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  1. Hey! I played some more Daggerfall and killed some things. It was fun.

  2. RT @dosnostalgic: Daggerfall concept art

  3. @demodulated Thanks! :)

  4. @RioSlavin Believe me. I really do wish I was done Daggerfall. The call of Morrowind is strong.

  5. Today in Daggerfall we return to Scourg Barrow

  6. Werewolves & Daedra. It's time for some more Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall

  7. RT @mode7games: COMPUTER: I can render the shimmering fantasy worlds of your dreams 60 times a second ME: search some emails for a string…

  8. @mirgvolsung A guy can dream

  9. @darthhelmet86 If you just need basic editing, I use Blender for all of my stuff. Works just fine and it's free.

  10. @RebellingRodent Almost. I was an NDP supporter, but I started shifting Lib and was planning on voting them again next time. Iffy now.

  11. With no wars to fight we spend some time building up our empire in Distant Worlds Universe

  12. Yup.

  13. Furrito (How long has that been sitting out? Who knows! But we assure you that green and fuzzy meat is perfectly normal) Supernova Salsa or Supernova Nachos (Experience the flaming hot explosion of flavour from both ends!) Meteor Meal or Comet Combo (Comes with Nacho Taco, one side, and a medium beverage of choice. Comes with 50% off coupon for your next E.R visit and a toy for the kids) Big Bang Belcher (90% carbonation, 10% what the heck is this stuff?!) Chalupa Cleanse (Guaranteed to "clear out" your system) Uranus Burner and wife contributed the following: Timelord Taco - it's timeless. The Loaded Launcher - use your imagination. Cosmic Corn Chunks - Fried chicken and corn nuggets. Refried Rice - life just got interesting. Sides Quazar Queso Dip: Intergallactic awesome made for dipping chips, vegetables, and why not even your fingers into! So finger-licking good! Space Salsa - made from leftover space food with some random red toothpaste - just don't smell while eating. Dessert: Chunky Churros - Don't eat too many or you'll take after the desert itself.
  14. I wanted to comment on this. As someone who's worked on some games (often from scratch) I can say that the criticisms of the demo show a lack of understanding of how bare bones and brutal an early build can be. I'd say the demo is almost a prototype/pre-alpha stage. To judge it at all is foolish. This isn't your AAA "Beta" where the game is more of a demo/release candidate. So even if you feel as though the swipe controls don't work based on what you tried, or they add nothing, keep in mind that at that stage of the development it was probably closer to being a concept than a fully thought out feature. I think it's best to wait and see how the interface is going to actually be used in the full game before criticizing it.
  15. Yeah it did. After the SV kickstarter I just stopped working on it, so it still has that problem... but what else is worth tracking anyways? Like really... c'mon.