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  1. I just had to make sure I would post a decent update before the summer is over, and so, for the past ten days (since July 11th), I’ve been working on this screen, literally from scratch. I have sketched others, and have also been making developments in the areas of plot and jokes, but I decided to go ahead and completely flesh out and fine tune this one (that is, Roger’s face, though I do have other minor background elements in this screen to add as well). image copyright © Johnathon Gabriel Matthews This should demonstrate my abilities, the potential pace of art development from now on, and how much I’ve learned this past year about form, anatomy, and other technicalities. The screen itself represents part of a cut sequence. It is one of many screens yet needed completed, but I’ve made not only great progress in such a short time (considering I’ve worked 35 hours a week these past ten days mentioned), but more importantly, an even greater leap in artistic ability since I last touched the “Outer Edge” a year ago. I hope it’s every bit as acceptable to the rest of you fans. While I’m here, I’d like to mention a few of my ideas for the art quality of the game. As you well know, I’m making this adventure (as I’ve put it before) “in the style of SQ3 and the spirit of SQ5,” which is reflected by the strict use of the original 16 colors employed. However, during the game, lighting effects and changes in planetary atmosphere, etc, will be pulled off by the use of gamma changes to the original colors. Technically, the game could still be considered 16 colors (not that I’m set on insisting it be considered such, but just for the sake of argument), because the effect would be the same as Sierra’s old 256 color games, in which more than 256 colors where actually available, but only 256 were ever shown on the screen at any one given time. This concept, while remaining true in texture and style to the SQ3 effect, will also yield a more dynamic and interesting twist to the game’s visual appeal. Coincidentally, also worth pointing out, I’d long ago been working on a ‘pure-color conversion set’ of the dithered colors, but later realized that taking away the actual dithering effected the texture in a negative way, leaving it more flat and less visually appealing (at least for lovers of that original SQ3 style). Fortunately, although the necessity of dithering does make development a little more tedious, there is a plus to it. On today’s modern monitor screens, many situations, as I foresee, will exist in which the game will need resized from its original resolution. Well, the good thing is, the more any of these visuals are resized, the richer and more unique the in-between “dithered” colors become, almost making for a sharper, more finely-shaded image, and the texturing effect still comes through! It’s like taking what would usually be considered a curse and turning it into quite the opposite. The “Outer Edge of Earnon” was conceived as an idea December of 2003, and although the journey has not always been smooth, the plot has only become stronger. From the beginning, I knew this would be a real challenge, because I intend quite fiercely to make this the most epic game possible, and a treat that the fans haven’t had in over a decade. I don’t know exactly when it will be completed, but a pre-final version (without voice/audio) could be very likely ready in one year and a half from now. Please stay tuned, The Outer Edge will be released... when it’s ready…. Sincerely, Johnathon
  2. Freddy Pharkas, there's (from what I've heard) a good one, which I've still never gotten around to trying. There's also the nose icon, don't forget. Of course, it isn't the prettiest at the moment. To answer your question, Brandon, yes, the label box memory runs back 25 messages, as mentioned in the update (though I'll admit, that update is very wordy.) Just jumping in to say, I've been continuing to make great progress on the game's visuals. I've hit a nice running streak and have become much quicker at producing quality sci art. I can't wait to reveal more in my next update. I will be taking 9 credits this fall (a little lesser of a load from what I have been the past year), Psychology, Public Speaking, and Precalculus. Hopefully I'll find time to produce the game in significant intervals between homework, and soon therafter, I'll be getting into the real fun stuff (Like Fundementals of Design I and II, Painting, Anatomy,). I've been mildly depressed lately realizing that Drawing I and II are behind me, and I can't wait to get back into the stuff I love doing. I already feel so well supplied with what I've learned and the talent I've developed lately that has helped me to bou ce back into completing the Outer Edge. Expect another update no later than this Thanksgiving week. It's good to be back occassionaly, best of fortune to all of you in everything you do, and as always, thank you for your interest in my story. It would not be worth making if no one else could eventually enjoy it. Johnathon.
