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  1. While working on this month's Splatfest video, pleace enjoy the demo of Space Quest V! ;) https://t.co/gKvBQUtNOW

  2. @dans2887 I have feeling the majority will tip slightly in Front Roll's favor. :P

  3. Don't get me wrong, I really love Splatfest! But I haven't got to play any other stage than Shifty Station this whole Sunday! :/ #Splatoon2

  4. Cont.. So in the days to follow I'm going to show my collection as it is right now on my instagram. ;) https://t.co/SPVdZ6dSDq #SpaceQuest

  5. @SQHistorian Hehe okay. Now I'm home anyways and going to try the game in a little moment :)

  6. Finally got it and love it! #Splatoon2 #NintendoSwitch https://t.co/OOYMXUgQ3E

  7. A quick match of the new game mode, Hedlok Scramble! #ARMS https://t.co/eKJIFkHyFW

  8. It's hard to draw with fingers. :P Go Team Ice Cream! #Splatoon2 #Splatfest #NintendoSwitch https://t.co/O1mqEgZz5y

  9. Well, the stream finally worked late yesterday evening. Here's how it went. :) https://t.co/xhxjMOI4X2 https://t.co/7DuUD9VdBy

  10. Sorry folks, my streaming software decided to crash. I'll go back to OBS, just have to set it up first. I'll tell you later if I go live :P

  11. @dosnostalgic Space Quest AGI ;) Got Covert Action in the mail recently so when I've read the manual I'll be trying that :)

  12. @agistuff Seeing it as so pixellated normally makes you forget that it's actually vector graphics :)

  13. Of course I had to play around with the replay function in ARMS too ;) https://t.co/aLoXPkIFAE

  14. Thank you for an awesome year, and here's to many more! Have a look at my anniversary video here! ;)… https://t.co/GmtQ0YJYWN

  15. @ruinah @decafjedi That I know :) Only that the CD version I own, he melts over the edge, not only a small puddle :P