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  1. @BleacherNation I might even go with colossal nerdery. #takeitupanotch

  2. @flippingbats welcome to the bigs timmy.

  3. @Devindra saw your 4k monitor article - what is diff between TV and monitor? I can get a 4k 40"-ish TV for way les… https://t.co/YJ7F9DMKaZ

  4. @zavvi What is your source on 3D? Not seeing any mention of 3D from lucasfilm.

  5. @redrobinburgers off night tonight in schererville. Do better next time.

  6. @AskCapitalOne "Capital One 360: We're having trouble connecting. Please wait a little while and try again."

  7. @capitalone we have been ING/360 customers since 2007. This issue with accounts from your bank not sync'ing to… https://t.co/s1O425OEDe

  8. @merchoid Also kudos to your Facebook advertising. It worked very well.

  9. @merchoid Ok whew!

  10. @BleacherNation not a fair comparison but it was just so painfully obvious what was missing vis a vis the 2016 Cubs.

  11. @FitbitSupport do you have a trade in program for dead fitbits? I have 2 charge hrs that have completely died. No… https://t.co/wqYKGTOOi6

  12. @GUESS email sent 12/6 - no response

  13. @Chase I updated my cell phone but you did not offer me text message only messages so i opted out of all communicat… https://t.co/raCXj1y2I3

  14. @majornelson I’ll go with titanfall as my favorite. #FreeCodeFridayContest

  15. @TriadSpeakers I️ https://t.co/1dJgMNdwGn