  3. Correct me if I'm mistaken, but doesn't SQ6 erase the lines after they are spoken, allowing the player to log back through them using the scrollbuttons? And, no... it would've been easier for me not to erase the lines, they would have stayed with less coding. But thank you both for your encouragement, and I assure you, Outer Edge will be coming to a computer screen near you.
  4. *DOWNLOADABLE DEMO attached below... Dear Fans, It is with much regret that I have made this update so late. First to let you know why I’ve been absent for so long, without going into it too deeply, I have been very busy with college and basic life. I have been pursuing my Fine Arts Degree in the Liberal Arts, and have learned much about what I have desired to master for so long. I have an innate talent and passion for the arts which I feel has helped/will continue to help the quality and result of the game in a very positive way. I have also, in the past year, produced a number of actual works (charcoal, pastel, and other mediums) which have significantly impressed arts professors and fellow students to the extent that they have personally driven/encouraged me that I will eventually be able to transfer to any 4-year arts institution I desire. We’ll see how that goes… This good news, of course, comes accompanied with some bad. I have not been able to work on the Outer Edge at all since March of 2008, that is, until just this past month and a half. My motivation has not subsided. I still greatly desire to finish the game. It’s like anything I start, that I dream or envision in it’s completed form, I can’t rest until it’s done, although I have been required to pull away for more important things. I have made EXCELLENT progress within this past month and a half. Unfortunately, I have not completed as many screenshots as I have desired, because I decided I first wanted to get the game’s interface out of the way. I have, as of this evening (6/27/09) done just that. It’s been a bit of a challenge for such a programming amateur as myself, but very easily overcome thanks to the WYSIWYG nature of AGS and its documentation. I am releasing a demo (EDIT: Demo removed due to lack of file-hosting. Below this paragraph is a screenshot) now to demonstrate the feel of the game. This demo is not very playable, but simply meant to show the interface’s abilities. The interface is from SQ6, with a couple of nice additions and minor improvements: like an Ear and Nose cursor mode to cover the five senses (the sixth one, as you well know, doesn’t exist in any space quest game, because it’s your own brain!) I feel this addition will make the gameplay /puzzles just a little more... interesting. Also, the parser at the bottom of the screen, which has the ability to type immediately and directly with the keyboard right into it (it’s always active, unless there’s a cutscene or conversation going on, or if you’re looking in the inventory or control panel), and the shortcut keys of ESC, F3, and ENTER will either erase, retype, or process the player’s input command, respectively. Keep in mind, this demo is not a demonstration of the parser (which I have not bothered to work on much yet), but rather of the interface itself. Although, I recommend typing the strings: “Frans,” and “Look at Roger.” The parserbox can also be cleared, retyped, or processed with the mouse by clicking on any of those three buttons to the right of the parserbox. As for the cursor modes, some display messages appear when talking to or touching Roger, which I haven’t bothered to remove yet. The game will not use these displays, but rather (like SQ6 did) the Label box. Try clicking the EYE or NOSE icon on Roger for a demonstration. The label box itself has the ability to readback up to 25 strings of dialogue, after which it will cycle over again from it’s initial message (rather than stopping), which I may change later. It does not scroll one line at a time, but rather conveniently an entire string at once. After reviewing the dialogue, the player can clear the box if desired by pressing the in-between scroll button on the scroll box, which changes color when there is text present in the label box (or clear it by simply clicking the cursor somewhere in the game again, to initiate a new dialogue message, like in SQ6). The mouse cursor has scroll button and right-click support, which will cycle through certain cursor modes (including active inventory), but not unless the mouse is over the playable screen area. Another addition to SQ6’s original interface is that when the mouse cursor is set to