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  1. @AskCapitalOne mint but you're the only bank they can't download from.

  2. @mrmedina @kristiyamaguchi @NancyAKerrigan holy shit is that drewbert?!?!

  3. @feedly popularity would be more useful if it were % of total readers instead of just a count

  4. @UltraHDBluray I guess at this point I expected all new sets to have HDR and WCG standard. Seems to not be the case.

  5. @homesweethome normally agree with your recommendations sight unseen but we've gone through two now that have just stopped working

  6. @thegraysonreed thanks for "fight for you"

  7. @directvnow worst. Service. Ever.

  8. @BleacherNation god speed Chris.

  9. @jeffgerstmann canceling ear doctor appointment. Thanks for telling us.

  10. @metraMED the Kensington parking lot looks like a war zone. How many more cars are going to barrel through fences and tele poles? Disgrace