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  1. @LambdaCalculus @SQHistorian I can't wait to shoot the shit out of mine...

  2. Top wozza. True blue. https://t.co/VcxsUDjQLl

  3. RT @bsdesigners: Games journalist & games writer @richardcobbett joins us to talk about, well, just that. https://t.co/VFlsM2ml8K /T https:…

  4. RT @TimOfLegend: Black Sabbath's first album was released on this day, FORTY SEVEN years ago! Happy birthday, heavy metal!

  5. @dosnostalgic Still, I understand why the Martha moment makes everyone facepalm...

  6. @fullbright That is one adorable worm.

  7. Don't think this is permanent, but if it is, I definitely want to keep it at this (manageable) level!

  8. RT @ThomasLund71: Så var bid i Aarhus Onsdag. https://t.co/nyzmr1cYgO

  9. @antonymity It just ended, like, 20 minutes ago. It was amazing.

  10. Some say it was a warning Some say it was a sign I was standing right there When it came down from the sky https://t.co/zLiPKgS12G

  11. RT @DrBrianMay: So sad to hear of the death of Geoff Nicholls An unsung Rock Hero if ever there was one Black Sabbath Keyboard man RIP Ge…