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  1. @DJJustRick I am going to try to stream some Might and Magic 6 tonight if I can :) My Internet has been a bit spotty lately.

  2. @DJJustRick No problem. You are a good streamer :)

  3. I have a bad cold right now, but I should be up for streaming more King's Quest 2 VGA tomorrow :) https://t.co/WQXbvSmhsL

  4. RT @HipoPichardo: Game #95 on the #DOSAdvQuest will be The Secret of Monkey Island. Submit your time & death guesses at https://t.co/xod50Z…

  5. @HipoPichardo It does what a sequel should do, improving on most aspects of the original. It retains the typical an… https://t.co/FPKOjmfg0S

  6. Probably no stream tonight, due to storm. I am feeling better now, though, so I will try to get back at it tomorrow… https://t.co/EGVGcqOLiJ

  7. Feeling a bit under the weather tonight, so no stream! https://t.co/skQcNvsTYp

  8. RT @SharpiePlays: SGENocide Crusade [ #382 ] - Chi Chi's Pro Challenge Golf [LIVE] https://t.co/qXCAtI5KR2 2 KEY features missing..?🤔 #…

  9. Playing King's Quest 1 VGA remake by AGD Interactive tonight at 9:30pm est :) https://t.co/5WtAZAY6l2

  10. Having Internet problems, so streaming a bit later maybe :) https://t.co/YhDgHCDfLB

  11. RT @SharpiePlays: SGENocide Crusade [ #378 ] - Lemmings 2 [LIVE] https://t.co/qXCAtI5KR2 Come on guys, get on in.. #Sega #RETROGAMING…

  12. @SharpiePlays @Steve50013 Sharpie Mania is about to run wild :)

  13. RT @GrundislavGames: Currently drawing a hallway, which can be tough to make visually interesting. Here's a few examples of cool adventure…

  14. Starting King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne SCI tonight at 9pm. It might be a short playthrough if the puzzles… https://t.co/3j5dhdpvLi

  15. I'm super excited about this . I hope this opens up the possibility of a new SQ game!