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  1. @BAKKOOONN @drewtoothpaste HEYYYYY

  2. RT @etdragonpunch: this is "ready player one" if you haven't read the book please don't let the trailer make you think it might be ok http…

  3. RT @RiffTrax: Choose your champion! Like for Cynthia Rothrock RT for Y. K. Kim https://t.co/Hx3dCgVn6C https://t.co/DlgZ4XPQZu https://t…

  4. @Duane1024 #americangodscc https://t.co/vwt0H4viwq

  5. RT @adamliaw: OK @Twitter, how about tweets up to 140 characters stay in normal font but over that everything switches to Comic Sans?

  6. RT @emilyvgordon: Not sure if you can vote tomorrow? CHECK HERE AND EDUCATE YOURSELF! https://t.co/ytxe6mHCkz

  7. RT @mattzollerseitz: "“How could they have let things get so bad?” https://t.co/A1ujUQZ1pr

  8. RT @HNTweets: Playboy Interview: Steve Jobs: https://t.co/Q5AxvHTwR5 Comments: https://t.co/Y5llFTyvkq

  9. RT @aardvarsk: my dad once said "do what you hate first thing in the morning to get it out of the way" then 2 mos later called me on my bir…

  10. RT @SETLISTSHOW: 'I feel for you, I really do. In fact I feel for you for not being me' @aliterative @SETLISTSHOW @Gildedballoon @edfringe…

  11. @a2_4am I always thought it'd be delightfully perverse to write a translator for .nfo to .itms

  12. @herrprofdr @a2_4am Is there a c64am?

  13. @a2_4am https://t.co/iWNVHXL3rN

  14. RT @thegreatlukeski: A sci-fi show that was off the air for several years but then came back recast their Doctor role with a woman? IT'S BE…

  15. RT @Andydrewz: @SMClabby @FutureBoy @claytonhickman @quigonsmith @Clarkey9 @tardisdrwho1962 Artist's Impression. https://t.co/DqeeCBUM5c