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  1. I'm all willing to go on the "we will make it" bandwagon but none of you really answered the true question (okay, sorry, didn't read that one guy's post - mea culpa and the excuse that i'm working at the same time. Maybe I just want to hear it from them upstairs themselves).


    What, for whatever reason, all of a suddon, out of the blue, by total surprise the chaps from Andromeda only manage to get up to 499.042$ and this project won't be funded on a Kickstarter legal level. What, if such a calamity should even ever occur, will happen?

    Well that just out of reach figure of $499,042 would never happen. Like I said previously there would be a number of dedicated hardcore fans who would up their pledges at the last moment to make sure it goes through. You maybe underestimating the pull of a closing kickstarter, it is like an auction. Some people get caught up in the excitement without thinking about the amounts they are bidding.


    If the kickstarter does fall through I think they could go to a publisher. Replay Games (http://www.replaygamesinc.com/) successfully funded the remake of Leisure Suit Larry earlier in the month on Kickstarter (http://www.kickstart...arry-come-again). Now these guys not only acquired the license and IP for Larry but also managed to convince Al Lowe the IP creator to work on the project. Telltale Games (http://www.telltalegames.com/) also have a habbit of using existing IP to create contemporary adventure games. So there are options, it just means that if the 2 guys use a 3rd party publisher/developer the project will take longer as there will be a need for contract negotiations etc and the 2 guys will loose some control. I very much doubt they would just give up and walk away.

  2. One thing some new people to Kickstarter do not realise is that there is often a big surge in funding during the last couple of days. Regular KS funders often use the "Remind me" button when browsing projects that take their interest rather than contributing off the bat. This often is so they don't over commit themselves or is used when the project is only of a casual interest rather than a must-fund. That Remind me button automatically sends out a email notification and reminder to the person 48 hours before the funding wraps. So there will be a significant last day surge. That period is also when some of the hardcore fans up their pledges to silly amounts just to make sure the project succeeds.


    If the funding does fall through then the guys could create a new Kickstarter project at a later date with a lesser financial goal and source the remainder of the funding from a publisher? Or they could just go to a publisher for the whole fund? I imagine the reason why they would prefer this Kickstarter campaign to succeed is that they would guarantee development of the new game and be able to keep all royalities and rights to any new intellectual property they create. Unlike Space Quest where the IP was owned by the publisher Sierra Online who both funded development and published the games.

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