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    BlockMaster got a reaction from suejak in Research SQ   
    I think I am starting to understand... maybe. Are you trying to say that Wilco creates his own enemies in his mind, and destroys them to feel like a hero, when he is in reality a simple janitor imagining all of it?
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    BlockMaster reacted to suejak in Research SQ   
    Not sure what this thread is about, but you keep rockin it. :o
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    BlockMaster got a reaction from Forgetaboutme in Space Quest in Minecraft   
    Considering the fact that Akril is posting a wonderful fan fiction in World 'O Wonders, I won't be releasing the demo until mid January. But while waiting, just to keep you interested, I finally have some screenshots : 
    And my Jerry's body 2.0 : 
    The texturing is not complete, so for now the walls are pretty blank, but the structure is coming along pretty good. So be ready for... Space Quest Minecraft 2.0!
    btw, I want to know your opinion if I should release a YouTube trailer of the map. Anyways guys, that's all I got for now. Stay tuned!
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    BlockMaster got a reaction from suejak in Came back here just to share this I found by pure hazard   
    Amazingness in video. Period. This is one of the best SQ fan work I've seen in a long time.
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    BlockMaster reacted to MusicallyInspired in To Gary Owens voice match, or not to Gary Owens voice match, that is the question..   
    Indeed. There definitely needs to be sarcasm. Something like Owens' but unique. It probably wouldn't be great to try to carbon copy Owens unless he was really really really really close.
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    BlockMaster reacted to Troels Pleimert in Came back here just to share this I found by pure hazard   
    Holy crap, that was amazing! Hopefully he has plans of doing more. At least having a finished garbage freighter sequence would be spectacular! Well, even *more* spectacular.
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    BlockMaster reacted to Troels Pleimert in What are you playing?   
    I'm holding off doing Let's Play's of Space Quest games until I've actually gotten somewhat good at this stuff. My first couple of LP's were, let's say, quite amateurish. They're not much better now, but at least I've fixed the weird mic audio and the frame rate problems that were bothering me during my latter Normality episodes and the first couple of Broken Age episodes.
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    BlockMaster reacted to Happy Cock Head in Theories... theories...   
    oh my... we're really scraping the bottom of the barrel here, arn't we. PLEASE, JUST RELEASE SPACE VENTURE ALREADY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!
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    BlockMaster got a reaction from Dopefish in Anyone interested in t-shirts?   
    ERMAGERD. I need one of each! ;) Usually, I can never find t-shirts that represent me. Now this is... Wow. Good job!
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    BlockMaster reacted to Dopefish in Anyone interested in t-shirts?   
    Hey all...
    I haven't been active much lately but some of you may remember me from the old days. ("Hey guys! I'm legit!")
    I've been making t-shirts designs and posting them on Redbubble for a couple year now and just recently have been inspired to make a few related to our favourite adventure series. If anyone's interested, feel free to take a look. 
    Expressions of Roger: http://www.redbubble.com/people/dopefish/works/14738934-expressions-of-roger
    Astro Chicken Fan Club: http://www.redbubble.com/people/dopefish/works/14808023-astro-chicken-fan-club
    Pixelated Coarsegold Mountains: http://www.redbubble.com/people/dopefish/works/14808039-pixelated-coarsegold-mountains-v2
    I Lost My Shirt At Tiny's Used Spaceships: http://www.redbubble.com/people/dopefish/works/14825710-i-lost-my-shirt-at-tinys-used-spaceships
    Genetix Promotional Wear: http://www.redbubble.com/people/dopefish/works/14835977-genetix-promotional-wear
    If people like these (or at least don't hate them), I do plan on making more and I'll post them here if that's the case. Also, if anyone has any requests or customisations they'd like to see, let me know.   :-)
    Chris Geroux (Dopefish)
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    BlockMaster reacted to Collector in Blue frogs in the Time Pod NEW : Now (maybe) solved!   
