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    YankeeBravo got a reaction from JimmyTwoBucks in Demo issues, bugs and what not.   
    I absolutely agree that if they were able to sit back, pay the bills and make the games they wanted, that's not a bad situation at all.
    I just don't know how sustainable it is. We've already seen cases where the Kickstarter well has started to run dry. So I'm not sure planning on funding future games/sequels through new Kickstarters is something that could be counted on long term. I mean, I suspect some percentage of people backed expecting a copy of Space Quest, or in hopes of the support leading to another Space Quest. Some percentage of those are likely to say "The new game's alright, but I don't know that I would've given as much in retrospect" regardless of how good the game turns out to be. There'll also be those that experience the game, decide it's nice to see the Two Guys doing games again, but the style /humor isn't what they remembered, or just isn't to their taste any more.
    As for gaining extra exposure....Particularly for a small/flegling company, good PR's crucial. Sure, there's a bit of latitude afforded that wouldn't be with large corporations, but initial impressions are very hard to overcome and the media has a very long memory when it thinks it's been mislead or taken advantage of in some way. Means future coverage can be hard as hell to get, so...Some of the early missteps they've had with the gaming press aren't helping in that regard.
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    YankeeBravo reacted to JimmyTwoBucks in Demo issues, bugs and what not.   
    I don't know the ins and outs of what they're doing with the money, but I don't think it would have to grow...
    if they are able to pay themselves wages of some sort out of the kickstarter money they got, enough to live on, then
    they're fine... pay bills and make computer games that you own all the rights to for a living and do
    them how you want them, sounds pretty good as it is.
    If the backers like the first SpaceVenture, then just kickstart a sequel every couple of years and get another
    half mill each time.
    Of course if SpaceVenture could go nuts and get a load more fans, obviously that would be awesome and the
    Two Guys could live like kings, but I don't think they're in a position where they HAVE to make that happen.
    I think as well, with the demo... sure, I don't think people expected it to be super-buggy and some were expecting
    a complete demo pretty much, but it's understood that the bugs get fixed before the actual product comes out.
    They didn't release the demo outside of the backers and even if people see it at a convention, they're right there
    with them and can just say, oh, it's still in development, so there are some bugs, just check out the graphics and
    I think if you're running some huge corporation and the eyes of the world are watching your every move, then yeah,
    PR is a delicate business, but in this case they already did the tough part (getting the money) and the actual game
    release looks to still be far enough away that all they'd be looking for right now is a little bit of extra exposure if they can get it.
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    YankeeBravo reacted to pcj in SpaceVenture's Backers... Where are they hiding?   
    The way it was explained to me: Guysfromandromeda.com is for the company GFA LLC, not SpaceVenture itself - we're currently working on tweaks to re-orient that more appropriately. SVRewards.com is the rewards site for the backers who pledged $15 or up ($30 or up for pre-release access) to get access to the diaries/chats/voting. There have been some diaries up, not as many as I would personally like but they've got to spend time actually designing the game I suppose. I know chat is on the way, I set up the page this week and Chris just announced it. Voting is going to be further down the road.
    The Andromedan Post is for news about not only SpaceVenture but the Sierra community in general.
    Like you said, SQ.NET has been around longer than any of the other sites and isn't under GFA "jurisdiction" (I do admin all of these sites, but that's where the control sharing ends). SQN has more of a fan-based/community-operated focus than the other sites.
    We're taking all of these ideas into consideration when talking about where we need to go with the websites. So keep it up - thanks!
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    YankeeBravo got a reaction from Johnathon in SpaceVenture's Backers... Where are they hiding?   
    No worries on that front. Even if it had been a snide jab, I'd take no offense. Develop an extremely thick skin working in print journalism, so....
    I will say the title worked.
    After all, it's an interesting thought and it is somewhat of an aberration given how active things were during the Kickstarter itself and more so when you compare it to the community that other projects have built up.
