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  1. Jess, pcj; I repacked up version 1.1 (sorry for slacking).


    If you'd like, please mirror it from http://www.40hex.com/projects/pledgequest1.1_linux_x86.zip and update the mirrored link on the article (as before, please do not post this URL beyond this thread as my site's bandwidth is on a prepaid plan).


    Also, in regards to Filip's game (which was at http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?gf1gxt83j2ay6wj for his latest Windows version), I've repacked it for Linux with the final version at http://www.40hex.com/projects/themysteriouscartridge1.3_linux_x86.zip and here is my Mac OS X packaging from the first version http://www.40hex.com/projects/TheMysteriousCartridge.app.zip which is out of date (I don't have access to the Mac laptop from work that I originally did this on). Could his promo game get some mention? I fear that it has next to zero exposure, even though several of us on this thread have played it and enjoyed it.


    It's fantastic to have Lunchbox continue doing Mac packaging for the foreseeable future. Lunchbox, would you try out Filip's game (above) and pack it up if you like it? All I did here was copy your SQ:VSB wineskin configurations. My first whack at OS X packaging for PledgeQuest was less than stellar (as you can see earlier in this thread)...


    Sure I will try to get that done by the end of the day :-)

  2. Have to support Steller here, I am sitting here typing on an iMac, I have an iPad, iPhone 4S, own and love my Apple TV 2nd Generation and waiting for my MacBook Pro to be returned after it died a horrible death lol. I love my Apple products and have no issue admitting to be a complete fanboy :-D

  3. Hi there


    Not meaning to be a bother but since I frequent the forum on my phone and talet I was wondering if you planned to include tapatalk support? From what I have heard its not a difficult process (I could be very wrong though).

  4. So I turned 29 just last week. I have spent the last 8 years bugging my girlfriend about how awesome the Sierra classics used to be. How I enjoyed them and how they seemed to shape my life. For some reason I always ended up talking about the Space Quest Companion and how I used to read it every night. Well my birthday present arrived late but she gave it to me when I got home from work. I had to wonder why someone has scanned them yet. I mean they aren't in production anymore. I mean who would't love to have a copy on their nook, iPad, kindle etc.


  5. Hi everybody,


    I am a mac user and I was disappointed when I found out that Incinerations and VSB wouldn't be released on mac. I figured a few other people very well might have felt the same way I did. So I was able to use wine to kinda do a port over. In case anybody else wanted to play the games and are currently on mac.




    https://rapidshare.com/files/3958368752 ... ck.app.zip


    Enjoy and I hope they work well enough for all of you.

  6. Yeah I have to say I am guilty of this crime as well. Mostly when I have days off from work and I honestly don't feel like I want to go anywhere but I run out of smokes or I run out of food I will walk out of the house in my PJ pants and a t-shirt and my hoodie.

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