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  1. Was thinking about #SpaceVenture today and coming to grips that my excitement has all but died off completely. I th… https://t.co/zwMxaiZp5z

  2. @LeaveSyriaNow @HudsonRoss1776 @AshagreBishaw @SenatorBrittain @SenJohnMcCain I can't stand Trump but I'll point ou… https://t.co/JIkUn61yvS

  3. Morrowind Book Club is in session https://t.co/HLe4CGaz9a

  4. Today in The Witcher we play some dice and check out a cave. https://t.co/aAmmseuEQv

  5. MASTER BOOT RECORD - Award Modular BIOS https://t.co/degJjAUcza

  6. *sigh*. Ok, I will buy that some conspiracy theories can sound plausible, especially after what we've witnessed in… https://t.co/TMhna1aDAK

  7. Have a bunch of videos uploaded. Trying to get them up for people but I keep getting a 500 Internal Server Error. S… https://t.co/6j3lzLr6ZZ

  8. I'm not trying to be all like "look at me!". This is seriously a strange thing for me.

  9. Someone tweeted this image days ago and being a Canadian who doesn't give two craps about football, I only just "go… https://t.co/ak6Zrz5SUa

  10. My February vlog will be a bit earlier in the month. I've actually got ideas and different stuff to talk about this time. Whoo!

  11. @SQHistorian About thirty cools. Depending on if we're talking metric cools or not.

  12. Time for me to repeat the same crap I've been saying for the past few months again. It's the Channel Vlog for Janua… https://t.co/0D90gncH7A

  13. @sincespacies Such a great series. I'm playing through the whole original series for the first time and they're so… https://t.co/UaBIFhrtqD

  14. I... Uh... What? https://t.co/CDlZNa2Mal

  15. @GamesDoneQuick Your sound is out