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  1. RT @LastManFOX: T-minus THREE DAYS until the return of #LastManOnEarth! RETWEET if you're excited. 🤗 https://t.co/UGC3Vdv7nE

  2. RT @anghelides: Now Diana Ross and Depeche Mode are calling the HR department. https://t.co/WoUw6kOKsh

  3. RT @EffinBirds: https://t.co/DZmEKUPL8T

  4. @cr_pokey https://t.co/En2lH8WQcx

  5. RT @jhford: In case you didn't know: 1. Canada has a Strategic National Maple Syrup Reserve 2. It was stolen 3. Netflix has a documentary…

  6. RT @nocontextdimeos: https://t.co/g5wPj8mBoa

  7. RT @FakeRyanGosling: Forget ICOs, you should invest in my JIRA backlog now https://t.co/SwtclQtddW

  8. @rachelparris @Gary_Bainbridge @DarcyCarden A... B(ritish)... Janet!

  9. RT @suekichiii: 肩車 https://t.co/oCsjeFZone

  10. RT @mrbobodenkirk: Hi. I'm in Albuquerque. Want to watch me make stuff up for chuckles? Saturday, at THE BOX theatre! 'twill be fun http…

  11. RT @moryan: I one THOUSAND percent co-sign @sepinwall's thoughts on why, for a huge array of reasons, it was very, very, very dumb for Amaz…

  12. RT @psybermonkey: *watches Charlotte's Web* Netflix: you might also enjoy... Babe Peppa Pig Season 1 episode 1 of Black Mirror

  13. RT @aspaul: What if I set up a tournament bracket for the cutest baby in my Facebook feed and pitted all the babies against each other. Tha…

  14. RT @serafinowicz: Let me find the clip! Give me two ticks. https://t.co/i5BQgS7GYu

  15. @BAKKOOONN @drewtoothpaste HEYYYYY