active inventory, the Pockets button is highlighted, respectively, just as the other buttons are for selected interaction modes. The shortcut inventory window at the bottom right corner of the screen will have the ability to scroll/select inventory items without opening up the pockets windows (which can, as you know, be used for closer inspection and manipulation of inventory items). Although the buttons are in place, they are not yet functional as I will be programming this feature after I have a final list of the game’s inventory items. The scoreboard is also completely functional (although it doesn’t animate a counting up of points, which I hope to figure out later, but rather displays immediately the new score.) To test it, you can enter the strings: “add five,” add sixteen,” or “add seven forty eight” to add score in these increments, respectively. All this having been said, the Roger sprites, as you can see, are currently being worked on, and the interface is 99% completed and functional. I have gone through great care to ensure it not only looks, but moreso feels and behaves just like SQ6’s interface or better. And that includes having extracted the SQ6 font and manually generated a new TTF! Go ahead, play around with it and see how you like it. It is here that I will halt programming and resume sketching the adventure’s screens. I will really enjoy this, and as I’ve said, I’ve become VERY good with art concepts, like linear perspective, knowledge of color compliments atmospheric perspective, divine ratio, some anatomy, and I an absolutely confident that progress will speed up greatly from this point, and that the finished result will be a truly inspired adventure. The script is great for what I think, and from what my team has told me, my instincts serve me well. I have the locations, most of the puzzles, and 75% of the script all worked out in my head, now it’s only a matter of time before Outer Edge is done and released, (though I can’t promise when that’ll be, but it’ll happen). You’re all in for a treat, so stay posted. There is much I have to say specifically about the nature of the games visuals, graphics, style… but this has been a lengthy post, and I’d rather it stick. I’ll save what I have left to say until I have more visuals that I desire to show later. Hopefully I’ll be making another update before this Fall (September), if not, then perhaps this coming January. PS. I do not have internet access at my home, and so I am currently working alone. However, I would like to thank my team for their support, and let them know that I look forward to working with them again in the near future. Madd_C33, Questcollector, Vroom, Austin_2359, Bobby, and Brandon, thank you guys for your support. Sincerely, Johnathon
  5. It's a long story, that I won't tell. But I could not afford to keep planetwilco up. Furthermore, I no longer see it as a priority (more on this later). Over this summer, I will sketch approximately half (66) of the games screenshots. I have already been customizing the game's interface in AGS (which will be the engine used). I will provide more information later. Today is my last day of spring break, and I have work in an hour. I won't be present again here until this May. Stay tuned. Johnathon
  6. Yes, I will still be working on the game. I plan on having the soonest version of it (not complete with all the extras, but with the minimum animations, sound effects, and background music) released by January 2011. Later on, I will try to add full audio support. College and other life business has drug away from it this past year, but I plan to make some good informative updates after school's out this coming May thru Aug. As of now, I've just had a slight opportunity to show my face again because of spring break. Stay tuned for more information, and I am glad to see your interest. Thank you, Johnathon
  7. Hello Brandon, How's your KQ2SCI coming along? Still working on it?
  8. Stay tuned for additional updates on the Outer Edge of Earnon between this May and August. Sincerely, Johnathon
  9. On the topic of the screenshot. Yes, my earlier ones do favor blue's/purple's alot. There will be more items in the screens later in development, with different colors, but I pretty much just go by feel and try to capture a good mood/theme or each location or game section, which is why many may seem to be 90% one color. This is not too uncommon of many of the adventure games, and when playing them and seeing all the screens altogether in context, it doesn't really stand out. I'm glad you like it though.
