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  1. How long to send a signal via optical fiber from Mars to Earth? 17 mins? Thanks, @Wolfram_Alpha! http://t.co/uZik4EFP #themoreyouknow

  2. Sitting in a coffeehouse on Market St, flight attendant from the London-SFO flight walks in and sits down. #wat

  3. make game with Two Guys: ✓ see Apple HQ: ✓ meander around Googleplex: ✓ highway 1 in a convertible: ✓ Brave: ✓

  4. I just accidentally an infinite loop http://t.co/mXAMjML7

  5. Arrived in SF. Ford Mustang outside. Inside, this: #airbnb #fuckyeah http://t.co/3TxRBB10

  6. Boxopus: download torrents directly to your Dropbox. Snazzy name! Very original. http://t.co/5sSi1ZJT /cc @Xopus

  7. OH: "Seriously, why are we on an elliptical orbit anyway?!" #longestdayoftheyear

  8. Scroll down and look at the images… elephants are from Andromeda?!?!? http://t.co/WOocJO3e /cc @SlashVohaul

  9. Just upgraded my eyesight to Retina display. Thx Iris Optiek in The Hague!

  10. Let's Play With Hardware-Accelerated CSS http://t.co/HvQsTkwY by @mrtnkl via @smashingmag

  11. This DigiPen student game Perspective is trying a bit hard to be the next Portal… and yet that's curiously satisfying: http://t.co/5OwgWanF

  12. My dad just died horribly while playing living concept art 4 by @AndromedaGuys! http://t.co/0SjBjCu7 #SpaceVenture

  13. My god. Burger King is introducing the bacon sundae: http://t.co/H4YGLLJy - I know what I'm doing when I get to San Francisco!

  14. How to handle pre-4.0 versions of Android when designing a layout? http://t.co/hSQYQ1kj

  15. A Grain of Truth, a Polish-made #HTML5 adventure game reminiscent of Companions of Xanth: http://t.co/FV7sk76n /via @christiaanhees

  16. "There’s a popular expression at Apple: Everybody at Apple wants out, and everybody outside Apple wants in." http://t.co/j3zOD7y1

  17. The two lost @q42 guys are safe and sound thanks to quick response by @airbnb and hosts in the area. #WWDC

  18. Two @q42 employees stuck in SF for #WWDC with nowhere to sleep due to failed @Airbnb booking. Anyone out there able to save the day?

  19. Great vision document for Wasteland 2: https://t.co/RBzCct1c

  20. Emerging Android UI Pattern: Side Navigation http://t.co/6V0dlH2a

  21. "The arcade sequence sold it for me. That was genius." #SpaceVenture prototype 4: http://t.co/uyRy6hvj (on reddit: http://t.co/EzFxb5od)

  22. I just backed Tropes vs. Women in Video Games on @Kickstarter http://t.co/UCptU5WB

  23. Here's a great idea: a Photoshop plugin that shows you the CSS for your active layer https://t.co/NdP0aUzj

  24. Crazy #SpaceVenture fans whipped up a playable SCI-style game, Pledge Quest, to support the campaign: http://t.co/XmoyQ3yf

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