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  1. There also needs to be a flashlight app with pro in the name and a giant long list of permissions. I can't come up with it all right now, but here's an idea for it:


    The Ultimate Flash Pro Lite (Demo) 50%OFF!!


    The official app to use your Camera's flash to light your way in the dark! Super bright - better than a real flashlight!



    * Turns your phone into a flashlight for over half a minute without overheating!

    * Light up anything within range of your flash

    * Keep your hands warm while holding it

    * Large, easy to use on-off button

    * Display keeps track of the flashlight's status




    * Phone State & Address Book (To e.g. turn on or off when you're in a call)

    * Full Internet Access (To e.g. keep track of updates)

    * Admin Access (To integrate properly with your phone)

  2. Well, as we all know, there needs to be a fart app. So let's call it....



    An Odyne like farming game with bowel-turning action where you face off against feculant enemies blowing at you from every direction. Navigate through your field as monsters like Tough Chit, Wet Spade, Odipus, Silent Storm, Blovine the Bardbarian, Dumpster and Wind Breaker reek paths of destruction through your crops. With your trusty round rubber-headed lance, fight to keep your crops fresh. Each monster features their own individual noises and the ununiqe soundtrack feature will provide hours of enjoyment. Headphones optional.


    "Play it with your friends!" - BackBlastSS

    "Remember your headphones when you're at a funeral, speaking from experience here." - IamanIslandqq

    "the oter side 'f FUNN!" - BABOONS12345

    "Don't forget to wipe" - HenryTurdman


    PS. Yes, the grammar errors and typos are intentional, and I have an svg of my terrible icon if you want too (I'm just not allowed to attach it here).


  3. Okay, I'm pulling my hair out on this.


    While playing the game, I realized that Flight of the Bumblebees stops playing very quickly during the death by tree climbing. I wanted to try and get the full version of that somehow, so tried opening it in AGI Studio. The problem is that the midi portion of the sound files are designed for the IIGS, not the 3+noise versions. I haven't been able to find any converters or emulators willing to let me work with these files directly. If anyone can point me to something that would work, please let me know.


    If I could somehow swap the opening music for the music I want using the AGI studio, that would be great. I would just do that, start the game and record it out. But I can't find where I'm supposed to make that change. I can also do it using a hex editor if anyone knows the correct bits to change. Since the studio is not designed for working with IIGS files, I'm a little lost I think.


    EDIT: I found a new emulator (MESS) that works much, much better, playing everything at the correct speed and with better sound reproduction. If no one can give me any pointers on the above, I'm going to try the throttling options there.


    If anyone is having issues trying to get MESS set up for IIGS emulation, it's best to use a front-end (I'm using MESSUI).

    1. Obtain the latest rom zip files for apple2gs and apple2ee (yes you need both) that are specifically designed for working with MESS. (MESSUI audit will tell you what files you need.)
    2. If you've downloaded apple2gs.zip from somewhere, it is likely missing a file required by the newest version of MESS called "341-0132-d.e12". Extract it from the apple2ee zip and add it to your apple2gs zip using your archive software of choice (I prefer Bandizip).
    3. Copy or move the corrected apple2gs.zip file into the roms folder of your MESS run folder.

    I set it to run in a window because it's easier for recording, but I would uncheck that option for straight-up playing.


    Now, if you're running using the CLI

    1. Run "mess apple2gs -flop3 <path/to/disk1.2mg> -flop4 <path/to/disk2.2mg>"

    If you get an error, check your rom zip again and make sure you're in the correct folder. To run as-is, you must be in the MESS run folder or have added that folder to your PATH variable, replace mess with mess64 if that's your version, flop1 and 2 are for Apple II disk images, 3 and 4 are for 3.5" floppies, remove the second floppy command if it's not necessary.


    If you're using a GUI like me:

    1. Run an audit of the apple2gs system to make sure it checks out.
    2. Add the disk images in the correct "device" slots.
    3. Run the system.

  4. I think you may have forgotten the one theme unique to the Apple II GS version; the Marrow-Matic had an accompanying theme. It's still downloadable from the old SQN as part of the Apple II GS soundtrack Frans put together.

    I'm not at that spot yet, I just did a quick recording of what's played in the opening sequences and cut out some of the silence and put it together as a sample. I noticed there were only 3 tracks in that soundtrack so I wanted to do a full recording, including things like the lullaby song. I'll get to the Marrow-Mattic theme eventually, but I believe it's almost at the end.

  5. I'll upload the album again later with the fixed name in the tags.


    In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to re-record space quest ][ using an Apple ][GS emulator... except I was about to give up hope in ever finding one with decent sound emulation. Finally I found out that scummvm can handle IIgs game files, so I extracted the game files and (after some finagling) got it to work... and the sound is awesome--much better than what's show in the video earlier in this thread. I just started on it so here are three tracks from the opening portion:

    1) Space Quest II Theme

    2) Roger Dies

    3) Capture and Crash


    Note that the SQII music was apparently arranged (or rearranged) by Al Lowe so I'll be marking them as such.


    Let me know what you think. It's a good excuse to play SQII again so I'll continue with the rest of the tracks and post again when I'm done.


