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  1. RT @SQHistorian: Roger dons his most brilliant disguise yet: A cardboard box! #SQHPlays #SpaceQuest https://t.co/EF4a9FWImO

  2. @Resulka @bsdesigners Hah! Thank you 😄

  3. @ShawnMills77 @IQ_Adventures @darthhelmet86 "It doesn't do anything?" -O. Welles.

  4. RT @SQHistorian: Something cool landed in my inbox last night. Another one of those "you can show it, but you can't share it" kind of thing…

  5. @TheJekadu @VisualStudio Yep!

  6. RT @butchcoded: is there anything more cursed than front facing simpsons characters https://t.co/vFk3AoKtgj

  7. RT @41Strange: Tintin Meets H.P. Lovecraft by artist Murray Groat https://t.co/J0cPrkVOGE

  8. RT @dosnostalgic: DOS/4GW FTW!!! #DOSGaming https://t.co/9MpfmMRxLI

  9. RT @hmemcpy: If you try to translate Monty Python's "The Funniest Joke" from German to English in Google Translate, you'll get a [FATAL ERR…

  10. RT @bsdesigners: https://t.co/rzUTnubd7b

  11. RT @41Strange: Alternative Movie Posters for John Carpenter's The Thing (Illustrators: Christopher Shy, Jock, Matt Ferguson) https://t.co/i…

  12. The #vaguetweet urge is strong with me today, but I’ll prevail. Suffice to say that closure isn’t always pleasant, but always necessary.

  13. https://t.co/7ZHTOsL9CR

  14. Today, I learned a valuable lesson. Never attempt to blend soup with a hand blender. My kitchen looked like a slau… https://t.co/9PLYRlMYIy

  15. RT @ToddDracula: This man is our president https://t.co/sqMS7uhN1W