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  1. HI All,

    let me introduce myself now.


    So I'm Stéphane, 37 years old, living in France with my wife and our 3-years ols boy.

    I work in the IT departmet of an insurance company.


    I really start playing sierra games (and even computer games) with SQ3 when I was 12.

    I remember to have bought later a SB pro express to play SQ games.


    Some years ago we tried with some other guys (vonster d monster, ...) to make another SQ fan Game (called Vohaul's mines).

    But unfortunately it never comes to life.


    Since 2006 I help Spikey with the SierraMusicCentral website.

    I discovered SQ on internet with Frans's website.

    And since some years I am and admin here.

    of course I have also been far from that SQ community since my boy arrived in our family.

    But with the new TG game I am back and happy to see you all around here.




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