    SIERRA.INI is not used for the DOS version. patchDir= \SIERRA\SQ4 is your problem. All the "." or ".\" means is the current directory regardless of path. Depending on your DOBox mountings "\SIERRA\SQ4" may not exist. It would mean that you had a SIERRA sub director with a SQ4subdirectory under that. If your patch files are in a "PATCHES" folder  then patchDir=.\;.\PATCHES willget the game to look in the game's base folder and in a PATCHES subdirectory. This is why the new installers help. It is done for you automatically.
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    BlockMaster got a reaction from MusicallyInspired in Blue frogs in the Time Pod NEW : Now (maybe) solved!   
    My bad. My big bad. I'm sorry. Did some research. It isn't NRS's patch that has the cheat enabled : http://www.spacequest.net/archives/sq4/cheatdebug/
    So yeah, THAT version might have the Blue Frog line. :) I hope.
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    BlockMaster reacted to drdrslashvohaul in Why is SQ6 (generally) disliked?   
    Ken Allen of SQ4 says "hi"... ;)
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    BlockMaster got a reaction from pcj in Blue frogs in the Time Pod NEW : Now (maybe) solved!   
    I am amazed. I am friggin amazed at the fact that this thread has been revived, with actually a new theory. Wow. *applauses* The shoulder! Why didn't I think of that earlier? I never tried many things on the shoulder, and yes, it might be triggered Under certain circumstances. I am so excited for this. I think this might still be in the game! You might call me crazy, but in the past, I posted on an old thread, (can't recall WHICH) the fact that I seem to remember hearing the narrator say this in-game. The first thing that I thought, the first time, when I heard that line in the RESOURCE.Aud, was timepod, Xenon. I might be wrong on the Xenon part, but I am pretty sure I did hear this line in the time pod! I think, and it's just a theory, that it's a rare occasion thing, where you need to look at Roger's shoulder multiple times tp trigger it. Or it is random, because I'm pretty sure I triggered it first try once... I'm going to research on that. It would be ironic if someone finds how to trigger it, after all this time, and that it's actually still in-game.
    - BlockMaster
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    BlockMaster reacted to MusicallyInspired in Blue frogs in the Time Pod NEW : Now (maybe) solved!   

    So I've been scouring the game's resource files with SCI Viewer. I discovered something a little extra, though not at all helpful to actually get this thing triggered (at least not yet). I looked at the disassembled script, the messages resource, and the heap resource for the Time Pod room. According to the heap file, this is the frog's instance:
    instance frog of Sq4Feature {     x               = $0     y               = $0     z               = $0     heading         = $0     noun            = $0     modNum          = $ffff        ; -1     nsTop           = $b7        ; 183, setMark     nsLeft          = $1b        ; 27, mode     nsBottom        = $bd        ; 189, open     nsRight         = $3e        ; 62, '>', replay     sightAngle      = $6789        ; 26505     actions         = $0     onMeCheck       = $6789        ; 26505     approachX       = $0     approachY       = $0     approachDist    = $0     _approachVerbs  = $0     lookStr         = $25        ; 37, '%', message     doVerb() } Notice the nsTop, nsLeft, nsBottom, and nsRight values. Being familiar with SCI0 code conventions, these are values for a bounding box on the screen. In this case it seems to be for a click event. Here's a picture of the area the bounding box encloses, which happens to be Roger's left shoulder when sitting in the Time Pod, which makes sense given the content of the message itself:

    So what interaction is it? At first glance it seems to definitely not be use, look, or talk as none of those trigger it. Indeed, looking, using, or talking to Roger's shoulders yields generic responses for the entire pod. No inventory object I've tried works either. Everything else is greyed out (lick, smell, walk). At first I thought that Blocky here was correct and that it was probably an interaction for one of the greyed out icons. Yet, in the heap resource the message is tied to an identifier called "lookStr" (presumably "Look String"), which logically would mean that it is only triggered by looking at it. But it obviously isn't. This leads me to believe that it only triggers under certain circumstances. So what are those circumstances?
