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  1. @BrandonBlume Heh, I was going to upgrade to a 970 but then bitcoin happened. Maybe one day I'll be able to afford to upgrade.

  2. @AlannaBennett Early 30s here. In a world that is constantly changing, wisdom and experience has an expiry date. Wh… https://t.co/aiJyhNzXWD

  3. To quell any fears that I'm going to become super irregular, don't worry. I'll be making content just as frequently… https://t.co/fk0KoCKdbN

  4. Morrowind Book Club is in session https://t.co/HLe4CGaz9a

  5. Think this is about as good as I'm going to get composite video to look https://t.co/joWW8WHQHa . Anyone know if th… https://t.co/mdhOQScXhS

  6. Today in The Witcher we play some dice and check out a cave. https://t.co/aAmmseuEQv

  7. MASTER BOOT RECORD - Award Modular BIOS https://t.co/degJjAUcza

  8. Have a bunch of videos uploaded. Trying to get them up for people but I keep getting a 500 Internal Server Error. S… https://t.co/6j3lzLr6ZZ

  9. @BrandonBlume Big event, needed food in a pinch, and it was right there.

  10. Someone tweeted this image days ago and being a Canadian who doesn't give two craps about football, I only just "go… https://t.co/ak6Zrz5SUa

  11. My February vlog will be a bit earlier in the month. I've actually got ideas and different stuff to talk about this time. Whoo!

  12. @SQHistorian About thirty cools. Depending on if we're talking metric cools or not.

  13. @sebngarde Sorry, should have mentioned that I was going to use the unofficial patch. Didn't cross my mind as I don… https://t.co/SwEbasbL5t

  14. Wow. Good thing I don't use Skype for podcasts because it's a bloated piece of crap. I also barely do podcasts, bu… https://t.co/wToQzOTrGx

  15. Today we're killing some more NPCs in Dark Souls in preparation for NG+ https://t.co/ECijnZFCGj