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  1. "Sixteen hours a day, I hear people on TV talking about how I watch too much TV. They couldn't be more wrong, as I… https://t.co/CHxkRo7r7m

  2. @skeletonpup @Skatebutch @OperaticHearts @Wordbeast @worldprinxe *posts while everyone's asleep* *two seconds later… https://t.co/yAp5YNCvSv

  3. Wow. I'd forgotten how strong sodas with sugar equivalents can taste. I really missed Baja Blast, but I want to keep it an occasional treat.

  4. @BeamSplashX That's Lo even for you.

  5. @Djw175 I didn't either for the longest time.

  6. @bufi44 That's okay. I don't think every night would work anyway.

  7. @pepsicatdotcom It's worth doing what I did with Undertale and just pretending nobody's ever heard of the game.

  8. My one dream is to be able to remember what Africa by Toto sounds like and not immediately think of Sandstorm by Darude when I try.

  9. I don't know what's going on with my medical appointments. Two offices seem very confused about a referral. I just want to see again.

  10. Cooking pork chops like steaks let's see how this turns out

  11. @rewritability i think any cat retweeting things on Twitter is a pretty strange cat.

  12. @pepsicatdotcom [ I CANNOT ART BUT SERENA IS CUTE KITTY NYA ^^ ]

  13. ME, THINKING: My time of sense is all out of whack.

  14. @volsairine The best I've got is: Figure out what you learned from your mistakes. Decide that you will be a better… https://t.co/JMoYLwetWN

  15. This is not actually a Space Quest I video I forgot to post earlier. https://t.co/0O8RyK604L