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  1. Will this be prototype #5?
  2. I feel like an astrochicken without a head whilst waiting for the next living prototype!!!
  3. hi all

    I'm sorry I bothered you
  4. hi all

    Do you think there will be a prototype #5 or a downloadable demo of the game? Sorry if I posted something I'd already asked
  5. hi all

    So will there be a demo game of spaceventure or is that what the prototypes are?
  6. The Importance of SpaceVenture...to Alan.

    A truly heartwhelming story of friendship between the two guys
  7. hi all

    I'd just like to say to any moderators in the vastness of space that I'm sorry for trolling
  8. WE'VE DONE IT!!!!!

    I simply can't believe it!!!
  9. hi all

    So does anyone know how many prototypes there will be?

    I totally agree!!
  11. roger wilco

    It'd be really cool if roger made a cameo appearnence in the game
  12. hi all

    So how close are we and will this be the last prototype?
  13. hi all

    I'm waiting...
  14. hi all

    My Dad pleged for me, he's not going to do it again