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    Sierra oakhurst location

    I was in San Francisco for work, and ended up with a spare day, so I got to make the pilgrimage myself Colin “I also visited the logo.. err .. half dome, while in the area” Davis
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    A. Quest

    Sierra oakhurst location

    Thanks all for aiding me in my Quest to locate these sacred spots. It filled my inventory.
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    Xenon was around well before the events of SQ4. This is to be a Prequel to SQ1. ... I'll tell you what %, hopefully, a little while from now. I was working on the game again quite a lot last week/weekend--most fun I've had in awhile. I'll keep you guys updated.
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    Hey Guys, Thank you for your responses. Haven't worked on OEOE for a very long time now (have to be honest about that). All the pressure and responsibility of being a brand new parent of a wonderful baby boy (2/8/16), graduating from university, and moving and acquiring my first serious white-collar job has kept me quite busy. Things are still looking really, really bleak in terms of how much debt I have. I struggle with anxiety much of the time. But I've kept good care of the progress I've made on OEOE, and have thought about it quite occasionally. I'm thinking I may be able to continue work on it again soon (it would certainly serve as a great coping mechanism!), but I've been tied up alot the last few months trying desperately to get a house via the USDA program. I don't mean to dump all this personal baggage here; I just want to illustrate how swamped I've been and that I'm still very passionate about this project. I do believe it will eventually take flight again, so don't get your hopes too down.
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    Introduce Yourself!

    So to revive a dead forum, I'm Mike. I'm 33 and have always been a huge fan of Space Quest. I recently played Space Quest 3 and am now playing Vohaul Strikes Back. Space Quest was a good collection of games that spoofed sci-fi films. I enjoyed playing them in middle school as my parents thought video game consoles would distract me from school.
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    http://tdosci.weebly.com -- I thought you guys might be interested in my website, it's been my pet project for a while. It's goal is bringing Sierra Classics (such as the Laura Bow, Aces and Hoyle games) to GOG.com for affordable prices using their 'Community Wishlist' feature and the help of the Sierra Community, instead of them being only on eBay for sometimes two to three figure amounts. This is done by having box art of titles not yet on GOG (supplied by Sierra Chest) with a click-through link to it's GOG Wishlist page. The problem I could have with a project like this, though, is bringing a steady stream of traffic to the website. It's a one-time use sort of thing for a user, primarily because the site isn't prone to new content or regular updates. I see the usage being: 1) You go to the site. 2) You vote for the games via GOG Wishlist. 3) Optionally, social sharing... Then that's it, basically, you never return. To cover this, I'm looking to partner with other Sierra Sites. As in, have banners on each other's links page or something else feasible and free for both parties.