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  1. Is that a naked Nord on the side of the road? Yup, it's time for Morrowind.

  2. Today in Dark Souls we arrive in Anor Londo, the ancient city of the gods.

  3. Today in Dark Souls we take on the Iron Golem

  4. I literally took zero damage in that last fight, broke no weapons, and wrecked Ganon on my first try.

  5. Today in #Morrowind we tackle some Thieves and Mages Guild quests. It's a fun time.

  6. Today in Dark Souls we leave Blighttown behind.

  7. First impression of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. You need this game.

  8. Hey! I played some more Daggerfall and killed some things. It was fun.

  9. RT @dosnostalgic: Daggerfall concept art

  10. @demodulated Thanks! :)

  11. @RioSlavin Believe me. I really do wish I was done Daggerfall. The call of Morrowind is strong.

  12. Today in Daggerfall we return to Scourg Barrow

  13. Werewolves & Daedra. It's time for some more Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall

  14. RT @mode7games: COMPUTER: I can render the shimmering fantasy worlds of your dreams 60 times a second ME: search some emails for a string…

  15. @mirgvolsung A guy can dream