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  1. That Uncle Frank has been dead since 1993. https://t.co/pB8CfV85VA

  2. @botherer His wording made me think I had a stroke.

  3. RT @bsdesigners: We've been saying this forever. /T https://t.co/RqDRltBrtq

  4. "Danes On A Train" https://t.co/AXl0vVojoW

  5. Mine was a Danish children's adventure game. "Magnus & Myggen: Den Store Skattejagt," in 1996. https://t.co/pmnO1Nf8Xb

  6. RT @AnasAbdin: @frederik_olsen brb lol

  7. @lancelot_game @nineinchnails He's only gotten better with age, IMO. His musical palette has really expanded a lot.… https://t.co/CVn2Jke18t

  8. @Sherry_Chanel @nineinchnails There's a packet of a new Cedocore prescription drug featured in the new video 😁

  9. This song is superb. And also, Cedocore. Fucking Cedocore. https://t.co/pKnlD85rlQ #YearZero

  10. @AdvXConf @SQHistorian @lancelot_game @Resulka "The Goonies II: Wait. How Many Of Them Are There?!"

  11. .europe.the.band was a pleasant surprise. I didn't know any other songs than this one. And even… https://t.co/sqCzGfG9oC

  12. @ATMcashpoint @SQHistorian So really, all I'm expecting is that we won't see a tweet from you half a year down the… https://t.co/ThtIyCA7hR

  13. Police on MCs on the freeway 🤘🏻 https://t.co/JmelwVHtxT

  14. RT @bsdesigners: Feels good for Troels and I too. Bye... /G https://t.co/cBdzc1xqol

  15. (Wafts fingers under my nose) GF: Smell how thin the toilet paper is. #ShitMyGirlfriendSays