    And for some reason, I'm not allowed to upload and attach flac files directly.. :-/ so here's a link to the files :-P

  6. And the last of my conversions. Here's SQ4!


    Link on my Drive


    Track listing:

                           TRACK SHEET
     No. Song Title                           Start   Length
      1. Space Quest IV Theme                           2:12
      2. Locating Roger                                 0:58
      3. Bar on Magmetheus                              2:28
      4. Escape from the Sequel Police                  3:14
          - Vohaul's Back!                     0:00
          - Rescue                             1:05
          - Thrown Through Time                2:09
          - Post-Apocaliptic Zenon             2:43
      5. Xenon - Space Quest XII                        1:23
      6. The Zombie Reacts                              0:41
      7. Professor Lloyd                                2:35
      8. Navigating the Sewers                          1:49
      9. Sewer Slime                                    0:49
     10. Patrol Ship                                    0:42
     11. Stowing Away                                   0:54
     12. Vohaul's Fortress                              1:56
     13. Copy Protection Theme                          1:13
     14. Time Travel (Failure)                          0:12
     15. Time Travel (Success)                          0:22
     16. Estros - Space Quest X                         0:45
     17. Pterodactyl Ride                               0:45
     18. The Pterodactyl's Nest                         1:08
     19. The Latex Babes of Estros                      1:14
     20. Sub Ride                                       1:34
     21. Fortress of the Latex Babes                    2:58
          - Pants Off                          0:00
          - The Sea Slug Appears!              2:00
     22. Our Hero                                       1:39
     23. Let's Shop!                                    0:30
     24. Meanwhile, Back in Space Quest XII             0:47
     25. Galaxy Galleria Mall                           0:25
     26. Window Shopping                                2:09
          - Outside Software Store             0:00
          - Outside Radio Shock (Hz. So Good)  0:21
          - Outside Monolith Burger            0:39
          - Outside Big & Tall                 0:56
          - Outside Bukazoid Bill's Arcade     1:13
          - Outside Sacks                      1:32
     27. Big & Tall                                     1:37
     28. Monolith Burger                                1:04
     29. Flippin' Burgers                               2:21
     30. Sacks                                          1:16
     31. Software Store                                 1:08
     32. Bukazoid Bill's Arcade                         0:55
     33. Mrs. Astro Chicken                             0:33
     34. Radio Shock (Hz. So Good)                      0:41
     35. Skate-O-Rama                                   1:20
     36. Kerona - Space Quest I                         0:34
     37. Bar on Kerona                                  2:05
     38. Monochrome Bikers                              1:00
     39. Return to Vohaul's Fortress                    2:53
     40. Format Countdown                               2:48
     41. Final Fight                                    1:35
     42. Closing Themes                                 2:40
     43. Space Quest IV Theme (Reprise)                 2:26
                                             Total:  1:02:18

  7. So, fancy an SQ3 Sountrack as well? This one was cut using the new new stud-finder method I discovered. It's a lot smaller (well, it was for the SCI0 engine after all) but really great nonetheless. The best tracks for me here are probably 1, 2 and 14.


    Link to the file in my Drive


    And the track listing:

                        TRACK SHEET
     No. Song Title                     Start     Length
      1. Space Quest III Theme                      1:20
      2. Opening Sequence                           2:19
      3. Garbage Freighter                          2:24
      4. The Grabber                                0:45
      5. The Rat Cave                               0:40
      6. Getting off the Freighter                  2:41
          - Blasting Out                 0:00
          - Navigation Screen            0:38
          - Arnoid's Pursuit             1:18
      7. Phleebhut                                  2:21
      8. Arnoid vs Roger                            0:55
          - Arnoid Dies                  0:00
          - Roger Dies                   0:35
      9. Monolith Burger                            1:19
     10. Astro Chicken                              0:37
     11. Planet Ortega                              1:40
     12. ScumSoft Entrance                          0:44
     13. Inside ScumSoft                            1:33
          - ScumSoft Corridors           0:00
          - ScumSoft Offices             1:13
     14. Roger Gets Caught                          0:36
     15. The Black Hole                             1:10
     16. Two Guys on Earth                          2:07
     17. Closing Medley                             2:51
                                           Total:  26:02

  8. Awesome! I'll post one of these to the Two Guys Tumblr as soon as I get on a real computer. I've already shared it on the Two Guys Google+ thing.

    Great! Let me know if you notice anything or think I should split / combine a compilation. I also found a way to cut to silence in Audacity, so I may be making a new cut of the tracks sometime soon (along with my conversions for 3 and 4)

  9. Yo, been a while, so I thought I'd necro a thread.


    I made a new conversion of the full MIDI file compiled in 2004 by QuestStudios. Take it or leave it, but I figure I might as well put it up here. Since it's in FLAC I put it up on my Google Drive.


    There are a couple of tracks that could probably be cleaned up, and it might be nice to normalize all the tracks even though they're designed to play at different volumes in-game. But I added some nice cover art from the VGA box and included a readme. At the very least these are clean conversions using Munt 1.4 with no enhancements.