    I thought it might be illuminating to boot up the beta version of SQ4 and see if I can somehow find a way to trigger it. Unfortunately, the Blue Frog line isn't in the beta version. However, it is in the disk versions. Sadly, the debug mode was removed from all SCI1+ final releases. I'm going to continue to dig into the script and heap files, though, and see if I can spot some condition under which it triggers.
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    BlockMaster reacted to Troels Pleimert in What do you want in an SQ7?   
    I know the fan-SQ7 had planned to get rid of the DeepShip 86 characters early on in their game, and Josh Mandel was on board for that plot development, so if Josh had been allowed to continue the series in an official capacity, I have a feeling he'd have done the same.
    As to what Roger's next mission that Stellar mentions at the end of the game, I really have no idea. And I strongly suspect neither Josh nor Scott had, either.
    I'd love to have seen Space Quest return to the more "futuristic comic book" style of SQ3, SQ4 and SQ5. (Well, SQ5 was maybe a little too "pretty" and not grungy enough for my tastes, but I can't deny it looks friggin' gorgeous.) SQ6 kind of tread this weird line between Disney-ish animation and gritty backgrounds, which didn't feel cohesive. And neither do I think a "Curse of Monkey Island" type aesthetic would work for Space Quest. For my money, it has to be dirtier and grimier.
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    BlockMaster reacted to JDHJANUS in Theories... theories...   
    The information on that site is in error concerning the SQI Remake. I believe the last Sierra game released for the Apple II was King's Quest IV AGI. The Atari ST handled releases up through Sierra's SCI-0 releases, they stopped support after the move to VGA (although I suppose technically it wouldn't have been that hard to port the EGA version of the SQI Remake to the Atari ST). Nevertheless, Collector is correct in that the only versions that were released for the remake were DOS (both EGA and VGA), Macintosh, and Amiga.
    I *have* seen a KIXX box that uses the SQI Remake cover art for an Atari ST version, but my understanding is that it was the AGI version, and not the remake.
    Talk to you later!
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    BlockMaster reacted to Troels Pleimert in Theories... theories...   
    We really should do something about those download pages, btw. Maybe remove the versions that GOG/Steam sells, and only retain the obscure versions / alternate system versions.
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    BlockMaster reacted to Collector in Theories... theories...   
    Yes, but I don't have it. The later version would have been bug fixes. Earlier versions were probably replaced soon after the initial release for the bug fixes. Also, the game versions for the different platforms would have had little to do with other platforms. Part of the different game versions were very dependent on the interpreter version, which were way off from other platforms.
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    BlockMaster reacted to Troels Pleimert in SQ1 VGA Questions   
    What MusicallyInspired said. The cartoony comic book look of SQ4 and SQ5 was (supposed to be) futuristic and imaginative. SQ1VGA went in the completely opposite direction.
    Objectively, I guess the SQ1VGA art isn't bad, per se. It just goes fundamentally against the unspoken art credo of the Two Guys' games.
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    BlockMaster reacted to MusicallyInspired in SQ1 VGA Questions   
    Cartoony =/= 50's retro. There are various styles of artwork that are all cartoony. I really enjoy SQ5's artwork. But it's nothing like SQ1VGA's or SQ6's. There's a tremendous amount of detail in SQ6's backgrounds and I respect that. And while the characters are cel-shaded, at least they're not as bad as and much better animated than KQ7's.
    But as far as SQ1VGA's artwork, it's not the sprites and animations I have issue with, it's that round-edged 50's sci-fi look that's just so completely contrasting to the great work that Mark had put into the visual style of Space Quest. Space Quest's art has always been classic, sleek, and stylish, not overly colourful and bubbly like some ages 1-4 kid's PlaySkool funhouse theme park. At least SQ6 stayed true.
    Ugh those stupid mantis and chicken space ships....I loved Space Quest's ship designs...all but the ones from that game. They ruined it.