  10. Sorry for the double post, as my last one was made 3 months ago. I figure it's fair to stop in and keep any interested fans informed, as I never intend to go longer than 3 months without posting a new update. A lot has happened since the last one. :P We were going full speed, but we hit a rough spot, and stumbled a bit. nevertheless, we got back to it, and have been going full speed once again since Feb 2nd. It can be attributed to a number of things. Without including too much detail, I changed jobs twice beginning Nov 20th, as my previous employer (my family's business) went under basically. Nevertheless, I have bounced back, though it disrupted my rhythm a bit. A great amount of it was also the result of capping the Beginning Game section. Introducing a good number of the secondary characters was lengthy and somewhat difficult, and included alot of dialogue scripting. Nevertheless, it was also quite fun, and has turned out very satisfactory. We are now working on Screenplaying the Arcada and beginning the Middle Game section. There will still be a few more secondary characters to introduce as soon as Roger boards, as well as some background information to lay down and then sweep up. After that, it's full speed adventuring. It will only get easier. The main throughline regarding the plot objectives and villains is progressing very nicely. The balance of the cut-scenes and "meanwhiles" I think are just right. the suspense is gaining momentum and escalating. The player can feel a sense of purpose/goal, and something to look foreward to, something to anticipate and fear happening. The plot thickens. During my two-month absence from the team, things became pretty quiet at QG6, but Questcollector had been busy attempting his best at a screenshot for Xenon City. His help is greatly appreciated, and hopefully soon, once he tackles the 16 color sci style, we'll both be able to dish out screens for the game, giving me some assistance so i don't have to do it all myself. I regret to inform you we have no new images to show you this update. We'll aim for the next one. :oops: Mad_C33 has as usual been posting many good ideas for jokes, deaths, and other dialogue and plot points. Vroomfondel has been encouraging as well with his own ideas. Nevertheless, before beginning the screenplay for the Middle Game, I think I'll enjoy taking a good break from writing for a week or so, and attempt a new screenshot myself. Then get back to it. I'd like to share some estimated facts about the game's features that I've come up with during my time anaylzing the gameplay for the Starlab Arcada and onward. I estimate the game to contain anywhere from between 132 and 180 unique screenshots. this may come as a shock, and seem like too much for an adventure game, but the dynamic changes in style and other fearless attempts we're staking will help it to work. A brief note: additional estimates past the "132" are a result of the impressive arcade sequences we will be attempting, thus counting many of those as screens. The StarLab Arcada will contain at least 19 unique locations, and locations doesn't designate screens, as each "ship location" can contain more than one screenshot. The Arcada is much larger than depicted (internally) in SQ1/SQ1VGA, but still remains "faithful" to the original, with no major conceptual changes. The plot for the adventure runs on a screenplay approximately 23 days long. Though, 14 days of it will have passed by seemingly instantaniously to Roger, due to a unique plot ellement. So, it's more accurate to say that the gameplay experience will basically run on 11 days. Story vs. Gameplay, you get it? The rest of the details regarding this, I am keeping confidential for now. As we forge ahead to the StarLab Arcada, the "puzzle experience" will shift from the simple "narrow" speedy style to the slowed-down "broad" style, with plenty ship locations to explore. Sketching and designing the new Arcada is going to be a blast. In case I had never revealed this information earlier, here is a list of characters in the game... Jerry Blanche (Roger's love interest) Col. Bodge (taken from the comics, Roger's supervisor) Butston Freem Vohaul Charles Benzeen (Pres. of Nucleotherm. I chose this name based upon the assumption this character is somewhat official, though I'm not sure, and I wonder if it was entirely Trols Pleimort's creation in his novel. If he, or anyone else holds any objections to my use of the name, please feel free to say so. I'll either credit him for it or think up a new name myself. Phew! mouthful.) Dave Hugh Prof. Matthew Frye (Slash Vohaul under an alias name, from the comics.) Randy Stuart Spaztic Rearch Droid Amongst others (though any in addition to the above will not likely be secondary/important characters. Just bodies.) I hope this update was interesting enough for you. We are alive and still kicking. We are kicking quite hard actually. Things are running pretty smoothly. Sincerely, Johnathon
  11. Thank you again, Kurdt. As always, you're encouragement, and that of the fans helps to keep myself and the team more confident and motivated, and steady (if thing's actually can get any better than they already are currently. :P ) We remain committed to seeing our vision as a reality, and to ensuring that all other fans will get to as well, as soon as possible, but most importantly, in the best and most capturing way possible. And by the way, I wish you the best with your current Sq2 Remake project.
