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  1. So my good friend and conjoined twin tomlee80 asked Scott on twitter earlier today to confess whether he was a fan of space quest or not. Yes, I know we are in stressful times with the kickstarter and all that but I felt it was some light relief from the nail biting few days. As so many of us had been bringing up Red Dwarf during the live chats on twitch.tv, I had been surprised by the lack of response from Scott and Mark. Of course I was well aware of how British Red Dwarf was, but I knew it had a considerable following stateside. It's similarities to Space Quest are completely coincidental (which in a way is even more cool considering Scott and Mark didn't use it as an influence). And at the same time surely most of us can identify with the humour because it is similarly warped. @SlashVohaul Hey Scott, I know you've never commented but it's ok if you don't like Red Dwarf. You're insane not to like it but it's ok :) Scott Murphy ‏@SlashVohaul @tomlee80 I like Red Dwarf! I have to admit to not having watched enough. I have to catch them on Netflix or elsewhere @SlashVohaul A true Anglophile! Please note the first 6 seasons are the good ones.I see so many parallels between ‪#reddwarf‬ ‪#spacequest‬ The history of Red Dwarf's creators is kind of similar too. At one stage Rob Grant and Doug Naylor (The Two Guys From Red Dwarf) parted away and wrote separate novels based around the red dwarf characters and universe (One called The Last Human and the other I can't remember right now....look it up). Who else here are big red dwarf fans and perhaps draw comparisons like me...or have I lost it!
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