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  1. @anma_sa @ElizabethMay between this and the pro-pipeline stance I see little difference between Trudeau and Harper

  2. @ben_304 @thimbleweedpark I like how the transparent UI solves SCUMM's claustrophobia

  3. @ben_304 That's the luxury for those of us who can afford heating. Climate control is expensive, especially if your… https://t.co/4voh1sHQnu

  4. @ben_304 Yay! Ever seen this guy's videos? He has perfect pitch and is just amazing. Plus, he always has one view w… https://t.co/MXeyhyWaOI

  5. @ben_304 👍👍👍

  6. @buzz_clik @MaxMouse__ "WHO'S THE OLD MAID NOW"

  7. @darthhelmet86 you could be a president

  8. @decafjedi Both the English and the Japanese katakana say "manga". A book vending machine, apparently.

  9. @GrundislavGames I really like this idea. Maybe we'll do this on vacation later this year.

  10. @KageSatsuki with great onesie comes great responsibility

  11. @LambdaCalculus @ScummVM that's a sexy keyboard

  12. @LambdaCalculus eek!!

  13. @LambdaCalculus I'd love to visit

  14. @mashpotassium so dramatic!

  15. @maximum_bird https://t.co/Gl1OcoiAqO

  16. @ParrotOfTheDay I love the content you post so much! These is a particularly spectacular pair.

  17. @SQHistorian I was just about to tweet your SQ series playlist but noticed some deleted videos in there. https://t.co/elVoCaegty

  18. @sydbolton @LaurierTeaching Wow!! Will that be in Brantford or (hopefully, selfishly) closer to Toronto?

  19. @tomerg Yeah, we're doing the hiatus thing too, at least for now.

  20. After my two big presentations yesterday I am so thoroughly at peace. I'm in a great mood today and I wish the same for you all!

  21. Android OS 6.0 Marshmallow due to come out for the Nexus 5 and 6 on Monday, October 5th! Hyyyyype!

  22. Anyone know of a decent web-based alternative to Tweetdeck for reading tweets on a desktop PC?