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  1. @TimOfLegend Well, it's said that cannibalism is what holy men do, so I guess it depends. Then again, you're a game dev...

  2. Tides of Numenera is a good game. Not as good as Planescape, but still good. https://t.co/e9l7kxRfd0 #TormentTidesOfNumenera

  3. Kasmirin seuraava hitti #haippirinki https://t.co/gszCyhrd7g

  4. @imdb now that you've shutdown the message board I have no way of knowing why an episode of a series or a movie I liked sucked.

  5. As far the stories of Robert E. Howard go, A Gent From Bear Creek wasn't for me. https://t.co/cUIqMTuS9t

  6. @PekkaRuuska @magento They just want to know that you downloaded it securely. Otherwise it wouldn't be a security patch.

  7. @RMichaelauthor I had the same problem. It sat on my hard disk for months on end between my intervals from playing it. I