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  1. If it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen. However, we have nine days left. The most important thing is to tell as many people as you know to pledge. Look at the number of people who pledged to those projects. Larry: 14,000 Republique: 11,000 Jane Jenson: 5,836 We are below all of those. Again, spreading the word in the last several days is the most important thing we can do. Stay positive! Keep spreading the word!
  2. And then tell 5 people about!
  3. Uh... not a kids comic at all... I would say a very small percentage understand this comic here and almost no kids would get it. or this one
  4. If it plays well and is fun then what's the problem?
  5. Yeah... I might have to go up to $1,000...
  6. Do you mean the non-playable demo?
  7. This is the only thing that bothered me. I do want it now. However, if it means more people can pledge, I can wait another 3 or 6 months. Hell, we've waited this long...
  8. That is the thing though... it was definitely a Leisure Suit Larry game whereas this is not a Space Quest game (although it is spacequestesque) . Again, I fully support the Two Guys and I hope everyone else does too. BUT, I think $500,000 might be steep. Again, hope I am wrong and wish I could give them more
  9. Seeing as the guys are shooting for $500,000, I've increased my pledge to $500. I understand they want a quality game but am concerned that there goal may be a bit high. I hope I am wrong.
  10. Just finished this podcast. It was great to get a little bit more info about the inside workings of Sierra from the amazing Mr. Ken Allen
  11. I have to agree with this. I would really like an option for the digital content + physical content. Is it possible to do two separate pledges?
  12. Well... Guess I am going to have to start working overtime...
  13. I think the term uses describes it best. "Backing" a project.
  14. I know one thing that seems to be on peoples minds is arcade sequences. How do the two guys intend to use these this time around? All of the SQ games have included these, what should we expect in their new spaceventure? If they are included, will they include a "cop-out" button for the die-hard adventure gamer?