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  1. Is that a naked Nord on the side of the road? Yup, it's time for Morrowind. https://t.co/wuCyYIMP1G

  2. @AmerAnarchist Actually, now that I think about it, I don't think I picked up on the chain until my third mimic.

  3. Today in Dark Souls we arrive in Anor Londo, the ancient city of the gods. https://t.co/h6KpT3w37r

  4. Today in Dark Souls we take on the Iron Golem https://t.co/oBXJPo1iLN

  5. I literally took zero damage in that last fight, broke no weapons, and wrecked Ganon on my first try.

  6. Today in #Morrowind we tackle some Thieves and Mages Guild quests. It's a fun time. https://t.co/D6zFo4vBCo

  7. @RioSlavin Well the first #Injustice had DLC characters too, but they weren't ripped from the game for launch @InjusticeGame

  8. Well hrm. That's concerning. I seem to have developed a small patch of black skin.

  9. It's time for another rematch with the Capra Demon. Today in Dark Souls https://t.co/wbQ5Oguen3

  10. RT @dosnostalgic: Daggerfall concept art https://t.co/D3GqURRoqF

  11. @demodulated Thanks! :)

  12. RT @kalematsuba: Out of this World™ the 90s video game cartoon (based on the SNES version) https://t.co/e2hGXdxHCq

  13. In this installment of Dark Souls I find myself in some of the most intense fighting I've experienced to date. https://t.co/3UKHoedUHt

  14. Werewolves & Daedra. It's time for some more Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall https://t.co/Fl4aXCKK78

  15. Next week we finish Penumbra: Black Plague and roll Dark Souls into my regular update schedule.