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    giselleai got a reaction from ChrisPope in Help us come up with some hilarious meal names for Taco Nova!   
    Boom Boom Pack
    "Where we'll literally take your breath away"
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    giselleai reacted to danooct1 in Help us come up with some hilarious meal names for Taco Nova!   
    Taco Brahe - an otherworldly meal.
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    giselleai reacted to gavinfx in Help us come up with some hilarious meal names for Taco Nova!   
    - Spaceadilla
    - Nova Nachos (smothered in our special flatulenty sauce)
    - Colonic Dynamite enchilada
    - Meteorite Nacho Delite
    - Burrito (beef, chicken, or orat)
    - $539,000 - Super Nova Supreme (you pay up front, we cook it for three years, and deliver it to you when we think it is good and ready)
    -Chef Scott's galaxy-famous Guacamurphy and chips
    -Orion's Tummy Rumblin' Tostado
    "Please refrain from vomiting until at least three feet from counter"
    "Taco Nova will set off a supernova... in your colon!"
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    giselleai reacted to ChrisPope in Help us come up with some hilarious meal names for Taco Nova!   
    Hey everyone! Your friendly neighborhood SpacePope here. We hope everyone is excited about the latest SpaceVenture update (Click here to view). Not that the Two Guys are out of hilarious ideas, but we thought it would be fun to get the community involved on this. We'd like your ideas for funny content for Taco Nova. In fact, if your ideas are good, we might even steal appropriate them for use in SpaceVenture!
    So here is what we are looking for:
    Meal names Combo names Beverage Names Advertisement Slogans You can submit them here by replying to this thread.
    Thanks so much everyone! Here is a little inspiration for ya. :)
    Chris Pope

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    giselleai reacted to Nidoking in Help us come up with some hilarious meal names for Taco Nova!   
    The beverage llst should read, in its entirety:
    Mild (children's size only)
    Liquid Solar Core
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    giselleai got a reaction from Guyfromhe in Help with the janitor closet and the vent   
    Despite the bugs, I'm really glad that this demo didn't have loose ends.
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    giselleai reacted to JimmyTwoBucks in Demo issues, bugs and what not.   
    I don't know the ins and outs of what they're doing with the money, but I don't think it would have to grow...
    if they are able to pay themselves wages of some sort out of the kickstarter money they got, enough to live on, then
    they're fine... pay bills and make computer games that you own all the rights to for a living and do
    them how you want them, sounds pretty good as it is.
    If the backers like the first SpaceVenture, then just kickstart a sequel every couple of years and get another
    half mill each time.
    Of course if SpaceVenture could go nuts and get a load more fans, obviously that would be awesome and the
    Two Guys could live like kings, but I don't think they're in a position where they HAVE to make that happen.
    I think as well, with the demo... sure, I don't think people expected it to be super-buggy and some were expecting
    a complete demo pretty much, but it's understood that the bugs get fixed before the actual product comes out.
    They didn't release the demo outside of the backers and even if people see it at a convention, they're right there
    with them and can just say, oh, it's still in development, so there are some bugs, just check out the graphics and
    I think if you're running some huge corporation and the eyes of the world are watching your every move, then yeah,
    PR is a delicate business, but in this case they already did the tough part (getting the money) and the actual game
    release looks to still be far enough away that all they'd be looking for right now is a little bit of extra exposure if they can get it.
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    giselleai reacted to JimmyTwoBucks in How to get the SpaceVenture demo   
    So... I finally got to see the demo, because someone handily posted a review of the demo on youtube:

    Man, it looks absolutely fantastic!
    I was worried when some people said they didn't like the graphics/feel of it, but it looks incredible to me,
    like WAY past my expectations, looks like a TON of work went into getting the look right.
    I'm surprised anyone had any qualms with anything graphically (apart from obvious fixes like text needs a
    background to see it clearer, etc.), because this totally blew me away.
    I LOVE Ace's animation and Rooter's animation, loved all the camera angles, loved the intro animation,
    loved the close-up shots (especially the cereal/burger/Wired/etc. close-up)...
    With the swiping, I can see how at the moment it's difficult, but I think as long as there isn't LOADS of swiping,
    then I think the swiping stuff is fine as long as it's made "easier" with more feedback, etc.
    I can happily imagine Gary Owens saying something like, "hey! You're swiping at it all wrong!" or
    "maaaybe you should try a little swiping!" or similar.
    I agree with what someone said earlier about the magazine swiping being the most natural use of the swiping...
    the toilet roll one wouldn't annoy me too much if it was like once or twice (I guess in previous games, the puzzle
    would be something like: look at cart > open drawer on cart > pick up badge... so now it's like, look at cart > do little swipe puzzle > pick up badge).
    Watching it as a video probably takes away the frustration of the bugs, haha, so maybe I kinda lucked out by
    seeing it in action played smoothly without having to restart, etc. just to check out the next location.
    It looks like when this game is finished, it is going to be RIDICULOUS... it's mind-blowing to me right now just seeing the locations so far.
    Very, very excited now to see this game come out.
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    giselleai reacted to Troels Pleimert in Demo issues, bugs and what not.   
    Nope -- that's why backers got to see it first. A proper demo wouldn't be an alpha version, anyway.

