost immediately. PLEASE, do NOT click on them if you are already aware of the kickstarter - as they will stop running once my promotional balance is used up. To try and avoid excessive clicks from being used up, I have them set to display only twice per day maximum to any given unique web surfer. Also, given that the balance is for only $100, I have the quota set to $3.45 per day. What this means is that you may not see these ads at all if the quota gets reached quickly each day; though assuming the adds cost $1 per click (I can't remember exactly what they cost), that's still about 100 more people being led to the SpaceVenture Kickstarter. I also have credits for facebook and yahoo. I'll be setting those up next. Sincerely, Johnathon
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    The Ballad of 218K

    I....am going to bed. I hashed this out in the shower, and at work, probably subject to change, but here it is for now. All comments welcome. The ballad of 218K - Dedicated to those who never gave up, and everyone else besides. (Think "The Times they are a Changin" by Bob Dylan, mixed with "Scarborough Fair" - the Simon and Garfunkel version) With a dash of the Space Quest 1 theme thrown in for relief. 218K is pronounced two-one-eight-K) COME! Gather around and I’ll tell you a tale Of brave Women and Men who all Pledged to prevail Over fantastic odds, and the trolls in their way, As they reached the great slowdown of 218K Space Pope was assembling an army to fear Yes the Two Guys would come, but they were not yet near. The Andromedan cavalry, riding our way In the deafening silence of 218K But the trolls did besiege our poor garrisoned mound Well, the total went up, and the total went down Oh they toyed with emotions and got in our way, In that terrible struggle of 218K Yes, we fought and we bickered, we knew it was bleak Seemed we wouldn’t reach 500K in two weeks. There would be no Space Venture, and nothing to play If we just couldn’t win against 218K But, in that darkest hour, hearts heavy with dread, Our adventure games future, it hung by a thread.. Out of sheer desperation, with no more to say We clawed out of the trenches of 218K Now if we stood a chance, heck, we just couldn’t tell With the cone on our side, though it wasn’t, as well? Oh the Trends, and the Triangle fought us that day As we clashed, worn and weary, with 218K All adventurers rallied to put out the word On the forums, and tweeted (though not like a bird) And then, ever so slowly we pulled from the fray And we gained some momentum through 218K So! With 42 bullets and 5 guns apiece, The Xenon Special Forces, they led our release With the power of Polycheese, and Douglas A, Slowly scaled the great mountain of 218K *tempo slows* As we drew near the crest, there was hope in the air For we knew it would all be downhill beyond there - With one final full-Nelson, pushed over the line... …..And we gazed on green pastures of sweet 219 Friends! This story impassioned, is one of renown - Tell your children to pass-down our tale to their own, Of the Quests that we went through to be here today, And to look back in wonder at 218K. Yes we look back in triumph at 218K. So. Who’s good with an acoustic guitar?
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    Just something ridiculous that struck me last night... https://p.twimg.com/Au_T2EBCQAMlvvw.gif:large https://p.twimg.com/AvB7yKZCIAAuGEu.gif:large Search for Fester Blatz on Google Images and create your own! Jess
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    WE'VE DONE IT!!!!!

    [media=] [/media]
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    Going to jump on this bandwagon ASAP.
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    Thanks for the musical assistance, guys! At long last, I can finally say with confidence that we have reached the beta-testing stage! As much as I'd love to release this game right now, I don't want to really want to release a bug- and mistake-ridden product either. So if you're up to it, play the game and see if there are any mistakes I might have overlooked: Pledge Quest (beta version) (And just so it doesn't seem like I'm ignoring anyone, your podcast theme felt perfect for the end credits, MI. As for the intro, I found a good match in a really unlikely place: a collection of old MIDIs that Trapezoid posted to the AGS forums a year or so ago. The rest of the music in the game is unused music from SQ6 [that may have been used in the demo].)
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    Some news snippets from todays live podcast with Chris Pope Ken Allen MAY be involved with SpaceVenture's music. Chris's response to a question asking about this was "maybe he is, maybe he isn't" Gamasutra article is coming very soon. It had to get pushed back a little bit but it is coming Last twenty-four hours of kickstarter should see a massive increase in funds (as has been the case with other Kickstarters) but the Two Guys are not just banking on that Scott and Mark are soon doing a podcast with commentary on each Space Quest game The Minecraft project is not dominating time, Brandon Bloom Blume is heading that up and Chris’s time is being spent organising press and promo right now in what he's calling the two week blitz To clear up confusion, the double GOG package will be on the $150 tier Reddit AMA is coming very soon and should be a very interesting experience There will be a live, online wrap/chat party after the $500 000 is met
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    My contribution... http://youtu.be/8Jh3gYci8G0 Jess