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  1. You should also swing by SierraHelp.com - the forum registration is currently disabled - but if you want to take part on the forum - I'd be glad in helping you create an account.
  2. Space Quest title font found! (closest to it anyway)

    I see. I misunderstood. (And the download is available again - from the first link - wasn't when I first tried it - said it was disabled by the user).
  3. GoFundMe - Save SpaceQuest.Net!

    I love the old stuff - so I would can't my vote to restore it, if it wasn't too much of a headache. For getting the games to work on Modern PCs, you should link to Collector's SHP pages. Looking forward to the new layout and return of the classic!
  4. Space Quest title font found! (closest to it anyway)

    Well. Here's what it looks like.
  5. Space Quest title font found! (closest to it anyway)

    Blessed be... if this forum allowed zip files or font files, I'd upload it here.
  6. Introduce Yourself!

    I mean that's just silly. Because, watch - here's a button! What could possibly go...
  7. GoFundMe - Save SpaceQuest.Net!

    Sweet. I am so glad it landed in good hands. I was going to offer resuming the site payments and such, or even housing all the content on LarryLaffer.net just so the content wasn't lost. There was way too much there to just throw away.
  8. Space Quest title font found! (closest to it anyway)

    No. There's a button there (if you sign in) that says "Clone" You can literally clone the font set (it takes like 10 seconds) and download it. I'd attach it to the thread if I could - but it only allows images.
  9. Space Quest title font found! (closest to it anyway)

    Um - except you can clone it from the site...
  10. Space Quest title font found! (closest to it anyway)

    Bummer the download is now disabled for that first link.
  11. GoFundMe - Save SpaceQuest.Net!

    Congrats on the purchase! When we will see the site restored?
  12. Scariest scenes in Sierra games

    If we're talking scary... I don't think anything beats the crying crib in Phantasmagoria...
  13. Space Questers on Twitter

    Urmph! Is Ace going to ever be annoyed he was left off this list... https://twitter.com/AceHardwaySV @AceHardwaySV He and Larry Laffer ( @LarryLafferWeb ) have had some "discussions" about cleaning pipes if you know what I mean...
  14. Neverending Nights

    Egads! I've not been here in awhile... this is outdated. The post talks about redoing Episode 01 in 1080p. I just finished Episode 32 in 1080p (and that marks being half way through the series in doing it in 1080p!) Season 1 in 1080p HD (Episode 01-21) - http://neverendingnights.com/nenvideos/season-01-episode-01-21-1080p-hd Season 2 in 1080p HD (Episodes 22-42, though currently only 32) - http://neverendingnights.com/nenvideos/season-02-episode-22-42-1080p-hd Or here's where they will all be listed on one page (be aware, it's a bit of bandwidth hog because of the thumbails)... http://neverendingnights.com/nenvideos/all-hq-episodes
  15. Spaceflix! - While you're cruising around space with no signal, pay 30 buckazoids a day to have our streaming video service! - If you had signal, you'd see we have a lot of cool movies for you to view.