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About Me

Hi. I'm the Space Quest Historian.


But really, I'm a Danish guy who has been an obsessive Space Quest fan since he was an 8 year old kid beating SQ2 for the first time using a walkthrough and a very limited grasp of the English language.


Back when Space Quest was still a Sierra game, I wrote the Space Quest FAQ -- a massive text document containing every information about SQ I could scrounge up. It grew to immense proportions and attracted the attention (okay, I kicked down their doors) of Mark Crowe, Scott Murphy, Josh Mandel, Ken Williams, Leslie Balfour, Sean Murphy, Michael Hutchence, William Shockley, and whoever else was or had been involved with Space Quest at the time.


That FAQ eventually became incorporated into the site you're now visiting. After the ill-fated Sierra sequel Space Quest VII went the way of the dodo, I "handed over" the FAQ to Frans Van Hofwegen, who merged the FAQ into his already impressive encyclopedia of Space Quest knowledge, making it nigh all-encompassable ... and then ...


The community slowly died as Sierra dissolved from the inside, everyone involved in the games were fired, and we were stuck replaying the same 6 games over and over until we had nothing new to talk about.


That is - until The Two Guys reunited.


Suddenly, the floodgates opened. Everyone and their Space Quest-obsessed dog started pouring back. The community lit up like a Christmas tree.


The result is what you see before you. A newly revamped SpaceQuest.net for the Web 2.0 generation. We're happy to see you back, and we hope you'll have fun with us as we explore space and get ourselves killed in new and interesting ways.


All the best,

Troels Pleimert

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