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    mendel got a reaction from flesk in Paul Trowe criticism on Kickstarter update   
    There's a world of difference between expressing honest concerns and saying "they obviously ran out of money" when all you have to go on is a job ad and an update (Oct 1) with less info in it that you would have liked.
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    mendel got a reaction from Frede in Paul Trowe criticism on Kickstarter update   
    There's a world of difference between expressing honest concerns and saying "they obviously ran out of money" when all you have to go on is a job ad and an update (Oct 1) with less info in it that you would have liked.
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    mendel reacted to tomimt in Paul Trowe criticism on Kickstarter update   
    That's the big question, is LSL:R a success or not? There's some conflicting info about it. Reportedly the game cost over 1 million to make, of which most came from KS and of the pot Codemaster get their cut as well, though how much, I don't know.
    Some time ago Frogacuda said in the Adventuregamers forum that Trowe had said something about 250k sold units, but that was ages ago and I don't think there's any concrete proof about that. We only have estimations, but then again I think LSL:R did sell better on the recent Steam sale, as it was for a bit in the top 50 sellers. At Google Play store LSL:R has been installed 10 000-50 000 times, but that figure doesn't tell how many have actually purchaced it after trying it out and LSLR isn't that high in the GOG listings either when games are listed in order of sales.
    All things considered I do think the game has made profit, but I don't think it has been the blockbuster Trowe or Al hoped it would have been. It might have been profitable enough to warrant the freemium casino game though just to keep the potential franchice in the public eye.
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    mendel reacted to Tom King in Paul Trowe criticism on Kickstarter update   
    I think DrJ was saying the exact opposite of that, aside from our appreciation for designers like Josh, Al, Scott, et al. We all love those guys and I'm glad to see that expressed here, but I'm not sure everyone understands the position Paul is in.
    Paul DOES NOT own the rights to Leisure Suit Larry. The only reason he was able to do a Larry game was because he knows people. Paul has passion, there's no doubt about that, but he's made it clear he cannot handle the amount of power he was given. This isn't just a slip up, it's a personality trait. We would be doing the franchise and the people who worked hard on this game (designers, developers, volunteers like myself, even Kickstarters) a disservice to give Paul the opportunity to be put in the same position twice. We've fought way too hard to bring this games back and to give up now, waiting and hoping that the next Kickstarter to be a success, would be a damn shame.
    That said, I urge everyone to contact the powers that be: Codemasters. Be polite, but be sure to let them know where the real problem lies. If they don't want to do another Larry because of disappointing sales, that's their business and I don't fault them for that. But it's entirely possible they don't know Paul has alienated the entire community and the franchise would be better off in more caring hands.
    Like it or not, we're a small community. When one adventure game dies, it has negative impact everywhere. SpaceVenture, Space Quest, and other IP's are certainly no exception.
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    mendel reacted to jimbooki69 in Paul Trowe criticism on Kickstarter update   
    Wow what a shocking series of events! Still can't believe this is happening!
    Although I wasn't a regular poster I always enjoyed reading the many great discussions about Larry! I enjoyed seeing the different perspectives everyone had to the game. And it's all gone! :(
    I logged on yesterday to check responses on a thread I posted on and was shocked to see posts that were deleted. At this point I thought only SteveHNo96 and Roland were deleted because of their constant nudity demands lol and then as I looked around I realised the devastation!
    I made the point a few times since the release of the game, that the budgeting of the game was a big reason for the flaws (such as crappy animation) and surely the man with the money and the man responsible for screwing up the budget was Paul himself!!! This all makes perfect sense now!
    Anyways I'd like to give out a big thanks to the volunteers that gave so much of their time and energy to have this game developed! I had no idea so many of you had contributed in such a selfless way! This also goes to show you the kind of man Paul is. Not once do I recall him publicly thanking all you guys for your contributions! He never posted in the forum to let everyone know how grateful he was! Nothing in the Kickstarter pages either! AMAZING!!!
    So once again thanks to all you guys for putting up with that guy for all those months in order to have Larry resurrected! Too bad it had to come to this! :(
    Like others have stated I too will not be supporting any Leisure Larry 2/8 or anything that has Paul's name on it! Not a chance! Even if he does get it done somehow I will not even purchase the game! I will be obtaining it via other means instead! :P
    I have unliked the facebook pages associated with him and I noticed there was a post on the Replay Games Facebook page from a guy named Robert Gibbs that expressed his disgust in what has happened. I checked again today and those posts were deleted!
    I'm really hoping Codemasters sees what we have seen, and also sees the potential with Larry and goes via other avenues to bring us further Larrys! :) It may not accomplish much but I'll be emailing the customer service at Codemasters and doing what I can to spread the word!
    With the update coming soon for Larry Reloaded can you imagine if he took out names from the credits or names from the Kickstarter easter egg in the game that he banned from the forums? Sheesh!
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    mendel reacted to CmdrFalcon in Paul Trowe criticism on Kickstarter update   
    I could be mistaken, but I get the impression LSL Casino will be more or a straight port of the original rather than a full-blown remake. Mind you there is very limited information available about it currently...