  12. I'm sorry about this double post. I just couldn't imagine cramming another edit into that same one. Nearly two months now since my last update. About half of it was a hault in progress, but we managed to get ourselves back together. It comes and goes in phases, and it's all part of the journey. I dug this pic up to show, cause I've assume everyone will have come to expect a new one with each update by now. It's quite far from being finished, because it will contain much interactive detail. Can you guess what it's supposed to be? Rather than this one, I've actually found myself more interested with the recent capture of Xenon's Capitol City Grounds. It's practically just started, but I aim to have it showable by next update. To the real stuff now, while I usually had been hooked on the graphic aspects of the game's production, lately there's been a great recent rhythm on screenplay writing. I've been feeling more enthusiastic about the scope of the story and what the finished game will contain, than I have with any of the art, and for the past 3 weeks, I've basically been hooked on that. The rest of the team has been very enthusiastic as well. We now have twice as much screenplay done as we had before (we're now into day 3, which is the last day on Xenon, and concludes the game's "Beginning Section"), and when 3 other SQ enthusiasts like yourself, feel just as good about the material, it really helps you to realize what you've got is good stuff. The story itself is quite depthful, yet easy to follow. It's aim is to be as depthful in plot and character development/interaction as SQ5 was, which I believe took the trophy before all others in the series in that subject. Mad_C33 has been dishing out dialogue and descriptions like a professional Sierra employee. Full of wit and humor. Vroomfondel and Questcollector have helped as well in quality assurance areas and in giving opinions and ideas. The whole team has helped in editing and improving upon the script as I have been posting it for them. We established a designated team chat for Saturdays. We all do our best to get together and contribute whatever we can. As we come to close on the game's beginning section, a slight tone in mood change will be made. It will not be as streamlined, as it will open up on the Arcada, being such a large ship. Things will become more serious, Several secondary and important characters will be introduced, and Roger will have to work with them together to make his way through the middle section of the game. As I said, emphasis on how much character interaction there was in SQ5. Though, as the End game section begins to take the scene, things will get lonely once again. Roger will find himself alone. The entire scope of the game is already well established and thought out; it's simply not in the improved screenplay form yet, and hasn't passed the critique of our team experts. It's only a matter of time, a matter of fleshing out and mending everything to flow together in harmony. As a whole, despite it's being a prequel, it's a completely unique and standalone adventure on it's own. A little insight on the game's ellements. We've been discussing the interface, menu, and replayability. We have some very unique and I'm predicting very effective new ellements which will be introduced into the adventure genre. Still true to it's classic gameplay standards, yet more alive and immediate. It's a way explainable but something I'd rather be kept secret and experienced when it comes, for the best enjoyment. Not only is gameplay going to be more unique for the adventure genre, but the game itself will be much longer than the average classic. Not the kind that drags out and puts the player to sleep, but the kind that flows like a masterpiece, mixing and matching the best ellements called for, be it politics, arcade, puzzles, streamlining, or broadening, to capture the effect needed called for by the running plot. With a bit of luck, and continued effort, and so long as we do not loose our "game-players'" side to us, and dont' rush things, we'll have a game that will play at least 1 hour and 1/2, hopefully 2, AFTER the player already knows how to beat it, and it'll run so much like a movie, that it won't wear out, if it's a good one. Just a bit of the pie for now. Probably not the best way I could've explained things, but if I struck your curiosity, I guess I suceeded in my intent. We will continue to make Outer Edge the best thing to us, regardless of what hurtles, or how long it takes. So long as we don't sacrifice why it was begun, every year will have been well worth it. We'll keep you updated.
