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  1. @FitbitSupport do you have a trade in program for dead fitbits? I have 2 charge hrs that have completely died. No… https://t.co/wqYKGTOOi6

  2. @GUESS email sent 12/6 - no response

  3. @Chase I updated my cell phone but you did not offer me text message only messages so i opted out of all communicat… https://t.co/raCXj1y2I3

  4. @majornelson I’ll go with titanfall as my favorite. #FreeCodeFridayContest

  5. @TriadSpeakers I️ https://t.co/1dJgMNdwGn

  6. @jeffgerstmann on bombcast you reference destiny being not enhanced yet - can you confirm the review copy was the r… https://t.co/Ti7cQlcqTU

  7. @BleacherNation Feels amazing to come down on the good side of because baseball luck.

  8. @mstevens827 @hugh_sweer @BleacherNation What the fuuuuu. Man.

  9. @Onkyo_USA @SpotifyCares Not the end of the world. Certainly not why i bought it.

  10. @wookiegr @UltraHDBluray well played

  11. @FitbitSupport my idea has 1841 votes - how many do you need? :) https://t.co/SuYK707S9l

  12. @AskTarget it would be great if your email payment reminders were smart enough to know that my payment posted already.

  13. @BleacherNation Last year this would have been " enough already" territory...

  14. @FitbitSupport so. Close. One hour in the whole week. Sigh. https://t.co/syvFwQE0Qb

  15. @RocketLeague your game is the most fun I've ever had with my two boys. Simple enough for 7yo, fun enough for 42yo. Thank you.