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    Collector reacted to troflip in Cascade Quest announcement   
    I'm officially announcing my upcoming game Cascade Quest, hopefully ready late this year! Details are here:
    The early Space Quest series was probably my biggest inspiration in terms of humor and gameplay for this game. I'm using SCI Companion to develop it, and it runs inside the Unity engine.
    Please check it out, and follow @icefallgames on twitter for more information and screenshots!

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    Collector reacted to pcj in SCI Companion v3 has been released!   
    Cool! Now change KQ5 to make Cedric less annoying.
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    Collector reacted to pcj in Why is SQ6 (generally) disliked?   
    That wasn't the only time it happened in the SQ series though. SQ2 reset the accomplishments of SQ1. You could argue SQ5 is the one that reset SQ4's accomplishments as well. In which case SQ6 actually reset SQ5's accomplishments.
    I think the point the Two Guys were trying to get across is that Roger was always destined to be a loser no matter how well he did. ("Life sucks, again.").

    More characters is certainly a departure from previous SQs, though Sludge Vohaul pretty much came out of nowhere as the big bad of SQ2.

    Well, that lack of a resolution is hardly the fault of SQ6. They probably expected to tie that up in SQ7. (The fan game Incinerations provides a decent resolution to the Stellar/Bea thing BTW).
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    Collector reacted to troflip in SCI Companion v3 has been released!   
    Visit the SCI Companion for download links and more info: SCI Companion 3
    I've spent much of the last year working on version 3 of SCI Companion, which now provides full support for creating and modding VGA Sierra games. It even includes a decompiler to reconstruct source code from old games!
    blurb from my website:
    SCI Companion is a completely free IDE (integrated development environment) that lets you create games that run on Sierra’s SCI engine. SCI Companion 3 is now available, which offers support for SCI1.1+, which includes VGA graphics and digital audio.
    Create 16-color EGA graphical adventures with a text parser interface (in the style of King’s Quest 4, Space Quest 3 or Leisure Suit Larry 3).
    Create 256-color VGA graphical adventures with a point-and-click interface (in the style of Space Quest 5, Gabriel Knight, or Quest For Glory 3).
    Comes with a complete well-documented class system and template game.
    Lets you browse, extract or modify graphics, text and sounds from nearly any SCI game that you own.
    Decompile the code behind these classic games to see how they work (or find Easter eggs). Scripting in SCI is accomplished via a language similar to LISP and SmallTalk.
    Includes streamlined editors for graphic assets.
    And other game resources like text and audio.
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    Collector reacted to pcj in To Gary Owens voice match, or not to Gary Owens voice match, that is the question..   
    Speaking for myself I'd certainly want the sarcastic narrator approach we saw throughout the SQ series, which Gary Owens did so well. I wouldn't particularly want someone trying to imitate Gary Owens, but a similar voice could work as long as they were doing their own thing and it didn't sound forced.
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    Collector reacted to MusicallyInspired in Why We Loved Sierra Games: King’s Quest 2015: An Opinionated Review by a crotchety Sierra fan who remembers 1984   
    Telltale's smash hits are not adventure games. I don't care what anyone says.
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    Collector got a reaction from suejak in Server maintenance   
    But what if we do not understand? :lol:
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    Collector got a reaction from drdrslashvohaul in Server maintenance   
    But what if we do not understand? :lol:
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    Collector got a reaction from Frede in Server maintenance   
    But what if we do not understand? :lol:
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    Collector got a reaction from ChrisPope in Cluck Yegger Mini Game now on Steam!   
    Shared on the Sierra Help Pages Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/SierraHelpPages/permalink/1642910069282177/
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    Collector reacted to ChrisPope in Cluck Yegger Mini Game now on Steam!   
    Exciting news. We just went live with Cluck Yegger In Escape From the Planet of the Poultroid on Steam! Early bird special, only $2.99. Please help spread the word. http://store.steampowered.com/app/416800. Also, the next update will contain info about Steam backer keys for $15 and up backers. Please be patient, we're working on it. :)
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    Collector reacted to ewmailing in Space Quest was Sierra's true crown jewel   
    There are a lot of factual problems with this.
    Space Quest got plenty of marketing and support. Anybody who remembers Sierra games almost always rattles off King’s Quest, then Space Quest (and Leisure Suit Larry).
    King’s Quest was the flag ship. It sold more. It appealed to a wider base. Comedy in general is harder to get mass appeal. But this doesn’t mean Space Quest was not a money maker. Space Quest got 6 games. Aside from King’s Quest, only Leisure Suit Larry got as many. You don’t do that if the games aren’t making money. When Sierra first jumped to use professional musicians, King’s Quest 4 got William Goldstein, and Ken Williams got Supertramp drummer Bob Siebenberg for Space Quest 3. When Scott and Mark wanted Gary Owens for narrator for Space Quest 4, Sierra was on board and agreed instead of putting up a fight.
    Also, most Sierra games outsold LucasArts by magnitudes. The LucasArts guys have stated their constant frustration that Sierra constantly outsold them by so much.
    Ignoring the salient point that Scott and Mark could have never created Space Quest without Ken and Sierra, this could have never been a LucasArts game. The LucasArts guys have stated in interviews they hated the things Space Quest did. (They didn’t name Space Quest, but some Sierra game, but they remembered vague things about dying all the time, like picking up a piece of glass and cutting themselves and dying instantly which they hated. I think they were (mis)remembering Space Quest 3 picking up the sheet metal at the beginning. They felt that the authors were sadistic that hated the player and wanted to kill them.) This led them to things like the no-death policy. Ironically, it was probably Space Quest that help make LucasArts what they became.
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    Collector reacted to Troels Pleimert in Vohaul Strikes Back vs. Incinerations   
