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  2. I believe a lot of it fell apart and when Mark and Scott split up after SQ4
  3. That we're aware of. But we don't follow Roger's life from infancy. So...
  4. Out of curiosity - is English your native speaking language? I ask because - back when Sierra changed to point and click - I actually wrote them a strongly worded letter about how disappointed I was. How Sierra games had helped me learn to type and type fast! And how just clicking on a screen to pick up items or interact with an item rather than trying to figure it out made it way too easy! Then, the age of the internet became a thing... and suddenly, I realized, I was thinking of it for my own selfish point of view. There were a ton of people, who played Sierra games, where English was not their native language, and they were struggling with how to phrase things in English that the game understood. So I got a new appreciation for the ol' point and click, though for my own preference, I still do prefer the typing interface.
  5. Man, some serious necroposting happening - but these forums have been so quiet - I, personally, don't mind! Nice to see some conversation happening. So, like you - I didn't overly enjoy SQ6 (there were certainly parts I thought were hilarious, yes - like when Roger's walking around Windows 3.0/3.1/whatever) - but over all, it felt like Space Quest to me (the humor, the writing, etc) - I just didn't enjoy the art animation style. Which is weird, I know, when we consider AGI/SCI art - but the way Roger's drawn and such, looks very much like a 6th grade kid's animation project. The big legs, clunky boots, etc. But then, the background art in sharp contrast was stunning. It made for a weird mix. Example: Similarly - there is a series of books called Dragonlance which are some of my favorites. They made an animated cartoon out of it. The animated cartoon portion was excellent. But then the dragons in it were CGI, and literally rip you right out of the cartoon, because of the odd contrast. Cartoon art: And then the CGI mixed with it...
  6. if they were ever to make a Live action Space Quest Movie, who would you like to see play Roger Wilco my choice would be H Jon Benjamin
  7. I wish the SQ3 remake was ready to play, really enjoyed the VGA remake of part 2
  8. I actually enjoyed it, even though it was a fan game, it was the closet we got to having Space Quest 7
  9. the early to the mid 90's when stuff was still on MS DOS, one of my favorite arcade shooters was Overkill from epic mega games
  10. I'm back after a long absence, recently downloaded the entire SQ collection from Steam, been real good reliving the good ol days
  11. we should protest in front of Activision
  12. didn't he kill quite a bit in SQ2
  13. there was no female involved with him prior to SQ4
  14. I really miss the 80's long before Disney destroyed Star Wars
  15. games like SQ1 VGA, SQ4 and SQ5 were my favorite to play, the older SQ1 and Sq2, SQ3 was a little challenging, point and click interface were soo much easier for me to play
  16. playing part 6 just didn't feel like a Space Quest Game
  17. Earlier
  18. I can't believe I was able to stumble upon this thread.... I know I'm late to the discussion but I just wanted to add that I personally love SQ1VGA. I understand that it would really bother the creators that they had no input into essentially was their creation but I was always very happy with the end result. For starters, I think the soundtrack was amazing. I still play it in my car to this day. It really elevated the game in my view and enhanced my playing experience. I loved the dialogue, the snarkiness of some of the characters, the instant replay deaths with the Two Guys providing the play by play, etc....essentially I think that it was well written and an enhancement over the original. The "look" of the game though, being 50's retro....I can understand how this is a departure from the rest of the series and could definitely rub certain fans the wrong way. And they aren't necessarily wrong. My personal opinion is that SQ4 best captured the Two Guys vision for SQ in all aspects; art, music, writing, etc... The 50's look just seems to come out of nowhere but ultimately I think I'm ok with it because the entire SQ series is supposed to be (in my view) goofy sci fi, not super serious; a parody of sorts of the genre. Even SQ4 which is the most serious game of the series had its fair share of comedic elements. Anyways, I'm glad I found this thread, everyone is entitled to their opinion for sure and I know that I'll always enjoy playing SQ1VGA whenever I return to my semi regular run through of all six games.
  19. May the 4th (and the Mop) Be With You. Always.
  20. Pleasure! Hoping that this June date holds true... but of course with the current state of the world... who knows. But ideally, since they pretty much "work from home" anyway (and don't actually have to go into an office like the old school Sierra days) - hopefully, June of this year - this game will finally see the light of day. It's the last remaining Kickstarter I ever backed that I've been waiting for. <3
  21. I had indeed missed this update, thank you for posting it!
  22. In the event you missed it... http://larrylaffer.net/archives/3392
  23. With more and more people being asked to remain inside with the current state of things... I figured I'd mention it here specifically, I do a web series using the Neverwinter Nights game engine. I wrote the story, filmed the series, edited the voices, did the whole bit - and had my friends, and even some professionals (Al Lowe, creator of Leisure Suit Larry, Greg Johnson creator of Toejam and Earl, Lindsay Archer, professional artist and good friend) - all lend voices to the series. I originally started it in 2004 (late, so closer to 2005) and "finished" it in 2013. It ran 65 episodes. Just a few years ago, I got it in my head to go back and refilm the series (because originally it was 800x600, then 1024x768, then who knows what - but all of it using a free editor so the quality really suffered). Now I am redoing it all - in 1080p (1920x1080) - with all new footage, cleaning up the audio where I can, etc. It's been wonderful revisiting this series. I am currently (as of Saturday evening) on Episode 49 out of 65. Seems like a good time, for anyone who may have time on their hands to catch up on the series. And please, by all means, if you enjoyed any of it - please share. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising, because it's coming from a trusted source, rather than a paid source. Much love, Tawmis. Play list on Youtube (starting from Episode 01) - begins here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Wr4-u9-zw0&list=PLbRG7dzFI-u3EJd0usasgDrrFO3mZ1lOZ&index=1 (Don't forget to click the gear icon to set it to 1080p, because it typically defaults to 720p on Youtube) If you're more the "I have a ton of bandwidth and want to push the limits of your website and download these" type of person, you can do that too: http://neverendingnights.com/nenvideos/all-hq-episodes
  24. I admit, Pope shutting down his Facebook and Twitter not to long ago, didn't send the best feeling in the world. Felt like someone who knows it's not working out. But at the same time, could just be someone who is tired of hearing "When is it coming out?" I am more than sure he wants this off his shoulders just as much as everyone else wants a copy of it. What probably started out as a fun idea has become a massive burden. As for health, if you follow Scott Murphy on Twitter, he posts frequent updates about his health issues.
  25. Its good to hear the game is still on its way. Honestly i didn't find out about it, until a couple of years ago. So i'm just waiting for it to pop up on Steam then i'll purchase it.
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