    Remakes are tricky. On one hand you already the plot, puzzles, characters, locations, etc. You *could* just do a straight makeover, but standards have changed in the past 25 years. A higher resolution alone won't wow anyone. On the surface LSL1R is very close to the original... Now try using every icon and/or item on everything you encounter in every scene (including the "filler" background artwork). More than anything I was impressed by the sheer volume of comedic responses. Sadly most gamers today merely skim the surface, so all the extra effort is lost on them.
    Even when done right too many people dismiss remakes in favor of anything new (regardless of quality).
    Something like Casino is far more recent and should be fairly cheap and quick to port to iOS. At a (presumably) lower price point it would likely end up being more profitable than LSL1R. That's the saddest part about the game industry... A game like Madden just needs updated stats and one new feature (that was previously available during the last console generation and then cut). Call of Duty just needs a new sub-title or a higher number attached to the old one. Any 'Ville' game just needs to exist. Adventures & RPGs however require significantly more effort and their sales are often embarrassingly low in comparison :(
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    mendel reacted to PurpleTentacle in Paul Trowe criticism on Kickstarter update   
    Paul comes across immature in his writing and sometimes a mix between exhausted and rambling on camera. He has an unfortunate willingness to engage in personal, public squabbles and his social media behavior has all the tact and diplomacy of a sledgehammer. Basically, he comes across as the opposite of "professional" or "adult." This doesn't inspire confidence in his company or products.
    I don't say this to bash him. I just wish he would have recognized that his being so public as the face of the company would not be good for the game. We all have strengths and weaknesses, and PR work is definitely not his strength. Why did he have to post cringe-worthy video updates like, "Paul Trowe tells all"? It was as if he wanted to increase his own "star" and get attention for himself. Some of his whining updates on Kickstarter, in which he begged people not to hate him and in which he took forever getting to the point, were often painful to read.
    When Josh Mandel took over the updates, the campaign instantly took on a more professional tone. Mandel also graciously engaged with people on the forums in very frank but worthwhile conversations. It was clear that Mandel was incredibly devoted and passionate about the project, but he never lost his professionalism. Mandel deserves a lot of credit for cleaning up the earlier messy impression created by Paul. Paul should have stayed in the background and focused on whatever it is he excels at.
    I just hope people realize how hard Mandel worked on this project.
    I also wonder if Al didn't assert himself enough or ever contradict Paul. Paul seems to have a very strong personality, while Al (whom I don't know personally) seems more easy-going. Perhaps Paul got his way on pretty much everything, instead of deferring to the creative talent like Josh and Al. What good would being a "Chief Creative Officer" do if the CEO is micromanaging everything?
    One thing that's certain is that Josh Mandel is a proven unique and immense creative talent. I have confidence that we have not seen the last of his work.
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    mendel reacted to Blackthorne in Paul Trowe criticism on Kickstarter update   
    This is also something to keep in mind; nobody will ever remake an entire game (or create an entire fan-game) that was created by Paul Trowe. No one, out of pure love and admiration, will dedicate so much time and effort into such a thing. Something for which no compensation was required; just the sheer joy of doing it and sharing it with others.
    He'll never have that. He can flap his mouth now, and boast about any successes, financial gook, whatever - but he'll never, ever, ever have that admiration and love. Ever. You can't buy that, you can't swindle that, and you can't fake your way to that.
    He can claim to want to be "Sierra 2.0" but it'll never happen; he doesn't have the charisma to pull it off. Sure, Sierra was a business, we all know that. And inherent in that are lots of things that can be at conflict with the passions of the heart - but when that fades, and we're here - 20+ years later, still loving these games that made their financial "nut" a long time ago, and yet the love, dedication and devotion remains.
    We'll still remember and love Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe long after we've all forgotten the name Paul Trowe. In the end, that will be his legacy. Nothing. There will be no legacy. That is kind of sad, if you can think about it from an outside perspective. But we all chose our own paths and we reap what we sow. You can shuffle off this mortal coil so easily - you have to ask yourself "What is it, really, that you want to leave behind? What kind of impression can I make on my fellow man?" I often asked myself this when I was on dialysis, as it seemed like I could be gone any second, and though I've not always been perfect - I have tried my best not to cast a shadow of darkness (Hah!).
    I don't care what Paul Trowe has done with Leisure Suit Larry; it's honestly irrelevant to SpaceVenture. I don't know if it was really a "success", I don't know how it did financially. If people enjoyed the production of it, and got the joy of making a game, at least it could be a success on that level. However, I don't know if it was a great process making it. Whatever the case, I know there were lots of decent people who did work on that game - and worked hard.
    But, again, their "sucess" or lack of it has nothing to do with SpaceVenture. SpaceVenture is its own project - and it has it's own needs, its own timeline and its own challenges. Maybe Paul is jealous that they didn't join "Sierra 2.0" but now it's obvious that he was never the right person for that job.
    So, my friends and colleagues, I don't damn Paul Trowe or Replay Games; the noose of his hanging was fashioned by his own hands, and I don't want to take any joy in someone's bad/self-destructive behavior. I do, however, celebrate The Two Guys From Andromeda (And one Space Pope!) who have become friends and brothers-in-arms over the past few years, and continue my support of them, and I know they'll make a great game, full of adventure, fun, laughs and maybe even a gruesome death or two!!
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