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    BlockMaster got a reaction from Troels Pleimert in Theories... theories...   
    Heh, I know it would be ridiculously impossible, but if there is a reference to Space Quest in Stunt Flyer somewhere, my mind will just blow.
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    BlockMaster got a reaction from MusicallyInspired in Theories... theories...   
    I don't know if it fits in the category, but I made (or I tried to make) a high-resolution version of the screenshot that has been posted on the old spacequest.net, a long time ago, showing a mysterious bear-like creature in a film-strip. After spending a couple hours in paint.net, and coloring the bear with the normal, used Space Quest III colors, this is what I came up with :
    Old one :

    Retexturized :

    Doing this showed me a couple things :
    One, whatever they were going to do with this bear, they probably didn't finish texturizing it.
    Two, the eye of the creature has no pupil.
    Three, the eye colors are a lot different than in the original image.
    Anyways, that's all that I have for now. I was really hoping to be able to retexturize "The Empire Sucks", on the Tie Fighter, but I might just do that later. Anyways, I hope you enjoy. Stay tuned!
    - BlockMaster
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    BlockMaster reacted to Troels Pleimert in Starting a Let's Play series of SQ4, but before I do...   
    Thanks for the plug, suejak. ;)
    Off the top of my head, my favorite "bug is a feature" is pressing the space bar during the intro to get text and speech at the same time (an option apparently removed from the final version).
    Also that it is technically possible to avoid the Sequel Police on Estros and make it back to your time pod, but for no real reason. I had detailed instructions for that in the old SQ FAQ.
    The secret time code to Ortega: top row left-to-right + first left button on second row.
    "Blue frogs on my shoulders makes me happy" line in the audio file that doesn't appear in the game and which NO ONE, not even Scott Murphy, knows what it was for. Big mystery.
    Differences in graphics between disk and CD version.
    The "room removed for legal reasons" that's in the resource files but inaccessible from the game itself.
    I'll try to think of more later.
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    BlockMaster reacted to shadyparadox in Starting a Let's Play series of SQ4, but before I do...   
    Greetings, people of the Forum. I'm essentially new to the place, even though I technically registered like two and half years ago.
    Anyway, I'm creating a Let's Play video series of Space Quest IV (the 1.2 version), but I'm not here just to advertise it because I haven't posted anything yet. Actually, I'm starting this thread as kind of an open-ended question to the SQ community.
    To set it up, I'll first say that my style is a bit unusual. Instead of whipping through a bunch of games spontaneously, I pick a very select few I particularly enjoy and create fairly comprehensive presentations of everything I know about them, while still maintaining some natural flow and not bogging down. This requires scripting the gameplay and editing much of the commentary. I don't make many videos, but when I do I want to get them right.
    The trickiest part about scripting these out is making sure to cover the more obscure facets of the game (bugs, funniest lines, easter eggs, unused resources, pop culture references, background story almost nobody understands, etc.). So one approach I'm taking this is to simply ask all you SQ knowledgeables: Do you have anything off the top of your head in any of the above categories (including "etc.") that you think would be fun to show off in a video series?
    I'm already well on my way doing my own research (pixel hunting the game, reading the wiki, perusing the forum), so I know much of the above stuff already, and I'm not asking anyone to do my homework for me. And obviously I'm not going to be able to fit everything no matter how hard I try. But if there's anything you personally feel is a cool and unusual can't-miss item, then I'd hate to, well, miss it.
    Sorry to be a bit general in my request, likely resulting in rehashing of previous threads, but with this category it's hard to know what I'm looking for until I find it. I've already learned about "bluefrog" and the beta keycard just from rummaging around in a few old threads, so I know you guys are the right ones to ask. I could go through every thread instead of posting this, but I don't think that's the most efficient way to go about it (unless you have a comprehensive database of all your discoveries somewhere...?).
    Thanks in advance for your ideas, I'm sure you have some good ones.
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