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  1. If you're ever bored and finding yourself with a lot of time on your hands... I introduce to you a project I started back in 2004 with a friend... It's 64 Episodes of Machinima. http://neverendingnights.com/ If you're wondering what Machinima is, we talk about it here: http://neverendingnights.com/about (along with some of the things we've accomplished!) One of the great things was having Al Lowe (who I think everyone recognizes?) and Greg Johnson (maybe not recognized by people - but you should know about the two funkiest aliens besides the Two Guys - being none other than Toejam and Earl) - Greg was one of the writers (and the voice of Earl, among others, in TJ&EIII). All the videos are available for download here (in various formats)... http://neverendingnights.com/nenvideos (If you hit the videos menu you will also get additional options). If you don't want to download, you can watch them on Youtube: http://www.youtube.c...verendingnights Or even on our FB page: http://www.facebook....ngNights/videos We parody several things and make all kinds of references to other shows, movies, etc.
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