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  1. For some reason I can't find my Kerona Ale coupon or original manuals/reg cards. Stupid stupid stupid younger dumb me.
  2. Had an idea after posting in the other thread of discussing what you think (or would like) the SV box cover would look like. They've said that it'll be similar in style to Space Quest IV's big box so I'm guessing something like those dimensions. I recently received my Broken Age big box for my Kickstarter reward and it was made to resemble the DOTT box and the LA boxes of old with the border, logo in the bottom center, etc. I wonder will the SV box resemble an old Seirra box? What would you want from it? Something resembling the SQ1 black box? Or maybe one of the "Roger Wilco in..." later SQ boxes? Or a brand new design?
  3. They haven't said otherwise. I'm still expecting one. It'll look great next to my SQ1 (spaceship cover), SQ4, and SQ Collection(Vivendi) boxes. I almost bought a replacement Space Quest Collector Series fold top box a while ago but I real SQ unicorn is the classic black box, though. It would be awesome if they designed the SpaceVenture box kind of like a Space Quest box. All black with a red and blue logo (maybe a different letterstyle, though). Or even maybe the "Rgoer Wilco in..." style boxes. could say "Ace Hardway in...." instead.
  4. Are you not a backer? They released a Kickstarter update about it. A while ago.
  5. There was a time when I thought Dwight would make a good onscreen Roger.
  6. Aww. The mock microtransaction idea would have been funnier . Why I mentioned the SQ4 hint book.
  7. I'd say if you could get Patrick Warburton, keep him for Cluck Yegger, not the narrator. Though on second thought, having Cluck as the narrator might be a neat idea in itself.
  8. To clarify, are these for a mock microtransaction system for the game? Like, "pay $0.99 for a hint, or $9.99 for the full walkthrough," or "$1.49 for a new skin for Rooter," or "$29.99 for the Earnon Galaxy DLC Expansion content," or "$4.99 to bypass one ingame puzzle" type of thing? Or just made up apps for the in-game universe?
  9. Heh. Seth MacFarlane would be fantastic. He has that similar classic announcer voice and his sarcasm knows no bounds. Getting him would probably be quite difficult, though.
  10. Actually, I heard he blew it, got messed up in drugs again, and lost everything all over again. That was a while ago too now.
  11. This is great. It could be a nice homage to the SQ4 hintbook!
  12. Indeed. There definitely needs to be sarcasm. Something like Owens' but unique. It probably wouldn't be great to try to carbon copy Owens unless he was really really really really close.
  13. It's not my name I'm worried about. It's my content. Besides that, I just don't like using it for anything but friends and family.
  14. See, I don't agree with any of that. I like the anonymity of forums most of all. I don't like the idea of linking my social media which I consider private to all these forums. It's bad enough that I'm on Sierra FB groups at all. I keep second guessing myself about leaving them. I used to only use FB for friends and family. I don't like people having that much access to me. I know you can change how much of your stuff is private and public, but it's just so much hassle when a forum easily circumvents these things by default. I'll never link a social media account with a forum.