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  1. RT @lazygamereviews: The LGR Twitter Photoshop Battle image album has been posted. And man, this is cracking me up! :Dhttp://t.co/HIWLm9q…

  2. RT @GrimKim: I can’t stop laughing at this, help http://t.co/BFa9Ttbm76

  3. conversation with old man when I worked the polls"Are you voting Conservative?""I'm not allowed to talk about that, sir.""YOU BETTER BE."

  4. RT @umbshow: Time for episode 80 discussing the news for September and October with special guest @demodulated!http://t.co/dVs9uu7egZ

  5. I just can't get enough of Doom 3. I love the visual references to the original games. http://t.co/9sinmIGJTC

  6. RT @maximum_bird: Maxi after a long and enthusiastic bath. http://t.co/Ty39GiWWtS

  7. RT @viTekiM: Every time I "log in" to anything I think of Kenny Loggins and then Danger Zone goes through my head. It's a strange afflictio…

  8. RT @Brandonsweet: @demodulated 93 breakbeat piano tune? That's like my favourite way of arranging the words "93," "breakbeat," "piano", and…

  9. if it had apps I'd definitely consider this, but alas https://t.co/oeyS100Sjz

  10. Sorry, not going to post the avatar because I want my wife to have the exclusive copy.

  11. Why yes, my wallpaper is a mango lassi. You?

  12. Gonna try a non-stylized stock homescreen for a change. It's really ugly. http://t.co/s4toKtV764

  13. It booted!!!!!!! *breathes into paper bag*

  14. the crescendos of this album are like being in a washing machine full of raspberry koolaid wearing a licorice snorkel and webbed duck fins

  15. RT @SQHistorian: Back to listening to @squarewavesfm. What really sells Laverne in DOTT is also her voice! Absolutely perfect casting.

  16. RT @elle91: Should I call tech support or pray or what http://t.co/8l3UxvnWud

  17. RT @St1ka: Matt Damon is the princess Peach of the movie industry https://t.co/iubR6k3NLm

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