    What you're seeing in the backer's alpha is literally the earliest cohesive, playable version we've made. Hate to use the word again, but what you're looking at is literally the first effort. It's part of a ploy to keep fans involved and show them progress of the game -- warts and all -- to see the progression of the game from earliest beginnings to full-fledged galaxy-crushing monster product.
    I understand your reticence to love the game right off the bat, but please see the bigger perspective. :) You wouldn't necessarily fawn over watching the first pencil sketch for the Mona Lisa, either.
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    giselleai reacted to Frede in Demo issues, bugs and what not.   
    I think the complaints about the graphics are a bit too harsh. Everyone's entitled to their opinions, of course, but I'm personally tired of nearly every new adventure game out there being a throwback to the 1990's. It's become a huge thorn in my back to see people gushing over game developers like Wadjet Eye, xii games, etc., for basically doing stuff Mark Crowe could do with his eyes closed back in 1991. The genre is still dead in the water because of this constant thirst for nothing but nostalgia. The somewhat ill-thought move into 3D in the late 1990's arguably remains the last quantum leap taken by the adventure game genre, and that's a shameful end for the genre's evolution, if you ask me.
    Also, keep in mind that Sierra didn't use VGA because they wanted to. They used it because they had to. Ken knew that, in order to stay relevant, Sierra had to keep moving forward. He would've used 1080p and 3D, had he had those possibilities back then. I'm personally tired of everyone else looking backward, and I'm grateful the Two Guys are trying to bring something new to the table. Yes, hand-drawn backgrounds, a parser and EGA mode would be cool, but... really? Do we wish them long-term success, or are we merely in this for instant nostalgic gratification?
    I, for one, would like to see a series of games that takes Scott and Mark's talents and puts them to use here in 20-friggin'-13. Making something that sits so comfortably alongside their old games is just too damn easy. They've been there, and they should have the luxury of not having to go back to appease someone who doesn't want to let go. Let them make the game they want to make.
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    giselleai reacted to TogaMario in Demo issues, bugs and what not.   
    That is a great suggestion. I'll run it by the management :) Thanks! Also, I've recorded all your bugs and cross-referenced with what we have already. Much appreciated.
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    giselleai got a reaction from nockgeneer in How to get the SpaceVenture demo   
    Be handy if the directional cursor be a different cursor, or at least show where hotspots are. Trying to click and drag everything is kind of time consuming. I like the speed of the rendered graphics though. There are many bugs that I've spotted already but as this is an alpha, how much do I mention? Rooter defibrillating Ace is a nice touch to not dying :D
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    giselleai reacted to TogaMario in How to get the SpaceVenture demo   

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    giselleai reacted to tomimt in How to get the SpaceVenture demo   
    Imagine no longer, experience the infinitive Rooter:

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    giselleai got a reaction from JimmyTwoBucks in How to get the SpaceVenture demo   
    Could we have the backer t-shirts to have a bunch or Rooter heads? :P
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    giselleai reacted to Troels Pleimert in How to get the SpaceVenture demo   
    We need to start mentioning the words "alpha," "pre-beta" and "not final" a lot more. ;)
    I'm seeing people here calling the demo a "beta." Shudder! This is barely even an alpha, guys. It's an alpha embryo.
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    giselleai reacted to Troels Pleimert in How to get the SpaceVenture demo   
    Just to be clear, so I don't attract the ire of a certain Space Pope, I'm not against the crate pushing puzzles themselves. I just realized that the player needs more instructions/feedback than there is in the demo for them to be fun instead of exercises in trial-and-error.
    I keep being reminded of what everyone hated about Broken Sword III ("omg, ANOTHER crate shoving puzzle? are there any ACTUAL adventure game puzzles in this game?!") and I am determined NOT to let that legacy carry over to SpaceVenture.
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    giselleai got a reaction from MusicallyInspired in Demo issues, bugs and what not.   
    I think with the cursor changed for swiping actions, in my opinion, that would definitely be better. I honestly don't mind the swiping. It's different and it serves a purpose for some of the puzzles. As much as I am an old school Sierra gamer, I like this change. Gives an added dimension to the game.
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    giselleai got a reaction from MusicallyInspired in How to get the SpaceVenture demo   
    LOL, am I the only one who didn't mind crate shoving? LOL. I'm excited about the game for sure! Even though it's merely a 'glimpse' (though I totally understand a lot of work would have gotten into it. After all, 90% of the work is shown 10% of the time!), I'm sure our input will play an uber-huge chunk as to how the rest of the game will be set. Good things come to those who wait :)
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    giselleai reacted to TogaMario in How to get the SpaceVenture demo   
    I appreciate everyone's honesty in the feedback and (especially) the bug reporting and discussions there as well. After having developed a robust system for handling the game requirements, there are still a lot of things that need tweaking and we are all looking at the feedback to help figure priorities. Thanks, guys!
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    giselleai reacted to TogaMario in Demo issues, bugs and what not.   
    Also, if you could take a screenshot of any error messages you receive, that would be helpful as well. Detailed information on what process you followed to produce the crash/bug is appreciated so we can try to reproduce things on our end. Thanks!
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    giselleai reacted to pcj in How to get the SpaceVenture demo   
    A drag cursor is something that is intended for the final game. If you are finding bugs other people haven't been mentioning, please let us know. Thanks!
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