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  1. @Duane1024 Howmayylookiin?

  2. RT @TrumpDBA: During the morning stand up the architect threatened to review my code. I've been dealing with architects all my life. All ta…

  3. RT @angealbertini: the file itself is a polyglot PoC: a ZIP archive, a valid PDF document, and a NES rom.

  4. @claytonhickman Death Zone? More like FUN ZONE!

  5. @phunkybeck happy richard basehart day

  6. RT @doctorveritas: Donkey Kong County banned the sale of liquor in 1973.

  7. RT @TrumpDBA: The crackdown on aggregate queries is merely the keeping of my campaign promise. GROUP BY, DISTINCT & others are being remove…

  8. @ashleyfeinberg #durstburps

  9. RT @rlbradley: @BillCorbett Have you guys ever been on the Comedy Bang Bang podcast? If not could @ScottAukerman make that happen?

  10. RT @RiffTrax: This is great!

  11. RT @kmorrisjr: Here is our family's statement in response to the president's statement about our great ancestor #FrederickDouglass: https:/…

  12. RT @ClickHole: The Saga Continues: Delta Has Just Released The Long-Awaited Sequel To Their In-Flight Safety Card h…

  13. RT @dubjackharper: ‘The Good Place’ Renewed For Season 2 By NBC – Deadline

  14. @MrCraigBierko @bobbyllew read RD USA chapters of Man in Rubber Mask, reminded anew of the camaraderie during @DougRDNaylor script rebellion

  15. First time / long time. Anywho, Gilbert Gottfried please.