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  1. Drinking a Cruiser Kölsch by @MotorworksBrew at @motorworksbrew — https://t.co/HuFzRWcY2C

  2. @BoltProspects The popcorn machine knew.

  3. Drinking a Beach Blonde Ale by @3dbrewing at @casksocial — https://t.co/ad9WNMgHqg

  4. RT @RoseAnnDeMoro: 200 people gathered at UC Berkeley to save federal #climatechange data before it gets erased. They deserve recognition.…

  5. Drinking a Pineapple Beach by @FunkyBuddhaBrew @ World of Beer — https://t.co/ubnbMfgrYD

  6. RT @brianschatz: Hey. Do me a favor and RT if you are not a paid protester? https://t.co/k9VkMPXcMH

  7. Is this the same beer that was Anniversary IPA? Just great! - Drinking a Sunshine City IPA @ Localtopia - https://t.co/xB8xAKUgyg

  8. Ondrej Palat! #LightningStrikes

  9. RT @MoveOn: Thank you. #StandWithScience https://t.co/sQoW0QwTPl

  10. @MoveTheSticks SHIPLAP

  11. RT @AP: .@AP has learned President Donald Trump's voter fraud expert is registered in 3 states. https://t.co/gQYmUBt27Z

  12. RT @joshtpm: I wonder if @realDonaldTrump will ever be able to save as many jobs as Prez Obama did when he rescued the auto industry. RT if…

  13. I just backed #QuestForInfamy - An Adventure Game By Infamous Quests on @Kickstarter http://t.co/LyZo0Pmd

  14. jaybertx

    WE'VE DONE IT!!!!!

    All of that plus Jane Jensen's Moebius and whatever "Mystery Game X" (almost certainly Gabriel Knight related) turns out to be. Now if we can just get Roberta Williams and the Coles out of retirement my nostalgiafest would be complete!
  15. jaybertx

    hi all

    I did ask Scott on Twitter and he responded that there would be a fifth prototype coming soon.