  13. Oh, lol, I see... Well, I half-way agree with you. See, I've actually been analyzing it myself for quite awhile. It's why I've made several skins. I've only posted two thus far, but there are several. all different color schemes, also some from the 16 bit pallete, some dithered and from the sci 16 color pallete. I've decided to make the original SQ6 scheme available but not mandatory, considering that some players may prefer it, but some may not. You'll be able to change the skin in the games control panel settings, during gameplay. :wink: NEW UPDATE: Well, since my last project update, I've been quite a busy man. I went on a trip to CT, and since those past couple weeks after my return, work has been quite demanding. As a rookie lead carpenter, the roof system on the home I'm working on (a combination roof, not your basic standard single hip peak) is prooving to be quite a challenge. In the midst of studying blueprints and formulas, estimating materials and proposing solutions to current problems (problems due to internet-based blueprints that had been poorly written) I haven't forgotten the Outer Edge, and have been trying to find time to escape to it here and there. :P Anyways, I've finished Day 1 of the screenplay, and will be done with Day2 very shortly. The guys have been somehwat quite at my place, I assume waiting for more material to work on. I've been trying to keep them satisfied, as well as produce something visual to the community often enough. Well, now that I've mentioned it, here's the visual: Nah, it hasn't taken me two weeks (since my last update) to do just that. Being a trace, it was quite simple. It took me about 3 hours total, as I'd only begun it practically last night. I was going through a bored mood, and didn't feel like writing the screenplay, so I figured I should pick something easy, to help boost my motivation, and show the community something new. Being traditional to the classic SQ1: The Sarien Encounter (and NOT the vga remake) Roger is assigned his grey/white rank Janitorial jumpsuit,(Col. Bodge will get the Grey/Purple one instead, which Roger will not acquire obviously until SQ2, when he is promoted to head janitor) as you notice. And, just as a note, these trace conversions are actually easy to mess up. I won't explain. But the first one I did (which took the first hour) was no good. I hadn't analyzed the impressionism of the lighting/shading correctly, and I got the color gradiations off by one level the whole way. Enough babble now. You may notice a discrepency in style between the prior facial art I've posted, in both appearance and concept. Allow me to explain away part of it. Roger, although looking more like superman, in the last picture, only does because he is dreaming (the mental projection of his digital self, thank you Morpheus), whereas when bright awake and in the real world, he's quite lanky and funny looking (true to the series, ain't it?) I chose this particular set of facials (from the sq6 funeral sequence) to serve as Roger's closeup for the game, not only because it's precisely the style I'm shooting for (sq3/sq6, sci-cartoonish), but because I believe it depicts Roger at the age of his younger days back on Xenon quite well. As for the differences in art style, not all these visuals are completely "touched up" yet, and by the time the game is being programmed, they will all be made more consistent, so they don't look like a bunch of fan clip art compiled into a game. Anyways, we're still kicking. Slowly, but surely.
  14. I'm afraid I'm a bit confused. Do you mean my new screenshot, as opposed to the sq5 one that inspired it (the one which never made it into sq5), or did you mean to say sq6? And when you say you don't think it looks different enough, do you mean to suggest that it's resemblence is too close, or that it's just right? Basically, is this a negative or positive thing?
  15. I will spare no expense when it comes to making the game as awesome as I imagined it in my head 4 years ago, even if that means it'll never be finished, because I'm doing this out of passion, not for fame (but don't worry, it WILL be finished.) So, yes, the whole game will be consistently quality. My favorite aspects of it, are the graphics and plotline. And thanks. Your words mean alot.
