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  1. Good point. Playing as Roger (especially at the end-point of the series), it's pretty easy to just accept his actions when they come with a Eureka moment. His shredding of that poor dog's cellphone was pretty harsh too I just finished replaying the entire series, which has left me even more impressed at the 2 fan games. The voice acting in VSB was actually pretty decent. I played the remake of SQ2 and was put off by Roger's voice in that one, to be frank (he sounded too much like Larry Laffer).
  2. I just finished Incinerations today. Another really great game, congrats to the makers! I have to admit I was a bit lukewarm about it at first, with ***spoilers**** Beatrice acting like a psycho-jerkbag and the lack of continuity from VSB's renegade ending (as I was initially expecting), but it sure goes in full-blown epic mode when you get to the Forager, and then cranks it up to 11 at the end. I think I might have a slight preference for VSB as a Space Quest sequel, but both games were top-class, and the best adventure games i`ve played recently (and that includes Thimbleweed Park). Next stop, SQ2-remake!
  3. Interesting, thanks for the clarification! Most of what I've seen of Incinerations (I'm currently on Havok's spaceship) would fit with the renegade ending of VSB, minus a few things here and there. Are there still plans for a special edition, as I remember reading about? I'm having a lot of fun playing Incinerations too, the darker yet funny mood is a nice change of pace. It felt like a very nice hybrid of the Sierra and LucasArts styles, with Sierra's cool settings and death scenes, and LucasArts's dialogue and comedy. I might be a bit biased as the humor style was very much along the lines of what I typically like.
  4. Gotcha. I assumed that Incinerations was consciously written to be a direct sequel to the Renegade ending of VSB, but I guess it's a bit more complex than that VSB felt to me like a Sierra-Lucasarts hybrid (and I mean that in the best possible way).
  5. I just finally got around to playing Vohaul Strikes Back, and wanted to say how great the game was! It had been a while since I played such a great adventure game. It was funny, the puzzles were fun, and the people who made it were obviously huge fans of the source material. For me, VSB was a solid 9.5 brooms out of ten, and should proudly stand in the Space Quest Canon. I started Space Quest Incinerations yesterday. It's definitely very interesting already. I'm a bit confused as to what happened to Beatrice's pregnancy from the beginning of VSB. Is that ever addressed?