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  1. RT @Wizards_Jobs: We have new roles open on our career site! Sr Game Designer, Associate Community Manager (Arena!!) and more! https://t.co…

  2. @ducklingsmith !!! Is it?! Weird they didn't do green hill.

  3. RT @ducklingsmith: Hey @bitsypcs check what came in the mail this morning, ready for #EGX... #bitsy https://t.co/13Woqdk2ge

  4. RT @whitenoisecity: "I seem to have never played a man who wasn’t ill." @DeleteChris on a Chiswick-based chess club and the female world ch…

  5. Found a very good cover of the sad song from the Slam Dunk anime https://t.co/hPQOHnm27o .The video isn't great qua… https://t.co/v25fQOj4wm

  6. Uh no?! https://t.co/jbiPxBeQT3

  7. I love Bitsy, it's so good for making little games 😍 https://t.co/g8yFgHhaKF

  8. RT @gregbuchanan: Possible opportunity that I'd like to widen the net on - looking for comic artists (pref those who can handle colouring/l…

  9. I left just as the sun disappeared so I don't know if these will come out well at all.

  10. RT @NateCosBOOM: HIRING A COLORIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A western, that needs texture. Considering pros and rookies. Upfront and backend pay negot…

  11. RT @subQmag: We are! Come join us! https://t.co/hrv44qQMde

  12. RT @WiredUK: Senior politicians only have one opinion on AI: “AI can do great things, but we must be sure it’s safe and ethical”. It's time…

  13. @ben_304 Your chair is a perfect cat circle.

  14. RT @rockpapershot: Indie devs! Come have a drink at the @EGX Rezzed drinks in London this Wednesday. Mail matt.styles@egx.net for details.…

  15. https://t.co/YjwlrKH8MS this video is adorable.