  16. I am pleased to be able to show you one of the more recent screenshots I've been working on. This one, in particular, is of a "closeup window" which obviously goes along with the screenshot first posted in this topic. It helps to demonstrate in great detail and quality, the goals this project has set for mastering the sq3/sq6 mixed art style. As usual, I imagine I'll continue improving every single screenshot of the project, from first to last, until the game is completely programmed. Everything can always be improved, but once it's good enough to carry the concept and atmosphere, or "point", I usually move on to a new screenshot, before coming back to edit a prior one. Please feel free to add whatever you tihnk of this. There is also now a team together for the "Outer Edge," and it consists of the following: Mad_C33 - Co-Writer, Ideas, Puzzles, Dialogue, Etc. (He is also willing to assist in other aspects like programming and music in the game's future.) Vroomfondel - Co-Writer, Ideas, Puzzles, Etc. QuestCollector - Intends to assist as an Artist and with Ideas, Etc. and Myself (obviously) - Lead Writer/Original Script, Lead Artist, Project Editor, Ideas, Puzzles, Etc. Since the team has slowly begun to take shape, great advances have been made with Outer Edge's development, though it could still be quicker. Nonetheless, it's the greatest boost it's had since it was begun 3 years ago, and I hope things will only get better. I've seemed to finally get a real genuine feel for doing the sci artwork. Within the past couple months, great progress has been made on coverting the original script into a more comprehensive screenplay to go by, and Mad_C33 has made some great and ingenius contributions to the plots main theme and subjects. The story is already pretty inuque as well as SQ-ish, and I feel that with our combined effort, we'll be able to make this a solid addition to the series. Vroomfondel has contributed some great humorous references and ideas. Questcollector has also been very supportive. As it stands now, the team is still sort of waiting on me to finish the script-to-screenplay conversion, so they can forge ahead with they're ideas/editing/additions, etc. I've been sort of jumping back and forth between working on screenshots and improving the screenplay. Because the screenplay is meant to give one the fullest sense of the completed game as possible (before it's being made), it takes a bit longer to prepare than the script did. It's not simply a jotting down of ideas. It contains dialogue, puzzles, rooms, inventory items, and possibly information on camera angles and music, to give the basic shell of and idea, so the team can see more easily the original idea, and thus help me bring it to life. Whenever there's a bit of an issue with concentration or motivation, sometimes I jump back to my other working project. I'm trying to make sure that when I rotate, I spend at least a month at a time on each one. but when I'm on a roll, I stick with whatever one I'm currently with. Well, anyways, I figure this is a good time to post this, since this place is just starting to seem to get a bit more lively than usual. As always, it's a pleasure being part of this community. I'll continue to keep you updated. Sincerely, Johnathon Thank you for the compliment. I have sent you a private message. Which project of yours are your refering to, as I'm curious.
  17. Thank you, and that's good advice. (Y) I'll send you a pm.
  18. Yeah, it took awhile to get the hang of it. I'm using the screen for the game's introduction. I've taken great care to ensure that the project doesn't look amatuer once it's done, so I've also been researching and ensuring proper percentages and ratios and whatnot for the sprites (ie: Roger's size versus backgrounds and objects, etc. and windows closeup sizes), so it should all come together properly. I've been thinking about AGS, and it's not too unlikely, but I'm not sure yet. I have plenty of time ahead of me for that decision. I'm glad you like the screen. Thanks for your compliment. The interface will support both parser and point and click. It will be color-theme customizable, and here is an example of it below: It's actually an improvement upon the SQ6 interface. Thanks for you compliments, and it's always good to hear from you, Vroom. I've got the site back up, and will be making progress on it again shortly. The forums are back up too, feel free to stop in, as usual. Johnathon
  19. This is an improvement of the first screen I ever showed for the project. It took me about a week (couple hours a day) to fix it up some. This helps give an idea of he quality of the games sci art. There will also be a genuine wide-screen feel. The resolution is much larger than your typical sci game. (Obviously, I'm going to be using a different engine to pull this off.) Anyhow, I just wanted to show you all something, in return for the long disappearance. I have other screens I've been working on, but I'd like to keep most of them private til the game's release. And, of course, this one, although nearly done, is still missing a few little things, mainly being texturing and detail, to make it all look uniform, and a little less bland. I've spent my last efforts for this screen focusing mainly on the head and hair. This is just one head position. During the introduction, there will be many more sprites for it, as well as the lighting and screens, etc. Well, I hope you like it. For the record, I am currently calling my project the "Outer Edge of Earnon." I may change it's title upon release. I'm also simultaneously working on another adventure game. Unlike the fangame, it's a stand-alone work. An allegorical fantasy. I've found that having two unique projects to work on helps to produce more without feeling like you need as many breaks. (Wish I'd found that out 3 years ago. :P ) Ah well. Johnathon
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