    As I recall, I think the SVReward site has had the "community" link coming back the forums here since I first saw the place in July, so it's not completely that people don't know about it. I do think that whoever's handling the community aspect for the Two Guys may not have thought things all the way through. From what I've seen, a significant problem is that everything's so fragmented.
    You have the SVRewards site, you've got the GfA site, you've got SQ.net (which I know has been around much longer) and you've got the "microsites" like the Andromedan Post (which I just learned about today, actually).
    So just there you've got potentially four different sites/places where news or other information might pop up with no (immediate) mention on the others.
    So, yeah. Obviously having an active community is more difficult in that type of situation versus something like DoubleFine where they had an established forum were everyone already knew they could go for discussions/information.
    Who knows? Maybe it'd have been better to have incorporated the SVRewards site with SQ.net and used forum integration for commenting rather than WordPress. Or maybe that was explored and just wasn't technically or logistically feasible.
    Bottom line: the lack of a centralized "hub" hurts, in my opinion.
    But an issue that's just as big, as was touched on earlier and before I showed up, is that there simply isn't a lot to discuss. Hell, the anecdote about Chris' flea problem got 17 responses with a lot of them actually cat related, so...That suggests to me that people are willing to discuss, but it's just not going to happen until there's a steadier flow of things that CAN be discussed.
    Which ties in to my last point.
    It's taken papers a while to learn this and it's one of those things that everyone already knows as a matter of common sense, but....We spend a LOT of money commissioning research on how to drive traffic to our publication's webite (for ad impressions, as well as traffic numbers). The big factor to not just getting massive page views but building recurring traffic/community is to have fresh and exclusive content that can't be obtained anywhere else.
    Obviously, the Two Guys have a lock on the "exclusive content" portion. What needs work is the "fresh" angle. When you know you're only getting something new maybe once or twice a month, you're not going to be hitting the site every day or even once a week. Not saying they need to have updates every day, but if they're serious about building a community, they need much more frequent content updates with material the fosters discussion.
    Once a fledgling community's there and has things to discuss and debate on their own (as with Wasteland 2) you can ease off on the frequency of updates somewhat.
    Again, just a few thoughts from my perspective.
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    YankeeBravo got a reaction from pcj in SpaceVenture's Backers... Where are they hiding?   
    Actually, a few points that I see here.
    I'm one of those 10,000 or so who've largely been "lurking", at SVRewards, the project page, here and at the GfA site.
    The earlier posts are pretty much dead on. SpaceVenture has more or less gone "dark", so there's really not a lot to talk about. Look at the SVRewards site...I was extremely excited to get the e-mail back in July about the thing opening up, and looking forward to the project diaries and all the rest, but really...There's just not much to discuss.
    I know that there's a lot of planning and plotting and other preproduction discussions going on, but still, a couple posts a month isn't going to drive a lot of discussion or community involvement, particularly when half of them are 'What's Chris doing on the marketing front' type posts.
    I'm hoping the Two Guys have changed their minds on timeframes since the HTML5 thing blew up and the Feb 2013 date's out the window. Not just because it gives them more time to deliver a quality product, but because I'm sitting here thinking 'What happened to those Kickstarter incentives?'
    Don't get me wrong, I'm not in it for the incentives, I was putting in money to see a new SQ-style game from Scott and Mark regardless. However, they did come up with some pretty cool incentives for the campaign, and I'd be lying if I didn't admit to twinges of "buyer's remorse" at kicking in at the level I did with none of this "concept art voting" or "discussions with Scott and Mark" anywhere in sight. Hopefully that's still in the works at some point down the road.
    For the time being, I'd definitely like to see more regular updates. As things stand, SVRewards and the other site are one of those 'Haven't checked in a while, let's see if anything's new' rather than somewhere I go regularly as I do with DFA or Wasteland 2 or Tex Murphy.
    Just my couple cents on the 'Why is it so dead' discussion, for whatever it's worth.
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