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  1. Roger was certainly famous after the events of SQ1, and he saved the day again in SQ2, but went into hypersleep before he could enjoy any recognition for it. He may have spent a long time in hypersleep between SQ2 and 3, so over time, people just forgot about it, or after he re-emerged, most didn't make the connection, so didn't realize he was a hero. However, he did clearly save the galaxy again in SQ5, but few seemed to care in the next game, and he even got demoted :).

  2. I don't mind seeing some character evolution in Roger. I think that they could easily make him both a captain, and still keep all of those character traits that are associated with him, but just manifest it in new ways :). I would like to think that in SQ7, Roger would have left Starcon, since it treated him so badly, and maybe he would be trying to start up a garbage scow business in the private sector ;) You know, they expect results.

  3. Tawmis and Jared: From my research, I gather that Quest is supposed to be good for beginners, with little to no prior programming experience. This is the system that I messing with now :) I also found another one called Adrift, that is supposed to be equally easy, if not more so. I haven't tried that one yet though, so I can't really give my personal opinion. You can find Adrift here and Quest here.

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