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  2. Long - REALLY Long Play of 6 hours and some change - Non Commentary. Watch me die. A lot. So. Very. Much. And Commentary version (which is sped up because no one wants to hear me ramble for 6 hours and some change...)
  3. I fixed the audio sync issue (that I also saw in SQ5 which took that forever) and fixed it in the non commentary version of SQIV. I do love that this was uploaded after my SQ5 footage, finished uploading, finished processing, all before my SQ5 has finished processing the HQ version of the video.
  4. Space Quest IV - Fun (Visual Edit) I Did. :-) Wait for it......
  5. If you are interested in additional angles or slightly higher resolution images of this building/area, refer to my notes at the bottom of this link... https://voidstar.blog/san-francisco-california-2021/ My original are about 6000x3036 resolution. The "two guys" forum host at 1200x607, while WordPress is resizing it to 2000x1012 (I understand these forums need to conserve bandwidth, and appreciate that they adjust to reasonable sizes for bandwidth reasons - that's the part that makes building these kinds of forums a bit tricky, detecting a users mobile vs hardline connection and on
  6. By unique circumstances, I ended up staying in Oakhurst just last night (after a long day of touring Yosemite). I've been a Sierra adventure game fan since the mid-1980s, so this was quite a treat for me personally (especially having recently finished Ken's book released late last year). This felt to me like some kind of pilgrimage to sacred grounds of the legend of Sierra. My visit was entirely impromptu. We had only 4 hours to get to SF International Airport (from Oakhurst). Sunrise was at 6:10am. Long story short, all this meant I had only 45 minutes to pay my respects. How
  7. This may have been brought up before...
  8. I think yes, just depends on your willings and desire. What type of game you wanna make ? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ https://luckmillionaire.com/where-can-you-play-live-dealer-table-games/
  9. How do you think? For example, they can make game about theirself.
  10. What's up with foreign languages for SV? Will it be?
  11. http://twitch.tv/musicallyinspired You can find VODs and other game videos at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH4-5bQ24UtX67RaOCPWleg And my music channel with all things related to my music is at http://youtube.com/BrandonBlumeMusic
  12. Nice! Where are you streaming that at? I've started a YouTube channel, though not really SQ-related. I've been thinking more and more about the classics lately and finally remembering my youth with that parser and text commands...
  13. Waiting patiently. 🙂 I've been streaming development of my KQ2SCI remake project. Also writing music for other games, and collaborating on a King's Quest remix album. Just going about our lives until this thing happens. 😄
  14. My heavens, it's been a long time since I was here! Is there anyone still frequenting the forums these days? Aftera long hiatus, I happen to have stumbled upon the videos of the Space Quest Historian during my YouTube travels. So I got thinking of the good old times... And I'll be busting out the Space Quest series for another run soon! What's everyone else been up to? Brian
  15. The main reason I judge a hero - if he is a real man/woman. So, he is. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ https://luckycanadian.com/
  16. Well. Then let me tell you - they've since updated some stuff. The current BETA is beatable. I just did the other day. They're working on something the beta testers (myself included) was probably the least "game breaking" - which is the save game and how it works. They had a save game feature - but it needed work on remembering what you had and what you'd done. So that's the final part they're working on. I absolutely loved the game from start to finish. There's literally two parts that I found a little annoying (because how to do it is pretty random). But, probably one of the funnes
  17. Been awhile - I posted Episode 64 - one more episode to go. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Wr4-u9-zw0&list=PLbRG7dzFI-u3EJd0usasgDrrFO3mZ1lOZ&ab_channel=NeverendingNights
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