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  1. Possible track list. Let me know what you think, or if you have suggestions.


    1 - Toccata in G Minor (inspired by the Opening of CB - my first game)

    2 - Back to the Sequel (inspired by SQ4 Opening)

    3 - I'd Love to Be In Love With You (inspired by Love Theme from Colonel's Bequest)

    4- Too Many Ways To Die (inspired the ZZ Top-ish song from SQ)

    5 - Keeping Up With Jones (inspired by Jones in the Fast Lane)

    6 - Fun and Wacky (theme from Wacky Funsters published by Tsunami)

    7 - Computer Generate Poetry (inspired by Jones In The Fast Lane)

    8 - Cold Wind Bring Me Home (Beach Theme from Blue Force published by Tsunami)

    9 - Audition March (the piece I wrote to get hired at Sierra)

    10 - Drunks in Space (inspired by SQ4 Cantina scene)

    11 - Discarded Cantina music (my first piece for the cantina that was rejected)

    12 - Man Enough (theme from Man Enough published by Tsunami)

    13 - Theme to Ringworld (published by Tsunami)

    14 - Racing in Circles (Road and Track theme published by Accolade)

    15 - Discarded theme to Callahan's Cross Time Saloon (Game published by Legend)

    16 - Vulcan Fury (the not-copyrighted-by-Paramount portion of the music from the Secret of Vulcan Fury trailer)

    17 - Selections from Clay Fighter (game published by Interplay)

    18* - A Greatly Exaggerated Tale of Adventure - Metal Version (inspired by SQ4 Opening)

    19 - Final Battle (from Protostar published by Tsunami)

    20 - Back from the Sequel (inspired by Countdown to Format from SQ4)

    21 - A Zillion Miles Per Hour (inspired by the skimmer sequence from SQ1)

    22 - I am Cedrick (inspired by Cedric's theme from KQ5)

    23 - Just a tune kicking around in my head (from no game but has been plaguing me for years)

    24 - Discarded SQ5 theme


    *Idea stolen from Brandon Blume.

    Space Quest 3 music.All of it.Nuff said.

  2. I just saw this AMAZING video,where a boy time travels in minecraft,using the command block

    I'd like to make a time machine,and I need ideas for the timepod.SQ4 perhaps?Leave suggestion in comments,PLEASE



    He has a great spirit,great voice :)

    Good to see small kids play the game and do interesting stuff,not go on servers and spam swastikas,dicks,etc....


    Have a great day SQ community


  3. The server's had some trouble and has been down for a while. But now it's back up! Still not 1.3.2 yet, but playable again.


    Hi Musical

    There is a player in Member Survival,Jona27612,griefed my train station system,on purpose also locked my doors to my house in free survival...

    I reported him,and I am upset,he called me dumb too!

    Out of anger I took his bed,left some signs too.

    Please ban him,you're my buddy....

    RAWR,i'm just mad.I thought this was a community server to have fun

    Btw,I left him (1) cobble dick at his home :)

    Thank you for you're patience,

    You're Buddy,Star ;D

  4. I just wanted to thank the admins for the great server. I've been having a great time thus far and have finally gotten settled in a temporary hut. Are there any ideas for community projects that people have wanted built that I can help with? I've started a rudimentary nether wart farm, but it needs some work to be safe from ghasts. I'm open to suggestions!


    1.3.2 has come out.It was a GREAT idea to save some un-generated terrain so we can find emeralds in Extreme Hills and Villagers to trade with!
  5. Thank you for info. I'm looking forward to join your community. (I have to slow internet at the moment to play minecraft online)


    EDIT: I forgt to tell you about my idea of SQ3. Every planet, Junk ship and M-butger will have two spaceships.

    Pestulon: Skull fighter and Mallard

    Ortega:Skull fighter and Mallard

    Junk ship:Escape pod and Mallard

    M-burger:Guy-in-black-suit's ship and Mallard

    Phleehbuht (I cant remeber how to type it) :Arnoid's ship(Will look same as WD-40's) and Mallard.

    Mallard will have 3 teleports and other ships will have2 teleports to other planets/stations/ships.


    I like the idea :D
  6. Haha, that was great! How long did that take you to do, anyway?


    (And yes, I left a comment on the video itself. ;) )


    (Also, I reposted this on the 2GFA Google+ page. Hope you don't mind.)


    I used a generator for it,I always use these cool things like that,the only legit one I did was a really cool Roger statue.Also,what is 2GFA?I don't mind at all BTW


    Also,I don't use Google Plus,I am a proud user of hotmail,can you please post a picture of the page so I can see?

  7. There's a town with cobblestone river banks and a hilltop fort emerging to the east of the spawn.

    I started it some time ago and today Star joined in as well.


    If anyone wants to add to it, feel free. I'd love to see where people have taken it when I come back later :D


    It's inspired by Dinant in Belgium and its citadel (photo), but doesn't have to copy it.


    Also, I removed protection from the chests in the first public storage house near spawn (the one with a nether portal in it) and added a few items.


    :D I know,i'm awesome :D
  8. Ok,to start off,I know Musical made a texture pack for the SQ1 area of his server.I KNOW.

    But what I was planning on doing is make a texture pack,for myself,that I would use.



    *instead of one of the paintings being King Graham,it would be Roger Wilco!

    *Netherrack would be blackish like Ortega,also the lava,being AGI red


    *Other items,such as TNT would be a denoator,pretty much,SQ themed

    *Some things would be from other Serria games,and/or just how I would like it.



    If you like the idea,say something :D




    I will post some pics later:

    NOTE:I must download paint.net!

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