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  1. In case anyone is interested, we recently released Version 1.2 of Late Last Nite. What's new? Lots of stuff!




    Version 1.2 of Late Last Nite:

    Looks Better!
    We’ve added new animations, updated sprites, and tweaked existing backgrounds! In earlier versions of the game, you might have asked yourself, "Is that talking owl’s trailer made out of cake, or what?!" Well, in Version 1.2, you can cast all doubts aside. Yes, that trailer is absolutely made out of cake, and you’ll know it just by looking at the screen with your eyeballs.


    Sounds Better!
    Not only have we added more sound effects, but we’ve also remastered the Late Last Nite soundtrack for your listening pleasure. Not impressed yet? What if we also threw in a brand new rock tune that plays over the closing credits? No? Well, what if I told you that original rock tune was written and performed by guitar legend Carlos Santana? Okay, that last part is a lie, but the rest of it is pretty cool, right?


    Plays Better!
    New puzzles? New characters? New dialogue? New Easter eggs? How is this even possible?! Well, we signed a pact with a certain Dark Lord who will remain anonymous until a predetermined Day of Reckoning, at which time all will be revealed while we roast in the Pit of Suffering. Until then, let’s just say we worked really hard on adding more cool, weird, and funny stuff to the game. We’ve also improved the interface for an overall smoother puzzle-solving experience.

    Have you played Late Last Nite before? Well, there’s lots of new content to discover in the latest version. Never played it? Well, you made all those people who suffered through earlier versions of the game look like a bunch of suckers. Kudos!

    Seriously, though, give it a spin. We'd love to hear your feedback.



  2. There's just one day left to vote for Late Last Nite in the AdventureJam competition! The team would definitely appreciate any votes you could throw our way.


    You can download the game here. If you enjoy it, you can vote for it in various categories here.

    Here are a few screenshots -- just for fun.










  3. Needless to say, I'm saddened by Mr. Owens' passing. Even before he came on board as the narrator in Space Quest 4, I was a huge fan of his work on Laugh-In and Space Ghost. As I said on Twitter last night, his performance as the Space Quest narrator was so good that you could retroactively imagine him providing voiceover for the earlier games in the series.


    Plus, if I'm going to screw up in an adventure game, there's nobody I'd rather hear admonish me for my stupidity than Gary Owens.


    It's a shame we'll never get to hear Mr. Owens' dulcet tones in SpaceVenture; I'm certain he would have knocked it out of the park yet again. That said, we're lucky to have some amazing performances to look back on and enjoy.



  4. Space Quest 1 EGA holds a special place in my heart as my first Space Quest (and my second adventure game after King's Quest II). When I think "Space Quest," Roger wandering through the 16-color corridors of the Arcada is still one of the first images that springs to my mind.

    That said, I like the B-movie style of the VGA remake quite a bit; it always seemed like a good fit for the overall tone of the series. It also made the remake feel markedly different from the original, which I would argue is a good thing. The rather unfortunate King's Quest I remake didn't achieve that. Also, as others have mentioned, the SQ1VGA soundtrack is outstanding.

    If you asked me to choose a favorite, SQ1EGA is the obvious choice. I think it's bogus that Sierra didn't involve the Two Guys in the VGA remake, but I can still appreciate it as a new spin on an old favorite.

    Also, I wanted to come back to my favorite quote from this entire thread:

    Hahaha, I love how European and confused this community is.


    The Wilco World Wide Web: European and Confused Since 1995.



  5. I've had similar thoughts about the viability of an episodic SpaceVenture. Are there really enough people out there who haven't already pledged to the SpaceVenture Kickstarter -- backers are essentially receiving "free" copies of the game -- who would be interested enough in the project to purchase half a game, thereby funding the second half?

    I imagine it would require the first half of the game to get amazing reviews and attract a huge audience. Of course, splitting the game is likely to impact its quality (since, presumably, it wasn't designed from the ground up with a clear Part 1/Part 2 delineation in mind), which could generate negative reviews, damage sales, and decrease the likelihood of Part 2 getting the funding it needs.


    Of course, this is all uninformed speculation on my part about something we have no real reason to believe is actually going to happen. I've never gone wrong before placing my faith in Mark and Scott.

  6. Thanks for the kind words about Pledge Quest, guys. It's still a little strange for me to think of PQ1 and PQ2 as actual Space Quest fan games, but I suppose they function in a way as "meta-fan games" (if that's even a thing).


    Back on topic, I can't say enough wonderful things about Vohaul Strikes Back and Incinerations. Both are amazing projects that every Space Quest fan should absolutely play. For what it's worth, I'm also a big fan of Replicated. It boasts awesome AGI graphics, a fun storyline, and a gender-flipped Fester Blatz. What more could you ask for?


    Least favorite? It's hard to say, really. I haven't played Decisions of the Elders or The Voyage Home, so I can't speak to those. I'd argue that The Lost Chapter hasn't necessarily aged all that well, but considering it was the first full-length SQ fan game (and still quite impressive after all these years), it's hard to hold that against it.

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