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  1. @pepsicatdotcom It's worth doing what I did with Undertale and just pretending nobody's ever heard of the game.

  2. My one dream is to be able to remember what Africa by Toto sounds like and not immediately think of Sandstorm by Darude when I try.

  3. I don't know what's going on with my medical appointments. Two offices seem very confused about a referral. I just want to see again.

  4. Cooking pork chops like steaks let's see how this turns out

  5. @rewritability i think any cat retweeting things on Twitter is a pretty strange cat.

  6. @pepsicatdotcom [ I CANNOT ART BUT SERENA IS CUTE KITTY NYA ^^ ]

  7. ME, THINKING: My time of sense is all out of whack.

  8. @volsairine The best I've got is: Figure out what you learned from your mistakes. Decide that you will be a better… https://t.co/JMoYLwetWN

  9. This is not actually a Space Quest I video I forgot to post earlier. https://t.co/0O8RyK604L

  10. @ChorpSaway I didn't say I'd looked very hard. I've been lazy about placing an online order.

  11. @SweetNAwful I've never forgotten.

  12. @Resulka Quite probably. I can't figure out how to tell Youtube that nobody wants to watch my videos, least of all the person who made them.

  13. @Hbomberguy I don't know... there isn't an insulting or inflammatory word that ISN'T in there somewhere. Except for… https://t.co/83egp63m9A

  14. @voltcatfish I seem to remember that some do along the way. It's been a long time since I read the early parts.

  15. @SuperNeku Good luck. Take lots of notes or screenshots.