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  1. @Resulka Quite probably. I can't figure out how to tell Youtube that nobody wants to watch my videos, least of all the person who made them.

  2. @Hbomberguy I don't know... there isn't an insulting or inflammatory word that ISN'T in there somewhere. Except for…

  3. @voltcatfish I seem to remember that some do along the way. It's been a long time since I read the early parts.

  4. @SuperNeku Good luck. Take lots of notes or screenshots.

  5. @pepsicatdotcom I think that's just a matter of perception. I get that feeling too.

  6. @SweetNAwful @ChorpSaway I'm already reading Mushoku Tensei... that's probably enough for now. Also Konosuba and Rising of the Shield Hero

  7. Lost in Time part 2: Lost in Basements: via @YouTube


  9. If I want to impress someone, I show them my manga collection. If that doesn't impress them, I no longer care about impressing them.

  10. @darthhelmet86 Hey, that was my dream too, and I couldn't be happier with my non-game job. Well, I could, but I still like it.

  11. @exoshelter The numbers one through ten, more at 11.

  12. @Rhiodise I figured that was coming.

  13. @TheCaterjillar Distance, mainly. I've had bad experiences with long-distance relationships.

  14. @POSIndustries "What do you think he's doing out on the golf course?" "Must be something official, since we can't see it."

  15. It's really nice having a middle mouse button that works again. Also shift keys.