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  1. More bugs:

    - After closing the box, from collecting the sockets, the wait/processing icon won't stop spinning.

    - Some of the dialogue overlaps when clicking on different things (i.e. dialogue from first click remains after clicking again on something else and so on)

    - Graphics intersect when Ace is moving the crates.

    - Unable to view work bench until Ace is near it.

    - No description for workbench items (may be random as first time was able to).

    - Rag on workbench managed to shift with the look icon.

    - At one point, rag was not movable at all.

    - At one stage when leaving the suppy closet, Rooter does not follow when he was a dog. Went back in the supply closet to get him and he had switched back to the toolbox :S. After Rooter switched back, playing as Rooter, he wouldn't move and Ace appeared to be sliding towards him.

    - When Ace leaves the supply closet, on a couple of occassions, he appeared north of the crates, towards the red corridor. At one stage, the crates got reset. Luckily Ace appeared outside the crates at the time.

    - After Rooter entered the vent (headless. oops), he kept walking back on forth whilst the wait/processing icon spun. Couldn't do anything after that.

    - When opening airlock door, there's one dialogue that shows 'N/A'.

    - When exiting the close view of the workbench, Rooter turned into a toolbox, when he was already a dog prior to viewing the workbench.

    - After popping Rooter's head back so that he can go through the vent, his head still shows up in Ace's inventory.

    - Rooter disappeared when at corridor near lab and no longer seen when went back to the red hallway where he was last.

    - Ace doesn't appear to be walkthrough through the lab door. He goes through slightly left of the door.


    Would be good when holding Rooter when he's a toolbox that he be made available in the inventory. It would make more sense when putting him on the shelf in the supply closet.

  2. More bugs found (sorry if it has already been reported):

    - When exiting the supply closet with Ace, he automatically turns around and goes back into the closet again. Managed to get to the red corridor in time at one stage but had to be quick.

    - Finally managed to open the vent (huzzah!). Decided to walk right, back to the crate room (think I forgot to get something). Then when I walked back to where the vent was, everything got reset (cart was back in place and the vent was closed) and the hotspot for the cart was no longer there. Suffice to say, I cried at this point. LOL

    Also realised the multiple rooter head count depended on how many time you clicked your hand icon on Rooter in areas where you aren't allowed to pick him up. Good thing is that when you the multiple rooter heads back to his body, they disappear from the inventory. Yay!

    On another note, I must say that the fact that I didn't notice the music, is a good sign that I actually do love it. As it's not annoying and helps the tone of the gameplay :D

  3. If there were more feedback during the swiping action (real-time graphic updating, for instance the airlock's first sequences rotating as you drag until it's in the right position) would that be any better for play-feedback and gameplay in general? Or would you prefer having something less on rails, like the airlock's dials having two different "security" settings and you have a little clue (maybe a vague drawing uploaded to you on Ace's PDA) for how to open it? I don't represent an agent of change, but I'm just curious.


    I think with the cursor changed for swiping actions, in my opinion, that would definitely be better. I honestly don't mind the swiping. It's different and it serves a purpose for some of the puzzles. As much as I am an old school Sierra gamer, I like this change. Gives an added dimension to the game.
  4. Take it from me; the scope of the game is huge and not a lot of it involves crate shoving. ;)


    LOL, am I the only one who didn't mind crate shoving? LOL. I'm excited about the game for sure! Even though it's merely a 'glimpse' (though I totally understand a lot of work would have gotten into it. After all, 90% of the work is shown 10% of the time!), I'm sure our input will play an uber-huge chunk as to how the rest of the game will be set. Good things come to those who wait :)
  5. The crate shifting reminds me of Sokoban. LOL.

    Also noticed that after turning off the steam and moving to the corridor near the lab, then walking back again, steam appears and Ace will walk past it with no issue. Rooter doesn't seem to want to past this point regardless of whether steam is there or not.

    Not sure whether this is in the works, but would also be good if all the icons had something to indicate to confirm that the cursor is in the right spot to click somewhere (like how the red spots were on the cursors of later Sierra games, but doesn't have to be that of course :)). I find it an issue when trying to do click on moving Rooter.

  6. Ah, okay it took me a while to figure it out thanks to the bug that makes Rooter walk when he's closed and that the hotspot I needed to click didn't have any indicator that it was clickable. It seems that Ace can pick up the closed walking Rooter some of the time, but not all the time.


    I still can't find the hotspot in the supply closet. Fandangled Rooter needs a leash too! LOL. I too am having issues with what to do with the vent that has a close-up.
  7. I had the same issue with the the multiple rooter heads showing in the inventory.

    Other bugs:

    - Program error message pops up instead of a dialogue when Ace tries to view the door to the tank room.

    - Rooter is able to get into the tank room (with Ace following behind) without a card but unable to get out of the tank room.

    - After shifting the cart, unable to view the top of the cart (seems like the hotspot for it disappeared)

    - When calling Rooter to transform, in the tank room, the transformation sound is there but no graphical change.

    - Sometimes Rooter's head does not appear when transformed from a toolbox.

    - Unable to open supplies room (is this meant to happen?)

    - Ace gets knocked back when encountering the steam, when you play him. However, will walk past it if Rooter is played.

    - Save/Restore doesn't work very well. E.g. at one point when Ace got knocked back so had to play Rooter. I decided to load from a previous point so I can play Ace again but the icon to switch back to Ace wasn't available after the restore.

    - When cursor is moved to the top of the screen, sometimes the icons cannot be selected as it disappears.


    Would be good when right-clicking anywhere it rotate to the next cursor. Especially when looking at something, then wanting to touch/interact with it after.

    Despite the bugs, I'm liking the game so far and the humour that goes with it :)

  8. Be handy if the directional cursor be a different cursor, or at least show where hotspots are. Trying to click and drag everything is kind of time consuming. I like the speed of the rendered graphics though. There are many bugs that I've spotted already but as this is an alpha, how much do I mention? Rooter defibrillating Ace is a nice touch to not dying :D

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