    VSB was more of a comedy-first game (more akin to SQ3 or SQ6), and Incinerations wanted to tell a story (more akin to SQ5). I really respect and love the immense effort that went into both games -- VSB because the team went through so much to get the game out, and Incinerations because it was basically a one-man job.
    Personal preference? Probably Incinerations. But don't tell Fred that. ;)
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    Collector reacted to ChrisPope in Please vote to have the Cluck Yegger game greenlit on Steam   
    Hey everyone! We just got Cluck Yegger in Escape From The Planet of the Poultroid published up on Steam Greenlight. We would absolutely love it if you guys would vote yes to have the game greenlit. Any help spreading the word would be amazing as well.
    Visit: http://cluckyegger.com
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    Collector reacted to MusicallyInspired in Slight logo update   
    Nothing huge, but it's always bugged me that I used a clipart rocket ship for the logo of the site. I always meant to replace it but never got around to it. So tonight I just did it.
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    Collector got a reaction from JDHJANUS in "We Want a New Space Quest Game" Facebook group   
    Facebook et al probably have more to do with the demise of the forums than anything else. Too bad as they are not nearly as conducive to holding a real discussion as a proper forum is. Twitter is probably the worst of the lot given its limitation of such a tiny number of characters per post. It reduces interaction to little more than an inane string of quips. Of course so many accessing things with their smart phones only exacerbates it.
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    Collector got a reaction from Blackthorne in Sierra may be coming back (New KQ Game)   
    Get offa my lawn!!!
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    Collector got a reaction from Frede in Sierra may be coming back (New KQ Game)   
    Get offa my lawn!!!
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    Collector got a reaction from suejak in Sierra may be coming back (New KQ Game)   
    Could not agree more. I know that there are probably MI fans around here, but that style was never KQ's schtick. While KQ always had humorous elements, it was never primarily comedy.
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    Collector reacted to suejak in Sierra may be coming back (New KQ Game)   
    Hmm... I don't fully disagree with either of the two excellent posts above, but I do have a very different perspective.
    All I'll say for now is that I wish they hadn't made Graham such an anti-hero. I felt this was completely unnecessary and a repulsive "Guybrushing" of a solid license. Does every adventure game hero really need to be a funny-looking bumbler with a heart of gold?
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    Collector reacted to drdrslashvohaul in "We Want a New Space Quest Game" Facebook group   
    As time goes on, I wonder whether a new SQ is really the way to go, or whether it might be better to allow another universe to be created. Something fresh, something built on the 20+ years that have happened since.
    If there were something, very loosely, called SQ, about the only thing I would keep is the conceit - a space janitor being plunged into a major crisis and bumbling his way through despite himself. EVERYTHING else, from the Sariens via Vohaul to Beatrice can be forgotten about.
    Or, to put it another way. I would want a game to be written that had a great story - if the authors then want to set it within the SQ universe, I'm OK with that. I just wouldn't want a game that leant on the nostalgia name value and ignored game mechanics and plot as a result. Or one that tried to hard to recapture some imagined "magic" rather than pushing forward.
    But let me be very clear, Kent. If they ever make a new SQ, you can have all my money.
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    Collector reacted to Blackthorne in "We Want a New Space Quest Game" Facebook group   
    Ryan's a bum-paddle.  Good lord, I've had to read lengthy PMs and emails from him that are pretty intense.  But he's mostly harmless, like Earth.
    Sierra Gamers is an odd group, for sure.  But I know who my friends are in the community - I can't believe people were dismissive of you, Collector, or that they deleted your posts.  Just about everyday I wanna send you a gift basket.  But I digress.
    Of course a new SQ isn't going to be VGA P&C.  I never expected that.  I just wish Activision would have given Mark and Scott the fucking millions they provided TOG with to make an SQ game or to Space Venture.  Space Venture looks great to me so far, and imagine what it would be if it had a multi-million dollar budget.  Sigh.
    Anyway, you're all a bunch of assmunches and I'm glad you're my friends.
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    Collector got a reaction from drdrslashvohaul in "We Want a New Space Quest Game" Facebook group   
    He added me to the group, but I have not yet accepted. It is Ryan Nicotera, after all. If you have not been aware he has caused enough problems to get banned from the Sierra Gamers and Sierra Chest groups.
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    Collector got a reaction from Frede in "We Want a New Space Quest Game" Facebook group   
    Many of "those massive flamefests" were instigated by Ryan Nicotera. I left the Sierra Gamers group too. I was getting tired of the flaming crap as well. But that was not the only thing. I was having a number of other things that I had just got tired of. One of the admins kept deleting my posts, even though I was not posting anything offensive. I had one of the admins contacting me for help over technical issues and then never respond to my messages. Many of the new members that were never part of any of the core Sierra communities were pretty dismissive of me. Not that I need my ego stroked, but to be treated by some outsider as if I knew nothing about solving problems with playing Sierra games is a bit much. Then some would just tell others to ignore what I poated and get the game from GOG, not realizing that I have designed many of GOG's releases directly or indirectly. After Rudy turned over admin of the group I had decided I had had enough.
    That said, I am not sure I want to deal with a new group started by the author of many of those flamefests, as much as I would love to have the rights for a new SQ given to the 2 Guys. I think that is inevitable if the new KQ does well enough. Additionally, a new SQ group can only further spread the SQ community too thin. Brandon Klassen had already started his SQ fans group. If anything, any FB presence of the SQ community should be an extension of this one. Does anyone know who admins the main SQ group on FB?
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