    Here's my track listing:

                        TRACK SHEET
     No. Song Title                     Start     Length
      1. Space Quest I Theme                        3:03
      2. Attack on the Arcada                       0:55
      3. Arcada Corridors                           1:38
      4. Getting off the Arcada                     3:46
          - The Dying Scientist          0:00
          - Star Generator Room          1:20
          - Escape from the Arcada       2:24
          - Inside the Escape Pod        2:36
      5. Oops! Wrong Button                         0:23
      6. Auto-Nav                                   0:40
      7. The Surface of Kerona                      3:10
          - Keronian Desert              0:00
          - Touring the Skeleton         1:09
          - The Spider-Droid             2:16
      8. Underground Tunnels                        1:57
      9. Instant Replay                             1:19
     10. Alien Hologram 1                           2:10
          - The Strange Head Appears     0:00
          - The Orat                     1:26
     11. Alien Hologram 2                           2:03
     12. Story of the Keronians                     1:54
     13. Skimmer Ride                               0:57
     14. Ulence Flats                               1:54
     15. The Rocket Bar 1                           1:24
     16. The Rocket Bar 2                           1:20
     17. The Rocket Bar 3                           1:56
     18. Droids-B-Us                                1:17
     19. Tony's Used Spaceships                     1:27
     20. Off to the Deltaur 1                       0:40
     21. Off to the Deltaur 2                       0:48
     22. Off to the Deltaur 3                       0:46
     23. Off to the Deltaur 4                       1:07
     24. Rog-in-a-Box                               0:20
     25. Deltaur Corridors                          1:00
     26. Closing Scenes                             4:03
                                           Total:  41:57

  10. I was going to edit my post above, but since I've had a chance to play some of them I'm adding a review. Here is the complete list of games I've gotten so far in order:

    Duck Quest?
    Not sure how much this one applies. It's free: http://wafflefriday.com/files/duckquest.html but is does have lots of quirks and is really short, but somewhat nostalgic at the same time. It's 8-bit after all.


    Full Bore (1st release)
    This is a fun open world sudo-platform game where you run around (no jumping) digging through dirt, exploring the underground, and collecting jewels. The mechanics work really well and the graphics, though influenced by older games, work really well. The second release is supposed to open up more areas that complete the lore surrounding the random things you find while rummaging around.
    Broken Sword: The Serpents Curse (part 1)
    What can I say? It's a quite faithful continuation of the old Broken Sword series, so the enjoyment is about the same. Except that this version really needs to be played fullscreen on a tv. It really makes it feel more like a movie than a game. The music is great too and the soundtrack for the first half has been released in flac; it's as good as ever. You might want to wait for part 2 to be released if you don't want to end on a cliffhanger. It's coming this first quarter apparently.
    Detective Grimoire
    This is a real gem, and so far my favourite out of those I've received (also the oldest pledged I've actually recieved, SpaceVenture is the oldest I've backed, followed by Tex). I actually finished it already. It's a detective game that actually works. For a die-hard adventure fan it may be too easy (even after turning off sparkly hints), but on the other hand it's really fun, and quite inexpensive if you want to buy it from whatever app store you use. Here's a good review: http://tabtimes.com/review/ipad-game/2014/01/13/detective-grimoire-review-so-good-youll-hope-more-murders-soon
    There's also been a demo for Scope Creep and, of course, SpaceVenture (wasn't that fun?). Tex Murphy: The Tesla Effect has been teased quite a bit too and it's looking really good. Everything else has been stuff that I've gotten, but that's for another thread.

  11. The dialogue which pulled forth from my lips the greatest number of chuckles, guffaws... all the way up to guttural flatulence was the death sequence in SQXVII when entering the shuttle by the front door. after the sewer sequence. From the CD version:


    The young shuttle pilot, his seat suddenly humidified by your surprise entry, fires his pulseray.

    The shot just misses you and then bounces off the reflective surfaces of the cabin... eventually managing to fatally perforate you. Just as you fade from the living organism club you think, in amazement, "So that's what my spleen looks like!"

  12. No games yet for me. Well, one little project called "Duck Quest?" but I don't think that quite counts. Lot's of stuff though, some of which are amazing.


    Edit: There are a few that I forgot, came in the meantime, or are coming within a week or two.


    Full Bore (1st release)

    Broken Sword: The Serpents Curse (part 1)

    Detective Grimoire (January 2)

  13. Timelapses are a bit of a hassle, says Mark, because he's using so many gizmos and gadgets to get where he goes, it'd take forever to setup. We are mulling over perhaps a "gizmo of the week" type thing, if possible.


    I got a Radian timelapse device from Alpine Labs back when they had their Kickstarter. It's the easiest thing to use ever; you control it from a smartphone. The only thing is it requires you have a proper camera with a remote trigger or IR port. But seriously, it's like nothing to set up. I would attach a couple of videos which were just done quickly while I was in China and then equally quickly put together in Picasa (Lightroom is otherwise the standard for doing this kind of thing), but apparently I'm not allowed to upload mp4 files :(. I should really upload them to youtube at some point, then I'll link them to here.

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