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  1. RT @TerryMWelsh: Memories of the Great Video Game Crash & Toys ‘R' Us by @ewingfighter: https://t.co/e5ORD0nSUm

  2. @cybik ALmixer instead asks you to give it a reference to your Activity/Context (via void*). So it can now work beyond just SDL.

  3. RT @ewingfighter: Presenting IUP (x-platform NATIVE GUI lib) for Mac, iOS, Android, Emscripten tomorrow at Lua Workshop 2017 in SF. https:/…

  4. Happy 30th Anniversary to DuckTales! https://t.co/JT96Z18mLh

  5. RT @realm: #TBT! One of the top talks from @tryswiftconf is still on fire – @ewingfighter's #SwiftLang for #AndroidDev 🔥 https://t.co/g4t6…

  6. RT @TunrTrending: Cross-platform is the future where Apple, Google, and MS play king of the hill, deepening fragmentation. The future is br…

  7. @SQHistorian Thanks again! The audience seemed really happy with my talk. Some SQ fans happened to be in the audie… https://t.co/TqJlRAoO4b

  8. Here's my "History of Video Game Music" talk from a week-and-a-half ago. https://t.co/ElkGcJO7Hl

  9. Will be presenting “An Informal History of Video Game Music” tonight. https://t.co/2giEhQIGum

  10. @PushinUpRoses you & your Sierra fans may like my Quest for Glory inspired tribute for my friend who died 1 year ago https://t.co/JUezLJsDP9

  11. @aljaber1983 Hi. Where are you located? Did you have a specific topic in mind?

  12. My wonderful students at the 2D Game workshop with SDL at #tryswiftconf in Tokyo. Thank you for such a fun day!… https://t.co/EbSu5SW8x7

  13. @sonneveld Sounds neat! ALmixer does support tracker via mikmod or modplug via SDL_sound. However, I remember it a PITA to build X-platform.

  14. RT @TerryMWelsh: Thanks to @ewingfighter for some phenomenal Velocidevorium playtesting tonight. Tons of tweaks and new ideas to program no…

  15. Damn it! Why We Loved Sierra Games/King’s Quest review Part 2 has been blocked by YouTube. #WTFUParts 1,3 still uphttps://t.co/PD0Yd0QLLy