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Found 1 result

  1. BlockMaster

    Space Quest in Minecraft

    Hi guys! As you probably know now, I'm a huge Minecraft and Space Quest fan. That games are so good, so I thought about something. What about combining Space Quest and Minecraft to make a 3D Space Quest? It seems totally possible to remake Space Quest 1 or 2 in Minecraft. I could maybe make Space Quest 3 or 4 but there is some details that I just can't figure out how to make them in Minecraft. It was just an idea. I wonder if someone would play one Space Quest game in Minecraft. I want to know if you guys like it. If anyone would like that, I could maybe do it. I also want to know what Space Quest game or part that you would prefer in Minecraft. Please, do not ask for something in Space Quest 5 or 6. There is too much character interaction for a Minecraft remake. Thanks in advance. BlockMaster