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  1. RT @foundmyfitness: Probiotics to treat anxiety? Probiotics decrease anxiety values in populations with anxiety (compared to controls) in…

  2. 42% of millennials are at least somewhat familiar with bitcoin compared with 15% among those ages 65+ https://t.co/AQyJnH8Z8c via @Moneyweb

  3. “If there is one thing we cannot allow to become extinct, it is the species that provide the food that sustains eac… https://t.co/9Y3auxK7gJ

  4. RT @revabala1: To the filming crew at Devotive, Jeremy Hansen & @djc200, you made 1200 kids @SommerVarljen happy. #Sommer5th https://t.co/P…

  5. #sugar is the drug of choice for rats; when given a choice of levers to pull, will switch from cocaine to sucrose https://t.co/zZtPpagJ8B

  6. "Since its launch in 2009, #Bitcoin has outperformed every stock and currency in existence, by incredible margins." https://t.co/2EAuNkNvIY

  7. I guess I'm just your typical 20-year-old! #youngatheart #bitcoin #revolution https://t.co/54ziLSBUx8

  8. There's evidence that medications, including statins, stimulants and antipsychotic drugs contribute to #rhabdo. https://t.co/1m7cVIE45I

  9. Just like another day in the Senate. https://t.co/ifqIe7zUY8 via @nytvideo

  10. Love this talk on High Salt Diets & Athletic Performance w/ Dr. James Dinicolantonio https://t.co/wFiJhEVglQ @HiIntensHealth

  11. @RidingShotgunLA After a few months of Crossfit everything else becomes easy(er). :)

  12. Greg Glassman is officially the second coming. #CrossFit as #Church?! https://t.co/LG4Lo9fhy6

  13. @DominicDAgosti2 You're a true American hero Dominic!!

  14. LA Lakers' nutritionist talking some good smack. #FatAdapted #Athletes Perform Better w/ Cate Shanahan, MD https://t.co/93YHEsGP3t

  15. @Natmanfrino @JoongAngDaily Would love for you to join us for Seoul Shakespeare Company's production of Winter's Ta… https://t.co/yAZB31cgwr