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  1. MusicallyInspired

    Space Quest IV Logo 4k Wallpaper

    Next up is Space Quest IV. I stuck with the VGA version logo. Obviously a wallpaper can't have cycling palette colours but man wouldn't that be amazing in 4k? I also have a variation with the classic Space Quest font. Available in 4k/1440p/1080p as usual. Space Quest IV Logo Wallpaper (DeviantArt)
  2. MusicallyInspired

    Space Quest III Box Logo Wallpaper

    This one is based on the box cover just without the spaceships and Monolith Burger. I had fun with this one. The subtitle especially was fun to get looking like a classic 80's poster with "shiny bloom" letters. Let me know what you think. Space Quest III Box Logo Wallpaper (DeviantArt) (Updated!) EDIT: Someone requested a variation without the subtitle that looked more like the manual, so here it is. https://musicallyinspired.deviantart.com/gallery/66495717/Space-Quest-III-Manual-Logo-Wallpaper
  3. Space Quest 3 wallpaper. In-game logo version with 18 variations (3 fonts with and without starfield backdrop in 4k, 1440p, and 1080p). Box cover version (without spaceships or Monolith Burger) coming next....at some point. Space Quest III Wallpaper (DeviantArt)
  4. For those who don't know, I made a recreation of the SQ1 logo in Photoshop a while back in the aforementioned 3 resolutions. This time I tackled SQ2's logo in Blender and touched it up in Photoshop. 10 variations in 3 resolutions for a total of 30 possibilities. Whew! Enjoy. Space Quest I Wallpaper Space Quest II Wallpaper
  5. MusicallyInspired

    Finally played Vohaul Strikes Back... awesomeness!

    Yes. I believe the style and approach was inspired heavily by Curse of Monkey Island. But don't quote me on that. Perhaps someone on the team could chime in to confirm...
  6. MusicallyInspired

    Finally played Vohaul Strikes Back... awesomeness!

    Incinerations and Vohaul Strikes Back were made independently of each other and don't take into account eachother's stories. Consider them taking place in separate universes.
  7. MusicallyInspired

    Does anyone have a copy of the FAQ?

    It's linked right on the website in Misc>Other Downloads at the bottom section under "Other Stuff". https://spacequest.net/downloads/
  8. MusicallyInspired

    SQ1 VGA: Stop the Hate

    The original (not the remake) of this Apple version has copy protection?
  9. MusicallyInspired

    SpaceQuest.Net is BACK!!

    It already does.
  10. It's definitely not just you either. There are plenty of us who still have hope daily.
  11. MusicallyInspired

    SpaceQuest.Net is BACK!!

    SpaceQuest.Net is back!! Yes, it's still the old design for now, but we've got our hands on the web 2.0 (3.0? what are we on now?) responsive redesign and will be steadily working away at it over time until it's ready for unveiling. But for now, here's the website you've known and loved! We're still adding and updating content. A few old links are dead, but we've gone through and purged most of it. Enjoy!
  12. MusicallyInspired

    Space Quest title font found! (closest to it anyway)

    Ah. That's strange.
  13. MusicallyInspired

    Space Quest title font found! (closest to it anyway)

    Wrong font. That one's free. There's a download button right under it. The Digital Sans font family pack is not.
  14. MusicallyInspired

    GoFundMe - Save SpaceQuest.Net!

    FYI, the purchase has been made and the domain has been transferred to us. I've begun reuploading the content from the archived SQ.Net website design. It's mostly all working but there's a slew of errors (much like there was when it was previously archived). We're ironing it out. Frans is also going to send us what he had put together for the new responsive design layout. We'll complete that and once it's ready we'll replace the old site, complete with all the same content (and more!). Some stuff on that old site is severely outdated. Such as the instructions for getting the games working for "modern" PCs. The instructions involve VDMSound and Mo'Slo, just to give you an idea. So all that will be revamped. It's also missing all the newer fangames that have come out since so we've got some new sections to add. Also, I was asked about this once, but is there any interest in reopening The Janitorial Times forums at SQ.Net? This forum used to be that forum and still has all the thread history of that forum (and the old old forum!) backed up here. Considering how....lacking activity is here at the moment (and forums across the web), it seems a pointless endeavour. But if there's interest I'll consider setting that up again.
  15. MusicallyInspired

    Space Quest title font found! (closest to it anyway)

    For the Digital Sans pack? I'm not seeing what you're talking about. I'm logged in and I don't see any option for that...