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  1. Very usefull, but you miss the end of the demo :
  2. First of all, thanks for this Alpha Demo, I really enjoy to try it ! I don't know very good english, so I can not really enjoyed the dialogs. However, there is some problems I meet during the game : - I passed 30 minutes to find how open the first door because of the click & drag system that I don't like at all (if only the door handle could move in real-time with the mouse, it will be easier to find). - Sometime, the character turn on himself when we drag and pick up the toolbox. - The texts are not very readable, the font is too complexe, very big, and he is on the background who is not homogeneous. Some time several texts overlap when we click on different things, it become very messy. The text also follow the character, is it normal ? - I add a Rooter's head on my inventory each time I click on the toolbox. About the graphics, it's well done but It look like there is globally less details than SQ6, I suppose it's because of the demo. The musics are very nice ! Good job !
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