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  1. I just had to make sure I would post a decent update before the summer is over, and so, for the past ten days (since July 11th), I’ve been working on this screen, literally from scratch. I have sketched others, and have also been making developments in the areas of plot and jokes, but I decided to go ahead and completely flesh out and fine tune this one (that is, Roger’s face, though I do have other minor background elements in this screen to add as well). image copyright © Johnathon Gabriel Matthews This should demonstrate my abilities, the potential pace of art development from
  2. Freddy Pharkas, there's (from what I've heard) a good one, which I've still never gotten around to trying. There's also the nose icon, don't forget. Of course, it isn't the prettiest at the moment. To answer your question, Brandon, yes, the label box memory runs back 25 messages, as mentioned in the update (though I'll admit, that update is very wordy.) Just jumping in to say, I've been continuing to make great progress on the game's visuals. I've hit a nice running streak and have become much quicker at producing quality sci art. I can't wait to reveal more in my next update.
  3. Correct me if I'm mistaken, but doesn't SQ6 erase the lines after they are spoken, allowing the player to log back through them using the scrollbuttons? And, no... it would've been easier for me not to erase the lines, they would have stayed with less coding. But thank you both for your encouragement, and I assure you, Outer Edge will be coming to a computer screen near you.
  4. *DOWNLOADABLE DEMO attached below... Dear Fans, It is with much regret that I have made this update so late. First to let you know why I’ve been absent for so long, without going into it too deeply, I have been very busy with college and basic life. I have been pursuing my Fine Arts Degree in the Liberal Arts, and have learned much about what I have desired to master for so long. I have an innate talent and passion for the arts which I feel has helped/will continue to help the quality and result of the game in a very positive way. I have also, in the past year, produced a number
  5. It's a long story, that I won't tell. But I could not afford to keep planetwilco up. Furthermore, I no longer see it as a priority (more on this later). Over this summer, I will sketch approximately half (66) of the games screenshots. I have already been customizing the game's interface in AGS (which will be the engine used). I will provide more information later. Today is my last day of spring break, and I have work in an hour. I won't be present again here until this May. Stay tuned. Johnathon
  6. Yes, I will still be working on the game. I plan on having the soonest version of it (not complete with all the extras, but with the minimum animations, sound effects, and background music) released by January 2011. Later on, I will try to add full audio support. College and other life business has drug away from it this past year, but I plan to make some good informative updates after school's out this coming May thru Aug. As of now, I've just had a slight opportunity to show my face again because of spring break. Stay tuned for more information, and I am glad to see your inter
  7. Hello Brandon, How's your KQ2SCI coming along? Still working on it?
  8. Stay tuned for additional updates on the Outer Edge of Earnon between this May and August. Sincerely, Johnathon
  9. On the topic of the screenshot. Yes, my earlier ones do favor blue's/purple's alot. There will be more items in the screens later in development, with different colors, but I pretty much just go by feel and try to capture a good mood/theme or each location or game section, which is why many may seem to be 90% one color. This is not too uncommon of many of the adventure games, and when playing them and seeing all the screens altogether in context, it doesn't really stand out. I'm glad you like it though.
  10. Sorry for the double post, as my last one was made 3 months ago. I figure it's fair to stop in and keep any interested fans informed, as I never intend to go longer than 3 months without posting a new update. A lot has happened since the last one. :P We were going full speed, but we hit a rough spot, and stumbled a bit. nevertheless, we got back to it, and have been going full speed once again since Feb 2nd. It can be attributed to a number of things. Without including too much detail, I changed jobs twice beginning Nov 20th, as my previous employer (my family's business)
  11. Thank you again, Kurdt. As always, you're encouragement, and that of the fans helps to keep myself and the team more confident and motivated, and steady (if thing's actually can get any better than they already are currently. :P ) We remain committed to seeing our vision as a reality, and to ensuring that all other fans will get to as well, as soon as possible, but most importantly, in the best and most capturing way possible. And by the way, I wish you the best with your current Sq2 Remake project.
  12. I'm sorry about this double post. I just couldn't imagine cramming another edit into that same one. Nearly two months now since my last update. About half of it was a hault in progress, but we managed to get ourselves back together. It comes and goes in phases, and it's all part of the journey. I dug this pic up to show, cause I've assume everyone will have come to expect a new one with each update by now. It's quite far from being finished, because it will contain much interactive detail. Can you guess what it's supposed to be? Rather than this one, I've actually found my
  13. Oh, lol, I see... Well, I half-way agree with you. See, I've actually been analyzing it myself for quite awhile. It's why I've made several skins. I've only posted two thus far, but there are several. all different color schemes, also some from the 16 bit pallete, some dithered and from the sci 16 color pallete. I've decided to make the original SQ6 scheme available but not mandatory, considering that some players may prefer it, but some may not. You'll be able to change the skin in the games control panel settings, during gameplay. :wink: NEW UPDATE: Well, since my l
  14. I'm afraid I'm a bit confused. Do you mean my new screenshot, as opposed to the sq5 one that inspired it (the one which never made it into sq5), or did you mean to say sq6? And when you say you don't think it looks different enough, do you mean to suggest that it's resemblence is too close, or that it's just right? Basically, is this a negative or positive thing?
  15. I will spare no expense when it comes to making the game as awesome as I imagined it in my head 4 years ago, even if that means it'll never be finished, because I'm doing this out of passion, not for fame (but don't worry, it WILL be finished.) So, yes, the whole game will be consistently quality. My favorite aspects of it, are the graphics and plotline. And thanks. Your words mean alot.
  16. I am pleased to be able to show you one of the more recent screenshots I've been working on. This one, in particular, is of a "closeup window" which obviously goes along with the screenshot first posted in this topic. It helps to demonstrate in great detail and quality, the goals this project has set for mastering the sq3/sq6 mixed art style. As usual, I imagine I'll continue improving every single screenshot of the project, from first to last, until the game is completely programmed. Everything can always be improved, but once it's good enough to carry the concept and atmosphere, or "poi
  17. Thank you, and that's good advice. (Y) I'll send you a pm.
  18. Yeah, it took awhile to get the hang of it. I'm using the screen for the game's introduction. I've taken great care to ensure that the project doesn't look amatuer once it's done, so I've also been researching and ensuring proper percentages and ratios and whatnot for the sprites (ie: Roger's size versus backgrounds and objects, etc. and windows closeup sizes), so it should all come together properly. I've been thinking about AGS, and it's not too unlikely, but I'm not sure yet. I have plenty of time ahead of me for that decision. I'm glad you like the screen. Thanks for your compliment.
  19. This is an improvement of the first screen I ever showed for the project. It took me about a week (couple hours a day) to fix it up some. This helps give an idea of he quality of the games sci art. There will also be a genuine wide-screen feel. The resolution is much larger than your typical sci game. (Obviously, I'm going to be using a different engine to pull this off.) Anyhow, I just wanted to show you all something, in return for the long disappearance. I have other screens I've been working on, but I'd like to keep most of them private til the game's release. And, of cours
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