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  1. In this outing into Morrowind I realize that my character just isn't as impressive as I thought. https://t.co/urVDxjVHKj

  2. Yay! My home Internet is going to be down for the rest of the week.

  3. RT @drewtoothpaste: this is the only good skate vid i have seen in my entire life https://t.co/BaTXhbe6jY

  4. @fakkerproatmoot @CBCNews You're right. I was just addressing one side of the issue. Both sides are wronged, which… https://t.co/VMA3aF5Zbm

  5. @Theo_Atm I agree, but I can get over that. What really gave me pause was how slow the combat looked. Also worried… https://t.co/6xU3lL4GXC

  6. @SQHistorian You're not the Space Quest Historian. He's just a legend to scare little kids.

  7. @Foone I'm fascinated. I grew up on DOS and didn't even realize TSR was a thing. Neato.

  8. "Finally" = I'm so cheap that if they offer "We'll get you your item in like two months" shipping, I take it.

  9. @Totalbiscuit It also helps give some of us something to think about. I appreciate you sharing.

  10. You want to watch Stair Quest. You want to click on this link. Happiness is only a click away. https://t.co/ujYVrIbwN4

  11. I think I may have an idea as to what to do with Arma. No promises, but Arma videos are being considered.

  12. https://t.co/q1ltBTjE3d

  13. Today in Distant Worlds Universe we go on the defensive as we experience the most intense fighting to date. https://t.co/C8wZWSGXGO

  14. Today in Dark Souls we return to the Undead Asylum https://t.co/1SJgIdCjEi