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  1. The other day i was watching one of my favorite TV shows, Good Game on the ABC2 (Australia) and was happily supprised when I saw Roger

    walking around the offices of SQ3 flash on the screen.


    For those who are interested you can see the footage at 


    However be warned he is only visible for a second or two.  If you dont want watch the whole think he is @ 0:56 

  2. Any australian fans considering going? I really want to go but its gunna cost a bundle. To stay for roughly 14 days + airfair (38hr economy) + car hire + food + BLAH BLAH BLAH im lookin at rougly 6k

    :blink: :blink: :blink: not to mention the cost of the convention itself.


    I would be seriously interested in trying to organise with some other fans for things like share accomodation etc... PLZ

  3. Blade, Thanks for this. Most of the youtube video wasnt that much help but you were absoloutley right about ther being

    a good shot of the building at the start.


    Once again thanks.


    Been poking around online myself trying to find out about the old Sierra building and how it looks today.

    Got some resources for you all which I think you'll find interesting.


    Here's a pic of the building in 2005




    And here's an episode of Health Care Heroes which covers Community Medical Centre Oakhurst which stands there today.

    There's a great view of the front of the building around 16 seconds in. You can view the vid in 720 HD for a better look.



    Sadly I've found nothing on the 'new' building at Sierra Way. If anyone has any recent pics of that, I'd love to see them.

  4. Essentially this is just a quick plug for the program I have been using to create the 3d artwork on my deviant art page, DAZ studio.

    Now normally I dont like to post threads premoting any programs @ the risk of people just thinking that it is a scam or spam but

    but i thought that some of you may be interested.


    Daz Studio is made by DAZ Productions, the same people that make Bryce and Carrera. Now for a long time Daz studio has been

    available for free from the Daz website however this is soon about to change.


    Daz Studio 4 will stop being for free at the end of this month so if you want to get yourself a copy for free legally I suggest you visit


    After that, the price goes up to US$50. It's a special introductory offer for the new software package.

    Alternativly here is a direct link to the CNet download for DS4: http://download.cnet.com/DAZ-Studio/3000-6677_4-10717523.html

    However I am unsure as to how long this one will be available for after the end of the month.


    If you are wanting to use Daz Studio 3, you can download it from here:

    http://www.daz3d.com/i/shop/itemdetails/?item=11999 or http://www.daz3d.com/i/support/downloads?product=studio


    System Reuirements for DS3 can be found here:



    The difference?

    DS3 is what I've been using to create the images that you've seen so far. It's stable and has less bugs than the latest (DS4) version. DS3 has been out for quite some time, and there are thousands of terrabites of free (legal) downloads for it in pretty much any genre you can think of.


    DS4 is a new version, and still has bugs that need to be fixed. It comes with a special figure (called Genisis) that at the moment can only be used in Daz. There are a whole 2 free items so far for the Genisis figure. You really do need to purchase products (from the Daz3D website) to get the full use of Genisis. You are able to use any Daz content in DS4 though.


    So if you decide to use DS4 reccomend that you go create an account on the Daz3D website and 'purchase' DS4 before the price goes up. Creating an account and adding free items into you cart and checking out does not require any credit card/banking/pay pal details - but it does allow you to come back at any time and reset the items in your purchase history so you can download them when you are ready. It is also how you can get the serial numbers for the programs to work.

    If you need help or guidance doing this, just ask, there are plently of friendly folk on the forums at Daz who'd be willing to help out. (You can PM shaaelia on the forums if you like, she'll point you in the right direction if she doesn't know the answer)


    If you are wanting free items to start off creating your scenes, there are plenty of sites out there. If you are after something in particular, just ask.

  5. Just set up a new youtube channel and posted another quick animation.


    More of the monkey men, dancing this time. There are a few flaws and no audio but as a learning exercise im happy.

    Come and have a watch and tell me what you think.


    Also check out my Tin Duck http://wilconologist.deviantart.com/art/Tin-Duck-V1-218488721

    This was done using a modified version of the .obj file posted in the missing sq stuff thread. Thanks pcj.

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