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  1. In this outing into Morrowind I realize that my character just isn't as impressive as I thought. https://t.co/urVDxjVHKj

  2. @yeblod Or maybe I can keep my money and they can look at what they've done and go "Gee, I wonder why Wonder Woman… https://t.co/57XIJ729Ug

  3. RT @drewtoothpaste: this is the only good skate vid i have seen in my entire life https://t.co/BaTXhbe6jY

  4. @BrandonBlume While I would totally believe this because of everything I've heard about the guy, the article appear… https://t.co/AH5KPu4mjO

  5. @Theo_Atm I agree, but I can get over that. What really gave me pause was how slow the combat looked. Also worried… https://t.co/6xU3lL4GXC

  6. @MicahHanks I know it's $7, but funds are often tight. Would subbing to GralienX irregularly be possible or would that be frowned upon?

  7. @Foone I'm fascinated. I grew up on DOS and didn't even realize TSR was a thing. Neato.

  8. @Foone Ha! That's awesome. I hadn't even considered how they took the screenshots. For that matter, how did they in DOS?

  9. Regular, scheduled streams just don't appeal to me. Takes up the precious little free time I have and I can't control the content as much

  10. RT @dosnostalgic: Always fight Nazis! https://t.co/sO5hr9lFjq

  11. Strap yourselves in. It's time for some Morrowind. https://t.co/uVlwXdBsOY

  12. Microsoft Paint to be killed off after 32 years https://t.co/QjjYmLA3un

  13. Next week Stair Quest returns... oh yeah, Manhunter: San Francisco is coming too.

  14. Today in Dark Souls we return to the Undead Asylum https://t.co/1SJgIdCjEi

  15. RT @Totalbiscuit: When you allow a product or person to define part of your identity, criticism of that thing becomes a personal affront to…